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If you are following me, you will probably know I have kind of disappeared. In fact, my previous article was published last week. I have been busy lately, and I wish to change that now.

Which means I am re-evaluating my position here on Steemit. And this time? I am pushing the boundaries further. I will invest more time to connect, engage, and contribute. After all, it is that little bit of effort that takes us a long way, don't you agree?

And if you are like me, I think you will enjoy this journey even more.


Fortunately, as a self-employed guy, I have observed laziness is easier to achieve than success. I have observed that reading is easier than writing.

And truly hesitation is easier than making decision.

So starting this week, let us put all that aside. Lock that laziness and hesitation in a safe box. Drop it somewhere else. Forget it even existed. And tell our brain to embrace something new. Tell it to...

Believe in Action

If you imagine every miracle in your life, you will find traces of actions. In every memory you have, action plays a vital role. It doesn't leave you. It stays with you. And the best part is?

You can intensify it further.

I am saying this because @SumSum tagged me recently in one of her post. I was commenting and she picked up on what I firmly believe in:

Think Less. Do More.


I was delighted to know she followed this. I wish nothing but good luck to her and everyone in this journey. All of us deserve joy and happiness. All of us are here for fun. And let us continue to have more of it.

I do personally believe thinking has its place. One can innovate by thinking. Thinking, and if you really think about it, is the root-cause of innovation. Then again, a lot of people overthink.

As large corporations and marketing agencies learn more about humans, you will notice they try to control our thinking. They play with our emotions. And we slowly stop questioning. It is equally very interesting and disturbing. Perhaps even a topic for another day.

For now, if you must remember one thing, then remember this:

Action is the answer.

So maybe, in your own life, you are stuck. You have problems. And you don't know how to deal with them. I wish you to step back and stop thinking. I wish you to take a deep breathe and face this problem. Find a solution. And execute it. And keep moving.

Action is the answer

It truly is.

Which is why I will be publishing at least two articles every day.

It is not a challenge to myself. Achieving it is my secondary gain. My primary goal was, and always is, to improve the lives of my readers. And I come here with the same goal.

The previous article was very well received, and it helped me rethink my position here. At first, I only wanted to test this platform and now I am determined to stick around.

For the next 30 days, I will be writing regularly. Some articles will be shorter. Some longer. You may read what you like and skip others — because, after all, our time is always valuable. Alternately, if you have suggestions, let me know. If you wish to seek answers for any of your problems, I am here for you.

The Next Phase: What To Write

I have been writing about technology for a number of years. I am fortunate to have access to exclusive news and contacts from within the industry. Then again, technology is not a very interesting topic, especially considering the diverse set of audience following me here.

Which brings me to another niche I absolutely love: Spirituality.

Coming from a fairly religious family, I was conditioned to believe in one thing. As I grew into adulthood, I wanted to hack that. And hack everything else I believed in. I wanted to create my own answers, rather than accepting what was fed to me.

It led to what I believe was the most fascinating phase of my life. I dug deeper, into spiritual texts, read and found what is considered beyond this realm and questioned myself each and every day, almost as if I was onto something.

Every time I felt I found the answers, I found more questions. And it was an endless phase of diving deeper to seek something I don't even know existed. I have to admit: Very few people get to experience this.

And if you are not strong enough, following this route can mentally screw you up for life.

This is where philosophy plays a vital role. The way you see this world is important. Your own beliefs, values, and what you perceive is right or wrong is important.

You already have certain goals in your mind. Some of it you are sure of. Some not concrete enough. Either ways, I am here to guide you in the best possible direction.

So I will be covering these topics. Plus, my personal stories and updates along the way. I will be experimenting while hoping you will pick up on what is useful for you and leave the rest behind. I truly hope you will learn from my mistakes and accelerate your own growth.

Then There's Work

Admittedly, I have found joy in working from home. This last year was a year of hacking myself. Much of what I stood for was questioned. I viewed myself from a distance and asked myself:

"What if I did this differently?"

All of us are humans first. Deep inside, we are the same. Shed those layers of ego, anger, revenge, pride, greed and so on — what is truly left is a pure soul. And this soul can once again be conditioned to travel any path.

So what if we did what we are doing right now... differently? The journey will be different. And so will be the outcome.

One can truly change. So as part of change, I rented a space at WeWork, a co-working company, that will be opening in my city in the month of July. Everything is already paid for - and now it is a matter of waiting.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.42.05 PM.png

This means I have 40 days before I go into work mode. Time has been my biggest supporter in my life, and I have it enough now to stay here on Steemit and engage with you further.

Once again, to everyone reading this and more in the future, I wish you all the best. Some of you are onto greater things and some of you are just enjoying this wobbly ride wishing to do greater things. Either way, as long as we have fun...

Nothing else matters. So here's to more fun! Cheers!




Good one Sid! I think you will do great here. With community features being added in the near future there will be a lot of scope for niche content and discussions to take place. Keep up your efforts and if you are part of tech media perhaps you could also do product reviews of a gadget which may appeal to a broader audience.

You're very inspirational. I like that about you. :)

The most difficult part for me is to find what to write about. I usually write about random topics that pop into my head. But even those take time sometimes which many people also call "writer's block".

Don't give up. Steemit is easier than it seems!

Love your article!!! I am in for this challenge as well..i am guilty of overthinking and as a result not writing.
I tend to overthink the quesrion : what am i going to write....but i need to just take action..thanks for these insirational thoughts..
I needed them today

In case you are still struggling to write daily. I set myself a weekly challenge. I find it easier to go from week to week. :)

Sumsum, I have so much to write. I am writing at the moment. I have around 6 drafts. Over 10000 words. All partially written. And then, there's work. That involves writing as well.

So I am writing. And I am writing a lot. The only issue is, I am not publishing them. Not yet, anyway. I will be publishing one post today. In the next few hours.

I do like the weekly challenge. Yet writing daily keeps me on my toes, you see. Already 2 am here. Oh boy. I am telling you... I am pushing through new boundaries here...

Loving it so far.

I need to answer comments, as well, which I have been ignoring lately. Sorry to not answer your question on another post. Rest assured, I remember everything. Just need to strike a balance.

I am working in the US time, despite living in India. I will tell you why soon. For now, definitely pulling an all-nighter. :)

So glad to see your comment here. Hope you are doing well. Stick around, please! :)

Just to clarify. I am also writing daily but I choose a weekly topic to not put too much pressure on myself. It feels great to put stop to a topic and start fresh every week.
Daily writing is definitely therapeutic for me.
Looking forward to reading your stuff. Don't worry about the comments. You will find your rhythm.

Great post Sid, our mind is capable of creating several obstacles for us. Overthinking is one of them. Prioritizing is the key, and when we know what's best for us (in this case Steemit), we will know what to do. Think less, act more - Perfect!

I will join you in the challenge @sidwrites! Together we are stronger! I already posted two articles today! Let's keep it going

nicely written. great formatting style - the super-short paragraphs make for a very smooth, easy read.


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