Do your liking at the price of 1016 SBD, It does not suit me any less *** 7 ***

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Steemit society lacks justice, am I right ???
My account at Steemit Sale, you can bid , Now arrived, the bid price is 20 SBD are there more???
But I put the accounts up for sale, so I'll quit this job


First Account: @slimanepro


The second account: @starupvote
You can suggest a price
I will be grateful to you for the best price
I wish you luck and success
Thank you for your kind attention
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A little expensive knowing that now your accounts are no longer worth the same as in the images, my friend. The current price of your two accounts in SBD would be about 1001.

Yes, no longer worth as before
But we hope the situation will improve in the future
thank you for the observation

Could you delegate your entire SP to me? I will make good use of it, since you don't use it...

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