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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

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This is disappointing and the first time I'm hearing of this! I've been giving .02 on comments at 100% VP because I wanted to give them something. All of it was a waste! I never really paid attention to whether or not a .02 post paid out or not...guess I won't be upvoting comments anymore. Thanks for bringing this to light! :)


Now you have more VP to curate great posts! And it won't be long before your vote hits .03...keep plugging away.

On buggedout's comment I replied with an idea that might make sense until you hit .03. Take a look and let me know what you think.

It was so hard not to upvote your comment just now ergggg. This is going to take some discipline! I don't know about explaining to each person why I can't upvote their comment, I'd feel like a spammer having to type it over and over again. Maybe on my own posts I will mention ahead of time how I don't want to upvote comments at this time and why...

Not sure if you realize this, but your vote at 100% voting power is 0.04. You are just voting way to often and need to give your account a few day break to recover your voting power. Your at 58% and recover 20% a day if you don't vote so in 2 days your would be at 98%. Your voting power is something you really need to watch. My goal is to always stay over 90% as your vote value keeps decreasing the lower you go and again you are actually wasting some of the voting power you invested to gain. Thinking this needs to be a post as I'm seeing this on a lot of accounts.

Picture it this way, you invested enough SP to be able to give out 10 full 4c votes a day, but because your voting power is so low you are only giving 10 reduced value vote of 2c per day. That is 20c a day that you could be giving out that instead you are leaving in the reward pool.


This math is actually more complicated. Because you only use 2% OF YOUR REMAINING voting power, you actually aren't leaving anything in the voting pool. If you vote only 10 times a day, every day, even if you start at 1% voting power, you will eventually return to 100% voting power.

This is a common misunderstanding of VP recovery/use stats.

But, considering the dust problem, yes, if your 50% votes are below the threshold, don't bother.

Here's the article I wrote.

Fine now it's something else I will have to play I can't find a flaw in your post, but need to research it for myself to verify. Don't take offense to that, I can't help but to dive into something like this.

If this is correct then it kind of changes my thoughts on getting to the computer multiple times during the day to maximize my votes.

Please do! I feel extravagantly confident because all the disagreements have come from folks who FEEL like its wrong, but can give me neither math proofs nor experimental evidence that it is. It isn't. Man, I cannot get off my high horse!

But, since this whole dust thing is a little detail I hadn't seen before, I submit that my math could be based on a false premise of some detail in the whole shebang that I just don't know. Experimentation is a fun way to get at math proofs! If you do find it's wrong, we should both do some digging to figure out WHY.

Theories need to be proven in my mind. Guess that is why math always was so simple to me. The idea of proving something that other have already proven drives most people crazy. To me it only makes sense to verify the findings.

I will have to start playing with this week. Will let you know what I find.

BTW, if you on discord send me a message there. Same name as here #6765

Sent a friend request!

The problem is I'm on @thealliance autovoter, the @curie autovoter, and another one, which I don't remember. Due to this, I'm always at 40-70%. I think I'll do some tweaking with them, and see if this improves. I didn't realize it would be that high at 100% though. Makes sense as although my current struggles suck, writing about them is making a lot more than I'm used to. I'm writing a post highlighting your article BTW! ;)

turn off the autovotes for 3 days and recover your voting power. Don't tweak them, just turn them off to until you get back to 98% as they will suck you dry again in no time.

Honestly I think vote trails are the biggest waste of voting power out there. You gain nothing from them as the author doesn't engage with you as you aren't leaving a comment, the curation claims as BS, and unless it means you are getting autovotes from the group in return there is just no point to them other then letting someone else run your account at which point why not just sell votes on smartsteem and get paid for those votes.

This is just my opinion and I'm sure others will disagree, but you are wasting a ton of money that could be given out daily to those you engage with and that support you for what?

Your voting power will serve you much better by investing it in the people who support your blog vs the masses.

Yeah, I'm just going to delete my participation for curie and the other one, as it's pointless. Voting at I think 20% on the alliance one, which is a lot, so I think if I lower it to 5%, and delete the other 2, I will see a big difference...
And when I'm back, I will upvote these comments lol! Can't get any delegations at this time because I need the sbd.

Mostly unrelated, but yay for Wisconsin! I grew up near West Bend. Where-ish are you located?

I'm in central Wisconsin. :)

You also have a significant portion of your SP delegated out, I see. You could/should end that delegation. No sense delegating when you're struggling with VP issues, maybe?

To be in @thealliance, we are required to delegate 60 SP to @themothership upvote bot, which upvotes all the members. There's also the @a11y upvote bot too, but that one's voluntary.

oh and trust me I know it's hard not to vote on other people stuff...I give out a ton of votes. This is why I leased SP to be able to use steemit the way I want to without having to cut myself off.

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