Unlocking the Vote Slider Bar 💪

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What is it? Why can't I see it? Where do I get it? I asked these questions numerous times in comments when people talked about the vote slider but never received an answer. It seemed like a secret so I feel like I'm breaking some sort of unwritten rule by sharing this but here it is.

According to @sykochica in this article

Once a user reaches 1 MilliVest (which right now equates to 482.398 Steem Power), they will gain access to the vote slider bar.

After I won #steem-pocalypse last season, I took my winnings and powered up

Along with my newbie delegated power, this pushed me over the threshold. I went to upvote something and suprise! The slide bar popped up instead. It's like I leveled up or something

I hate it

I've never been one to "manage" my upvote but now I'm forced to. I'm literally giving somebody else money that could have otherwise gone to me. I don't know the answer but this is not it IMO. The one positive I see is that I can now upvote like I was before HF19 because I'm not cutting my own throat (voting power) by throwing someone a 10% upvote.


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You've got my vote... 100% @ironshield

I finally have it as well but I think about what amount of $ my upvote is worth.

Right now it's a whole $0.08! Haha I think the lowest I would upvote someone is 50%, $0.04 - which means I could vote twice as many people! but I think I'd rather round it up to 5 cents rather. But I haven't really used he slider yet. I did one 75% vote.

I dunno. I'm still feeling a bit of conflict on what I feel is "right". I can give more $ per upvote now with a bit over 500 SP, and I want to give more. I want to give more people $0.08 rather than 8 people $0.01.

I read some people move their percentage down in relation to their voting power percent, so after one 100% vote their percent is down to 98%, so they'd move their slider down to 98%. I can't remember exactly why they did that... lol


The article I linked above gets way into vote power and percentages etc. but I'm with @saiku I like to click buttons and give a penny so i set it at 10% and apparently this has very little affect on your power.

I'm cheap and I like to press buttons so I can only afford to give you a 5%


right there with ya!


You get 2 pennies for that lol

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