My account at Steemit Sale, you can bid , Now arrived, the bid price is 2 SBD are there more??? *** 3 ***

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But I put the accounts up for sale, so I'll quit this job


First Account: @slimanepro


The second account: @starupvote
You can suggest a price
I will be grateful to you for the best price
I wish you luck and success
Thank you for your kind attention
You can view your price in replies

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لكني وضعت الحسابات للبيع ، لذا سأترك هذه الوظيفة


الحساب الأول: @slimanepro


الحساب الثاني: @starupvote
يمكنك اقتراح سعر
سوف أكون ممتنا لكم للحصول على أفضل سعر
اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح
شكرا على حسن انتباهكم
يمكنك عرض السعر الخاص بك في الردود


It will be interesting to see how the bid goes.

Also interesting to hear the reasons for such a drastic move.

Thanks for your interest
What to do?
I do not have time to work in Steam
If you think you are interested in working in Stamt
Let's suggest the price you see appropriate
We will negotiate until we agree on the price that suits you

No, i do not have interest to buy. One person from my family was thinking about selling his steemit acount. From there - my interest, if anybody may want to buy such thing at all.

Thanks for your interest
I hope I find out who displays a suitable price

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