Want an alternate Steemit Career? Try Flagging and @steemflagrewards!

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Flagging is dirty business, taking away rewards from people just isn’t nice. But what if those taking the rewards from OUR reward pool are simply undeserving of them?


I had been nosing around in the @steemflagrewards discord channel for some time before deciding to jump in and have a proper look.

@steevc wrote a post similar in some respects to this one, but he encouraged me to write mine too, as I would play a different slant on the subject. @steevc is a rather large delegator to @steemflagrewards and asked me if I would like to help several weeks ago.


I have added 100SP as my delegation. It’s not a lot compared to some but will help to make the account that little bit bigger and help reward the flaggers.

When you flag for @steemflagrewards, you are rewarded with an up vote for your flag which is a larger percentage of the value of the flag. So a $0.20 flag will yield you a $0.24 up vote or so. I may be slightly off on this, and please correct me if so guys.

I would say to be effective, you need at least a $0.05 full up vote to be able to flag at a decent value. It doesn’t seem a great reward but the more SP you have the better it is.


It’s not glamorous work, and BEWARE the flag receiver may take his retribution out on your content! The bigger you are the less likely it is going to happen.

Is this bullying? I do feel like that sometimes, but I also don’t want shit content getting rewards too.

@steemflagrewards attempts to re-educate abusers, not punish them. They offenders are quite welcome to come and dispute flags if they care too and maybe overturn them if justified.


This character @dawa was posting spam crap several times every day and receiving between $0.04 and $0.06 per post. It’s not a lot, but that fact that he’s doing it and using a ‘voting ring’ gives us cause to stamp it out.

That $0.04 a post may turn into $0.20 soon if not looked at and eradicated.


If you notice, each post receives 57 votes each, using many 15SP delegated accounts. This will be fixed when HF20 arrives as new accounts will not longer have that delegated SP to use or abuse.

The guys at @steemflagrewards DO have alternate Steemit careers. They are on the lookout for abusers and highlight them to people like me. Yes, the abusers are small fry but we can leave the bigger ones to @steemcleaners.


If you want to try something different and have a crack at flagging then go and take a look at their discord channel which can be found here

If you REALLY want to help then delegate some SP to @steemflagrewards and help their account get bigger, then we as the flaggers and ridders of 'shit' can be rewarded for doing so.



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It's a dirty job that needs doing. We have to stop the rot before it gets out of hand. It can be depressing to see just how much cynical money grabbing is going on. If course there are much worse cases or there, but they need the whales to get involved as SFR just doesn't have the SP.

I've seen a lot of good done by this group of people. They have the contacts who can get the Steemit delegation removed from accounts involved in vote farming.

Your delegation may be small, but if 100 more do the same it makes a real difference.


I try and visit every day to see whats going on and do a bit. I might not be so frequent now as this job is really taking it out of me.

Sometimes it's case of helping them out by educating the retribution lot, like the one yesterday. We got rid of the flag from that musketeer guy after explaining some things to him.


It’s s dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it ....

Thanks for making this post and making your followers aware of our project.

I would tell you that I just think of it as moping up the floors of steemit. Its gets pretty dirty with all the traffic we have and some one has to clean up the mess.

Some people get upset over flagging like that guy yesterday. Who maybe should be flagged himself since he was just posting Youtube videos and not much content with them. Upvoted to over 245 dollars with bidbots?

Wow the seas of steemit are full of trash and if we don't clean it soon there will be no room for interaction between human beings.


Yes, he did get upset.. but we seemed to calm him down with some diplomacy. His video was quite amusing but not $245 worth so.

I don't want to pick a fight with him as he's way bigger than me and not adverse to flagging back too.


I might point out it was not his video.
Its crazy how someone thinks that youtube is available for them you share for profit on steemit. There are way too many people "sharing" others content for profit on steemit!


I didn't go as far to check. He seemed to want to appease me somewhat, or that's the impression I got.

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Cheers for this I will definitely check this out. Always on the lookout for ways to diversify my steem activity!

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That only applies to their reputation. Any flag affects the rewards

In principle I agree with the idea behind this but the problem I see is if there are no strictly set guidelines on what to flag, and no one to enforce those guidelines should they not be followed. For now I'll remain neutral on this matter regardless of my personal opinion because those folks abusing the system are using methods allowed by the system. I'd also like to point out that there may be alternatives to flagging to take the element of pure greed out of the social media aspect of Steemit that could curb both the use of multiple accounts and bots to self vote. Greetings!


We do have a standard and a set of guidelines with definitions of abuse that are thoughtfully and meticulously worked out.

If someone tries to abuse our system we will not allow then to do it more than once. All flags and comment must be approved manually.

Every now and then someone flags the wrong thing we ask them to remove the flags. Usually give the account it happened to some upvotes, just to show our goodwill in steemit.


Steemit itself has few rules, but the community is supposed to pass judgment on what deserves rewards. That applies to flags as well as upvotes. This group has its own guidelines about what constitutes abuse and you can choose whether to support them or do your own thing. Flagging carries risks and so it's safer to do it as a group.

Great post. Lots of good information about a great project. Do they take recommendations? For example if I see something that looks a little odd? I had an account yesterday that was doing some suspect things.


You can report stuff in the discord to get opinions. There are various cases that can be hard to pin down on whether they are actually abuse


Okay, thanks for the info!


I think @steevc explained so I wont again! Have a look in the channel, its interesting.


Okay thanks!

It is a great way of encouriging people to actively help to make it a better place :). The Bull!@# has to vanish, although I know it never won't vanish completely.

Maybe not the best task at Steem blockchain but surely needed.
Steem on

Thank you for highlighting this and explaining how it works. Occasionally I or other accounts I interact with get spam comments with an obvious voting circle (even more irritating because they don't vote for the original post). This is really demoralising for small accounts. Being able to use @steemflagrewards provides a really helpful response.


Have a look on the discord channel, it makes a change from the usual stuff we do.

It's time to flag some asses and chew bubble gum.. and I'm all out of gum. 😎

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Will be good to see you on there!

FOR TSE: ATM my tiny flag isn't going to get anyone's attention. If I find crap posts can I send them to you? Oh, how I wish you and this bunch had been around when Grumpy Cat was being an ass!! I found tons of crap-posts he didn't bother about (despite his public "mission") -- because he decided to take on Sneaky-Ninja and became all about that instead.

However ... I digress.

Also, isn't steemcleaners just about plagiarism? Or will they also deal w/ crap-posts?


There always seems to be plenty to go on in the steemflagrewards discord channel. Its different than any other aspect of Steemit, and thats why Im drawn to it.

Im not sure about the rules of @steemcleaners, the guys in SFR do talk to them and @patrice does show up quite often in there. They take care of the big lads, and we do the small fry.

He was like simply posting without much meaningful info. He was already reported to @esteem and SteamCleaners. Thanks for the update of SteemFlagRewards.

I'm afraid of making enemies around here, those hundred account rings of 15 SP each can't do much to you, but flag a powerful account you could be in trouble. Good initiative though


This is why it's better to do it collectively. If enough delegate to the bots then it's harder to retaliate

Too many of them I found while ago...but I can not do anything. some of them gave me beautiful flags on my post as well...:D

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Wait - wasn't there this pesky thing where flagging only works when my reputation is higher than the flagged one's?


Reward removal happens regardless.

You are thinking of decreasing one's reputation. In that case, you would need to have a higher rep.