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Conspiracies on Steemit?

Using Bidbots, buying votes, selling votes, self voting, having multiple accounts to vote yourself, even circle jerking! Maybe you see these actions as conspiracies, ways to scam the system, maybe not.

I don't care!

That's right, I couldn't give a damn. I can't stop you if those are the things you choose to do. I'm not going to waste my time trying. I flagged a few people in the past, somehow I was the one that came out worse off.

Have at it!

All I can say is "You do your thing - I'll do mine!"

Right, with that out of the way, here's what I've noticed!

Oh, hang on, best practice says include a picture in your post - so I pinched this one from this hilarious post by @carklevicci (Ooooo Look!, FREE, unsolicited promotion right there! - See what happens when you write a quality post!)


I've noticed that I need to get better!

Time management!
Like everyone, I only have so many hours in a day. It's a pain in the whatsit really. A time machine would be epic. Since I don't stand a chance of getting one of those anytime soon, it looks like I'll have to figure another way to fit everything in. I'm not sure how yet, but l'm working on it.

My name is @sivehead and I am a Steemitoholic!
Since joining Steemit, the hours in my day seem to have shrank drastically. I find myself getting sucked in, scrolling through post after post. I'm not complaining, most of what I read is entertaining shit. Well maybe am complaining a tiny bit, but let me explain...

I've noticed I'm a slow reader!

Ok that's not your fault, it's mine. But, being a slow reader, and reading through all your fantastic posts, doesn't leave me much time to focus on my own posts. I want to contribute more damn it!

Things can only get better.
While on one of my reading marathons the other day, I came across a post How to boost your reading speed by @themarkymark. I believe it was his first ever post here on Steemit. And what a post it was... Is!... I learned a few tricks and hopefully with a bit of practice, I'll have two choices open to me.

  1. I'll be able to read the same number of posts in half the time, then crack on with producing my own.

  2. I'll be able to read twice as many posts!

Either way I'll be getting more done so that's cool! 😎

I've noticed I'm slow at typing.

Well, actually I am quicker than I use to be, but l'm still way slower than my 12 year old daughter. Somehow she seems to be able to knock out feature length messages to her friends in less than a minute. How? I don't have a clue - I watch sometimes, I can barely see her thumbs move... It's just a blur.

My problem here though, besides fatter thumbs and diddy little keys on my phone, is I tend to keep stopping to read through what I've written. I think that's one of my biggest flaws. I keep going over changing this bit, changing that bit. Before I know it an hours passed and I've only written a paragraph or two.

(I was going to add a Gif here but eSteem won't let me... More time wasted!)

I will get quicker at typing! (did that sound like optimistic determination to you?)
The only thing I can think of here is to practice, practice, practice - well that, and resist the temptation to keep reading what I've written every two minutes.

Why don't you get one of those typing game apps?
That's what my daughter said, bless her. I know she was trying to help, but to be honest, I'd prefer to try and speed up, by typing what's in my head rather than what some app is telling me to type.

I've noticed this post is taking way longer than I expected!

About three and a half hours longer

So I'll leave it there!
Just before I go though, I'd like to thank you all for sparing some of your precious time to read this post. Sorry if you thought it was about Steemit conspiracies, it's not! - as you know by now - It's all about me!

** ~ (hey, I need to practice somewhere!) ~ **

One last thing!

Actually, I've only just noticed this while writing this post!

Is it me or do these two look like they could be brothers...

Source as mentioned above

Source: pinched from @jlsplatts post here

That's it! Bye for now! -

Regards, @sivehead


There’s so many funny punch lines in this post. Thanks for pointing it out to me @carklevicci.

Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you found it entertaining. 😎

Man I'm blown away that you mentioned me in this post. My account manager and social advisor @dandays should be equally impressed.

When I had guys under my supervision I always told them," quality first, quantity second". I still try to stick to those words.
You're doin' great.

I'm gonna get better too!

Man I'm blown away that you mentioned me in this post.

No problem, your work is entertaining. Others should be given the opportunity to realise that! 👍

I'm gonna get better too!

No don't do that!... I'm still trying to catch up. Lol

We are cousins actually 😜😜
I try and do my part when I see spam commenting and voting farms, I report to steemflagrewards discord. I don’t get heavily involved in the flagging but when I see something I try to mention and and help when I can.
Edit: when are you goin to join in on FFF? I expect to see you this coming Friday

We are cousins actually 😜😜

Ha ha. I knew I saw some sort of resemblance.

Yeah, I gave up on the flagging lark when it started destroying my hard earned rep!

Edit: when are you goin to join in on FFF? I expect to see you this coming Friday

Umm... I'll take a look in to it 👍
We usually have takeaway on a friday though, nothing too exciting... Good ol' english fish and chips!

I know it’s the end of the week and all, you’re probably wore out. So allow me....

#fff is a blog a bunch of us are having fun with, we post our meals/recipes on Friday. Dude.. @sivehead, you can prepare the meal ANY day of the week.

Make a bowl of cereal this morning. Post it on Friday!
Cool a batch of Moonshine on tuesday, post it on Friday.
Took your girl through the drive-thru for your anniversary last Thursday, post it on Friday.

I’ll conduct some more searches now but that’s oretty much the gist of it. 👍🏿

Oh and I’m the Undefeated Champion but that’s it!

Thanks for the indepth review. I look forward to taking part. 👍

Oh and I’m the Undefeated Champion but that’s it!

Until this coming friday... Muhahaha!

Just grab anything food related and post it on Friday using he FFF tag. Simple as that. @foodfightfriday will come along and upvote and resteem your post. Simple and easy 😉

Ok dude, I'll be there!

I've got just the pic stored up ready and waiting 👍👍

Check out last weeks FFF posts here just to give you an idea of what is happening.

I like the way you think.

@sivehead Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

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