Month 30 Steemit Monthly Report 15/3/2019

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Wow this is a big one, 30 month's I have been on with no signs of wanting to stop anytime soon.
Anyway so I was to get this report right out on on time but got distracted on the day with all the other things I wanted to get done on the website, which was silly because I only had a limited time before having to head out.
Well but atleast this time during writing the report I don't have the flu as in the past 2 entries it was a struggle to just get out of bed and so without that virus I can hopefully get this out quicker.

Anyway I will mention again my lack of posts in general are down, yes I realise this but before you think I have given-up on Steemit or got bored that's actually very far from the truth.
I'am actually spending alot more time behind the scenes instead being more active with various communities which infact still reward me for my efforts so don't worry about this ship and "our growth" it still very much continues sailing in the upward direction.

Actually my hope is that this is a better way for me to at the moment to continue our growth especially with these low Steem prices with of course the continued future goal of giving back more.

This month again I still feel we have done well considering the low prices, the fact the prices are so low in-its-self can help by giving different opportunities in many ways.
For this month I think we should be pretty close to the previous results but probably just slightly lower.

But anyway so here we are month 30, now well into the new year with hopefully spring coming soon and would recommend having in mind some kind of goal for the year, hopefully a Steem related goal, even if it's something small that u'd like to achieve on the blockchain.

If you didn't know yet, my big steemit goal for the year is reaching dolphin.
Previously my goal was to reach around 4.900 SP by the end of December, it seemed realistic at the time but the price going so low of course stopped that from happening.

But now 2019 I will try and make dolphin finally a reality for all of us and you can help too as with only 50-SP left to go, I say WE CAN DO THIS! I appreciate all of you who have helped us get this far.

And so the course as been set! Now let's GO!


Images By: @simonjay

So this now marks over 2 years on the price as been low for months but I of course I have no plans on quitting any time soon.

Images By: @simonjay

Wow so much as happened since I first joined I remember in November 2017 "and will never forget" the amazing experience that was Steemfest 2 ( thanks to @roelandp for putting this together)
In December I went to a Steemit supper club hosted by @allasyummyfood unfortunately I couldn't attend the other supper club's but in February I got invited to attend a Steemit meeting in London hosted by @redrica, @ultravioletmag and @teodora it was definitely one of the best meetings I went to, the music was loud at times but that didn't stop us getting to know each other (but many of us did lose our voice's the following day lol)
In April I was at the London Cryptocurrency show which had around 50 Steemians attending, and there was also some great speakers representing Steem in the UK.

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to go to Cyprus, Vegas, Indonesian, Korea nor many the other Steem events as this was down to not being able to get either the time off work or mostly because of the required funds for such things.

I did manage to attend Steemfest3 which seemed to attract alot more developers then content creators or bloggers some of the ones who did attend mentioned the atmosphere being different this time around.

Also in 2018 from day one Steem and SBD's were erupting and going record breaking crazy, this was a huge shock to many experts and newbies alike it was one amazing start to the year, the price then settled abit but still in-between its "settled high's" we saw Steem at around the $3 mark.
Steem as been much lower currently due to Bitcoin falling, it's took us down a path of survival for due to Steem INC losing %70 of its staff and the site itself being in danger of closure, but I'm happy to report this month we are no longer in survival mode.

The recent price drops have indeed shocked many who were not expecting to see Steem nor Bitcoin go this low ever again but on the other hand its giving those interested a great opportunity to buy into what the whales were previously holding and so I say it's the time for opportunity not gloom.

Moving Forward With New Hope And Opportunity!


Images By: @simonjay

Images By: @simonjay

At The London Cryptocurrency Show

Its now 2019 and I still had so much to write about the things that took place back at the Steemfest events and some of the other Steemian gathering's, I thought I was one of the only people that felt that way but I have heard from other Steemians this is not the case.
For me I didn't get the time needed as I also got a back-log of content I wanted to write about so I can clear out my email notes but also have my job to deal with.

Anyway doing these monthly reports help's me stay in check, plus I have heard from you guys that the data can be useful to newbies on getting a better idea for what to expect with the platform.

But before going into month 29 and its results "This" especially for the newbies can be helpful, let me show you a very quick recap of my 2 years.

Month 1 📅

Month 11-12 📅

And there you have it 12 months of Steeming earned me....

2.784 Power


And a reputation of 64.1

Year 2 📅

Yes I realise these aren't the most amazing results that you were probably expecting but for someone who didn't bring in a previous fan base or aided by any of the whale's or part of any inner circle I guess these aren't bad results.
They definitely aren't the best results, but they also aren't anywhere near the worst on here.

Ok so now you have seen the results of 2 full years on and what you can realistically expect from someone in my situation, we now move on and focus in this month's results.

📅 Month 30 - 14/3/2019 the results are..


Ok so this time around I was expecting to do slightly less and while we did get less I didn't expect the gap to be this large we got 181 SP last month this time 155, so yea it's a little disappointing, think I was expecting around 165 SP, it is no wonder I mis-calculated when I would reach dolphin, but saying that I was surprised to get 181 SP the previous month.
And I guess it will get harder as the Steem price begins to go upwards.

When in comes to follower's there was a error it showed I had a total of 2600 followers 2 months ago when it should of been 2560 followers, the five must of gone no I didn't suddenly lose alot of people instead gained another 9 that month and this time round we added another 8 which is what I roughly expected.

Reputation, its great to be getting slowly closer to the mighty 70 but still a very long road-up ahead. Anyway being at 66 is really good and now I'am on 66.5 so yet another notch up and now we have reached the half way mark to 67 rep.

Other STATS 📊

Apparently there are around 1,230,550 users and so out of all those users the last time I checked my own ranking as a "Steem Stake Power Holder", I am around #2725 which for me I am very happy with, its not the highest I have managed, my best result was #2225 I hope to one day take that spot again, but I have gone up this month which did surprised me because last month I gained more SP but went down on the ranking now this month I gained more but have climbed the ranking, and not bad we have gone up about 40 places.

Highest Steemit Earnings Score? 👊

I had a post that made me just over $50 the first month I signed on, and that's when I saw it! The potential!
But would you believe I never beat that reward record for a whole year! Yes that's right meaning it was only on month 13 that I finally beat my score from all the way back in month 1, how insane is that!?
While it sounds insane you must remember that the price of Steem during month 1 for me was over $4.00 !! Which was only surpassed in January 2018 at over $7.00! Anyway my new high score to beat is $94.00 which was from month 13.

Steem Power 👊

My most successful Steem Power post was actually back in month 7 when I had one post make me 271 power!

My highest post so far on votes? 👨

The most amount of votes I managed on a single post so far was 213, but that post only made me $8.60

Followers 👪👪👪👪

When it comes to followers.. sorry but the "Dead Followers" type tool I used does not work anymore, I'am not sure why having such a thing seems so difficult I have now used 4 different tools which have all had their own problems and then eventually fully stopped working. So please if anybody knows of tool that works please let me know in the comments section below.

If you are still here and active don't forget to give me a upvote and let me know you are still alive in the comments section as you might be missing out on upvotes from myself as I might check out your blog and upvote you back.

Speaking of followers we gained the "2500 followers badge" which required me to gain 500 new followers, it was the hardest followers challenge so far but now the target is set to having 3750! Wowsers! And that means I need to gain another 1250 extra followers!


To my active but also supportive followers I want to thank you all for your support so far, as of course remember that the more power and weight you can offer me with your upvotes the more I can give back to the community when I upvote you back, check out the wizard's badge for my curation level below, also your upvoted Steem power gets locked when you vote for me as I "NEVER" yet powered down once since I started on here over 2 years ago!


Locked Steem of course helps the price of Steem rise up also to give you an idea on how much I have voted I have done over 54,000 upvotes!
Which puts me in the TOP 500 for votes.

So what are you waiting for? Vote now and lock-up some SP for a better Steem future.

I also want to thank you guys for helping me get to SteemFest2 last year and those who supported me for Steemfest3, I still owe abit of money back for the trips made but I will get there hopefully.

Closing Last Notes

Please don't think your votes aren't worth anything or don't count because they really really do.

Another thing I will add is please vote more on those who are actually active on, to often I see auto-votes on people who are rarely active and what I mean is they never vote on anybody else's posts.

Basically the more people who we can get over 5000 power and are actively voting the higher the probability of you earning a decent vote will be.
I believe we need a strong number of dolphins as there are too many in power who just vote for their rich inner circles or who are not even actively voting, but yet I see many supporting them.

The downfall is the powerful circle jerking when it comes to votes, not enough whales are voting on the minnows or dolphins, creating a predictable rewards distribution.
This could be fixed probably but we'll will have to wait and see with SMT's.

Also realise that we no longer have that many active whales voting, this is because they are using less time consuming ways of using-up their SP, making a more developers support type of a website plus we had too many Steemians sold away their SP, but no worries again you can trust me with your votes I have not powered down since day 1.

Anyway the whole situation could change with SMT's but honestly I still hope people will create content on in the future and get paid for it, hopefully earning something more than just a few cents for their efforts.
To make it clear I'm not having a dig at the whales, I'am saying we need more people who are actually active and curating being supported and who have some decent power behind them, so vote now and help me make this happen.


Images By @simonjay

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Thanks for posting the monthly update

Thanks for supporting it @jkenny I'm still surprised about going up 40 places considering less SP was gained this month and the previous month when we gained more I went down 3 places, how odd but atleast I recovered way more then places lost.

Extensive report for those 30 months, many months to come with greater results

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Thanks very much @teodora for the support the plan is to continue climbing dolphin is just around the corner for me in the next few days yay.

Good work and it only 50 from dolphin.

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