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RE: New Sneaky Ninja Abuse Policy - MUST READ FOR ALL USERS!!

in #steemit4 years ago

Yes, YEs and YES to all of this. This is desperately needed. We are in a state where quality has become meaningless and the size of your Steem account is the only this that matters. Re-steemed for visibility, much appreciated


Thanks so much for the resteem.

Yes we do need this very much.

I am taking this policy quite serious.

Please take a look at this account:

It makes like 10 posts a day and promotes them strictly on the 3rd day. They're all translations of the same short automated content and it's all low quality.

And if you could also contact Jerrybanfield and the Booster team, it would be awesome. Minnowbooster and Smartmarket already have him blacklisted AFAIK (after my report :P)

He is definitely overposting. Ive got him on watchlist for now.

How do you know that it is automated content?

All of those posts with trophies in the tags peringkat and japanese have 3 lists and the same text everywhere. There are some slight differences everyday in the Tips Hari Ini section, but it doesn't seem to change much.

Otherwise, the posts have a bunch of giant copypastas and upvote lists. If he posts these everyday for months on end, I don't think it couldn't not be automated unless there were some giant dedication to it.

When the account was not on Smartsteem and Minnowbooster's blacklists, it used to have an automated bot that would detect whether the bid had been returned and would resend eternally for hours until the whole bid was accepted.

And in the unlikely scenario that they aren't automated, they're almost copypastas except for the list, so it's still a spammer pattern. There is little to no audience to his posts and he promotes them exclusively on the 3rd day, which would suggest that he's not doing it for exposure but money.

Ok, i just looked more into this guy. He's definitely got a voting ring going. you can tell because he only has 5% and 100% votes for all of those votes. This can only be the case for voting rings/bots.

He's over posting for sure. I'll blacklist him and call it copy pasta and over posting.

looks like I need to send you some sbd. This guy has a lot of posts to pull votes from.

i'll total it all up.

Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

I was able to remove votes from 3 of his posts all were bid for $2 sbd each. I just sent you .75 sbd.

Thanks for pointing this guy out.

Can you take care of naim444? Hes a flag happy spammer.


does he use my bot?

I am not sure... im new so when i saw your post i thought it was a bot to report abusers to. sorry :)

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