The record for the World's largest skateboard was just broken

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Here's something you don't hear about everyday. The world's longest skateboard record was just broken and the world's longest skateboard is now measured at 36 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 3 feet high created by Joe Ciglia and Rob Dyrdek who both live in Los Angeles. The original record for the longest skateboard was created in 2009 for the MTV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. The team apparently only took 3 months to build this board which is modeled after a regular skateboard only 12.5 times bigger.

In the video below you can watch a group of five plus people riding this giant skateboard down steep hills and hear just a little bit about how they built the board. Joe Ciglia is the owner of California skate parks design firm and they design and build skate parks all over the world, so this wasn't the most challenging task for him and his partner.

Is this a silly stunt or a work of art? Either way I think this is really cool.

California Skateparks:

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Oh my God!!!! It's damn huge.... Damn it's real cool man.... Wish I could get a ride.


Thanks, yeah I'll ship you one. lol


Hahaha.... Why don't you come riding on it ;D


Oh my God!!!! It's damn
Huge.... Damn it's real cool man.... Wish
I could get a ride.

                 - preetika

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

How do you stop?

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I think you jump off. :)


That thing is big enough it wouldn’t stop when you hit the grass... or the curb... it might even run over a car, better get insurance 🤣

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Aha great finding my friend. They will need good practice to ride that for sure 😅😜

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Yeah it's crazy that this is real.

I remember seeing the last one they made on the show, now that would be fun to ride on. But can they do a kickflip, or even a shoveit? Now that would be impressive🤣

There are many rules for fun in life. That's agree with your post. Your post was very good to me. Hopefully you'll get better posts in front of you Just like this, thank you very much for giving me a post


Thanks, I think I get what you're saying. Steemit is a good place for information, but it should also be fun.



Or world's smallest people??

What a amazing thing i just watch grwat man

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That's really wonderful...They planned it well👏👏Now, they've the record credited to them. Possibly, @the4thmusketeer can also plan on breaking this current record😂

You are always great. I like your writing the most.

Wow it’s really looks cool to see. It’s hard to handle.damm bro . I didn’t know about it thanks for sharing @the4thmusketeer keep growing

riding on it is risky game take care......hahaha

i bet you can ride an elephant in that.

hahaha so huge. Transformer's ride

More guys needed?

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full adrenalin...

Is it useful?


No, not really. I don't know how this could be useful unless they want to give sightseeing tours on it, lol.


That's right

wow. so big!!

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Wow man it's too big. When I firstly watch it then I think for it that how people handle their balance on it. Also read my blog @uttamblogs

that's amazing until i don't believe that actually people can make world record of like this lol.....


Thanks, that's a cool graphic!


Sir i request you
Sir sport me

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Exp is back!



Oh small 5 man and a big skateboard .. YOU ARE VERY GOOD GOOD GOOD

lol, good one ! ;))))

OOO My God . I need to ride this man. It,s really amazing bro

haha that would be insane to try and ride. Where is it kept, I couldn't fit it in my garage :')

Hello, @ the4thmusketeer. Wow is amazing, as far as a person who has the intention of doing something can go, this is the proof that the human being can achieve what is proposed. Thanks for the good news and a hug.

Most welcome very nice skateboardspring-bird-2295431__480.jpg

That's crazy how they break something that big?!!

😱 Guinness world record! wow.... It's cool 👌

oh my God! what a great pic... skateboard was really large.. if i was there too:) amazing!

so funny.

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Saw people riding a skateboard like that in a Subway tv ad. Originally thought it was fake, but apparently not.

Nice and informative sharing, great work!

Wow amazing!

Very cool! Just got account started so dont have anything setup yet. First responce so feel lucky lol. But seriously thats awesome!


wow beautiful

guaoo, its real?


yeah, it's real. It was made for the Guiness book of world records.


awesome, but we're going to need the help of several to move that table, haha. Good estimated information. God bless you.

Nice post great pictures I like the skateboard nice game

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Haha, that woman is evil. Where did you find this clip?


My phone app

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