The Netcoins Victory Effects 31/10/2018

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If you didn't know not that long ago Steem was in a heated contest for a chance to be featured in the Netcoin's added portfolio.
This opportunity was put into light by the @oracle-d team @starkerz / @anarcotech and well the good news if you haven't already heard yet.... we "STEEM" are the winning crypto of the Netcoins competition.

And so yes we are the winners of this competition.

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Firstly the Netcoins contest was basically about including another crypto asset to the Netcoins already established portfolio.
The new on-board crypto to their portfolio cough "STEEM" means it would be promoted across a wide range of retailer audience's, which may start to accept payments in crypto.

Netcoins is a company that is accelerating the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies they are doing this by making them easy to buy and sell in the stores of some local retailers.

Check out this very quick 1 minute video for a better explanation.

Note: From the video don't get confused on what does this have to do with Steem because although the video focuses on Bitcoin it will be Netcoins who handles a growing selection of cryptocurrencies, so replace what you just saw with Steem instead and that should give you a good idea on what all this was about.

I mean if you want mass adoption shouldn't Steem be among them?

Anyway as you can see from Netcoins and their one-minute video this achieves a better consumer friendly way that those not in the crypto space yet would find easier to understand, as seen there is no requirement for consumers to endure tedious account setup inquisitions and etc.

The hope is if this pulls through it will cause the snowball effect and if successful in turn will bring more demand for Steem which of course will positively turn the affect of the price of Steem which I know is something most of YOU want.

Check this video "Introducing Netcoins" for more information.

@ned wanted us voting and making this happen and so with the information here it seems the Netcoins and Steem partnership could be a pretty big deal for us all.

So isn't it fantastic news that after all those posts about voting on Steem and those final fights we had with Verge and Ins neck in neck, the discussions about a inactive community but yet we actually won!

And so it sounds like Netcoins could make it easier for people to buy Steem in future but right now it appears they are mainly in Canada and its said they will be rolling out worldwide in November sometime.

But at the moment it appears they maybe already launching in some American States.

These 42 States include:
California, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Kansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, Utah, Arkansas, Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Vermont.

In these 42 States Netcoins has already met its necessary regulatory frameworks which of course cover cryptocurrency's in order to begin operating its "Over The Counter" services.
Its frameworks will of course continue to evolve and Netcoins will add or remove certain States where required.

Netcoins will enable crypto transactions via 21,000-plus retail locations in Canada, Europe and Australia and an Over-The-Counter trading desk which will be accessible globally.

Before you get too excited remember this is still early stages so some of this is forward-thinking information and of course many other factors that may cause any actual results, but lets hope for something which is better then nothing for Steem because I feel this is still one step forward.


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Hope they get into the other 8 states, because I'm in one of them. :-)

From what I have seen they will definitely be pushing for any other remaining states so hopefully you wouldn't need to travel further out to see one @manorvillemike

Congratulations for the Steem victory, only lately to get it has been rather difficult in every post on the Steemit platform.

Thanks for the supprt @drowkeudrow and you are right its much harder these days because whales aren't voting as much and there isn't enough curators with some decent power behind them, which is something I am trying to change.

There was much enthusiasm in our community for the Netcoins contest, in the not too distant future we will see a positive effect on the value of steem.

Yea there really was @felixgarciap if anybody was on Steemit at the time they surely would of seen a post about netcoins, great effort from the community..we won.

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