Fries To Cure Baldness!? 17/8/2018

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I wont shock you by saying as we get older we begin to lose our lovely hairlocks but how about that on your next trip to your local fast food fix you could do more then just add a few pounds to the waist line.

How about if next time you went to a fast food place you could actually be curing your baldness that is if you are going bald.

Apparently according to a study done in Japan there is a chemical which is being used to cook certain fast food fries which could hold a cure for those looking to not go bald.
So bald men can thank stem cells and the research being done at the leading Yokohama National University for regrowing their hair back.

So these guys have created a method using...oh geez so glad I am not trying to pronounce this (dimethylpolysiloxane) anyway to put this simple.. they are using a chemical used in french fries oil to regrow hair.

But how do they know this works?

Well they have been testing this on nude mice and have been able to regrow their hair.

Nude mice?

What are they doing to these poor creatures...a nude mouse is a lab mouse from a strain of a genetic mutation that causes a deteriorated weak an inhibited immune system due to a reduced number of T cells and to me it sounds like something that Umbrella corp from resident evil would be getting themselves involved in.

Source: Resident Evil Gaming Series

Anyway like this they are able to produce bigger amounts of hair follicle germs.
Hair follicle's are a small gland as for the germs they help grown it and the cooking oil used is the key to producing a big enough quantity to help humans regrow their hair back.

The study was released in the journey of bio materials and so while eating fries aren't going to help you lose any weight it could help with your hairline plus this study as only been tested on mice so please don't go down to your local fast food telling your friends and family your going to regrow your hair back in the next week...

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Looks very good simonjay, Makes me hungry :P

Thanks hungry for fries @bassrebels dont forget to upvote.

I love, love fries, even though I know they are not that great for me, so I don't really eat them that often, but now..... bring it on.....french fries, here I come. Lol.
Thanks for sharing this with us, since I have never heard of that before and my hair is always falling out and I have not very much hair as it is, so maybe I shoul be looking into this and experience it myself. Hehe

Haha its a great excuse isn't it, but its like everything there are pros and cons with most foods we eat, also from my research it seems like its McDonalds who hold the most of this chemical when cooking their fries, and I think since you exercise it perhaps wouldn't do much effects to the waist line @joalvarez

lolmao, living in belgium where they call "french" fries a national dish and you get a fat-shack on every corner (used to) i can say that's a scientifically proven no :)
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I will never be bald because I love and I like French fries too much, even if I have to burn those calories later.

Haha lets hope you dont go bald and since you eat fries and I seen many of your workout posts you should be fit and safe @glorimarbolivar

its yummy post friend...
i love this fries.
Beautiful post friend..

Yea fries do more then just add weight I guess, thanks @tussar11

you are right...
But i like it..

Cool nice post

Yes interesting one @princeuk12 dont forget to upvote.

I do it now my friend

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