Hand To Heart, Thank You Steemians! Today, I Have Crossed 100+ Followers!

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Dear Steemians,

Have you ever felt super-blessed? Perhaps a day in your life where you took a deep breathe and told yourself:

Boy, it can't get any better than this!

Today is one of those days for me. And I thank YOU for that.


It is because of YOU I have crossed 100 followers today. It feels special, you know? Which is why I wish to appreciate and thank each and everyone of you for following me...

For connecting.


And investing your valuable time here.

Hand To Heart, I Am Grateful

When I first posted my introduction here — titled "Mission unlocked" — I had a total of zero followers. What was I expecting?

After all, I was new here.


You supported me with your upvotes, comments and encouraging words.

I remember how I was smiling that night reading each and every comment. And that same night, I made the decision to stick around for at least a month.

Since then, I have received nothing but LOVE from here.

Which is why I have extended my stay.

100 Is More Than Just A Number To Me

Picture it this way:

Imagine having all your 100 friends in your room. All of them standing, holding a glass of their favorite drink, and talking. Then you enter the room. How does it feel?

Right now, I have 105 followers and to have all of them together, in my room...

Makes me nervous!

Heh! :)

Sure, we met this week, and there's a lot to learn about each other. Yet to know I am part of a beautiful community with 100 plus new friends is easily an achievement worth framing on my wall, isn't it?

I am feeling incredibly good for so many reasons.

And I am certainly moved.

It is just not the numbers that count. It is the fact that each and every one of you are real. You are probably moving your eyes, from this word to another, perhaps sitting, all relaxed, reading this post.

Probably you are smiling too.


Smile a little... you human! :)









Good. :)

Just to think about this is incredible, isn't it? We are all humans behind these numbers.

Steemit Is A Great Platform For Us Humans!

On my fourth day, I wrote a simple love letter to Steemit. I thought it was silly, you know.

But I did it, anyway.


Perhaps it is silly to marry a platform. Yet the fact that I am free to voice my opinion is one of the greatest freedom ever.

You and I are not chained to anything.

We can talk.

We can share.

And we can connect.

There's no stopping us. Everything that's on our mind can be shared here. And we will always find a handful of people who will resonate with us.

Now, isn't that a wonderful thing?

Which Is Why The Future Is Bright

Steemit is growing faster than ever. More users are joining the platform. Even though I am learning things, I am actively trying to help as many people as possible.

And I have even asked my friends to join this platform.

This place exists only because of us.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you have anything to share, feel free to do so. All my life, I was the geeky guy deeply involved in technology....

Yet because of the liberty Steemit offers?

I am free to share my thoughts on spirituality and philosophy. I don't know how well you will receive it, which is why I am always open to suggestions.

You are free to criticize my work any time - and I will take this criticism as a form of feedback to improve myself.

I will continue learning and engaging here. I will continue connecting.

And I will continue it for a long time to come.

As we reach the end of this post, I wish each and everyone a much happier life, that you engage and grow quickly, and all your wishes come true. I wish you joy and pray for your success.

I wish you achieve more and more. Here on Steemit. And in your own life. Because, as a wise man once said to me:

You are not here for a long time. You are here for a GOOD time!

Let's all remember this and remember this forever! :)


PS: Thank you for reading. If you haven't followed me yet, you can visit my profile and click the Follow button. And if you have anything to share, or wanna say HI, you can use the comment box below!


Hey man! Just waiting for your post about why abortion should be illegal! You said to give you time to explain, even though you said I wouldn't understand. I'd like to hear your reasoning. Looking forward to your post!


Hi Matt, please do not spoil the comment section with irrelevant comments. You probably got the wrong person because I have no interest in engaging in these topics.

I would appreciate if you can edit this comment. Take care. Have a great day.

Welcome to Steemit and congratulations :D

Thank you so much! You are such a fun and cool dude!

Really appreciate your comment.

Let's all enjoy this ride! :)

Cool, a ride, where are we going? :D

Haha! You know it! First stop is the New Jersey / NYC.

Then we stop directly at the Moon station! 😂

I'll bring the moon pies :D Wot can we purchase in New Jersey? A new baseball Jersey? Wot about NYC?

I think you are doing well for the short period of time you have spent here so far. Your help with moderation of the #India channel on Steemit.Chat is also much appreciated!

Pleased see witness a new wave of enthusiasm coming onboard. Welcome to the party, and congratulations. T'is an exciting journey that is only beginning... ;-)

Thank you! Yes, the enthusiasm is real. Perhaps I regret that I was late to the party - how I wish I joined last year - yet I am here now, and present is all there is, right?

This is a great new beginning. And it's been a fun week here. Wish to continue and connect further!

Glad to see you moving up so fast, keep cranking out that quality content!

Thank you so much!

Keep cranking out that quality content!

I am definitely working on this. At first, I wish to share fact-based news, and now I am rethinking.

Lots of appreciation to this post, so I am definitely going to write some steem-related post in the future too!

Just followed you as it looks like we haven't crossed our path yet. Hope to see you in action and connect further, AZ! :)

I love to see people happy and I am very happy for you...congrats on the 100 followers!

Thank you! I love your bio! :)

Life is short. So let's all be happy people, right! :)

Congrats! Steemit is a great platform.

Haha! Thank you! Cheers!

Holy crap. You joined like five days ago maybe. And you already have 100 followers. You're on fire brother.
Congratulations and steem on!

You're on fire brother.

Haha! I know, right? I am HOOKED to Steemit.

It has been so long since I liked a community / website... except for Reddit.

Now that Steemit is here. Reddit comes next.

Thank you for your wishes. You have been around like a good friend, and you are among the very first I knew / followed on this website.

Keep hustling brother! The consequences are beautiful!

Thanks man. Keep on steeming and you will surely succeed.
Have a nice sunday!

Success is when I make you happy dude! :D

Best wishes to you too!

VERY well done! This is impressive growth.



Means a lot to hear from you! Moment you shared your tips and thoughts on the Steemit chat, I had a couple of aha moments. I found the right direction through you and I view this platform, differently - thanks to you!

Here for fun now, and engagement, and possibly help others along the way!

Cheers! :)

Congratz on the 100+
I am new here and am looking forward to getting there!!! :)
Steemit is an awesome place!

Appreciate your comment!

looking forward to getting there!!! :)

100 is easy. You will do absolutely fine. Just followed to up those numbers.

And hey, I like you post, you know that, right? :)

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