Steemit Mobile App For iOS NOW: 🚀 Steemify Plus Browser Settings

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It's been one of the top requests I've seen on Steemit: "Someone! PLEASE make a mobile app for Steemit!"

Well, I thought I'd show everyone how I use Steemit on my iPhone like an app, with mobile notifications and everything.

Here's how my main apps section looks:


The Steemit website is already very responsive

For those unfamiliar with web design terminology, "responsive design" is a term that describes website formatting across various viewport sizes and devices.

And honestly, for all the guff that Steemit gets for its frontend, the site is actually very responsive and works very well on mobile devices.

It works very much like a mobile app, excluding a few minor features.

To prove how well the site works on mobile, this entire post is being made on my phone.


How to set Steemit as an icon on your phone's desktop

Most people don't know this but you can set any website as an icon on your desktop using Safari on your iPhone.

First, go to Steemit in Safari (preferably logged in so it's ready for you to go whenever you open it).


At the footer of your browser, press this icon:


Which will bring up this menu:


From here, select "Add to Homescreen".

You will then be shown the icon for the website (Steemit has a great one) and you'll be allowed to edit the name and address that the icon will lead to:


Press "Add" and it will add the icon just like any other app on your desktop!

See? (The wallpaper is me and my gorgeous wife):


You can more or delete it just like any other app by holding down on the icon and moving it or pressing the "X" to delete.


It's as easy as that!!! 😃

But what about notifications?

Any social media app is not complete without notifications.

Well, we're in luck, because there's an app on the AppStore called Steemify!

I just learned in the comments that this was developed by @blockbrothers -- Well done! They're developing an Android version currently!

Just search for the name and you'll find it.


Here's the description:


I've been using this app for a few weeks and it works perfectly.

It tells you when people comment on your posts, reply to you, when someone votes and when someone follows you, and even when you receive a transaction.

Here's what the list looks like:


Clicking on any of those list items brings you to its details on Steemit.

You will get notifications on your screen when your phone is locked out, and even as I was writing this post I was getting notifications of my activity:


What do you think?

It's not completely perfect, but by taking a few easy steps setting up the Steemit website on your desktop and downloading a notification app, you can get a full Steemit experience on your iPhone.

I don't know how to go about this on Android. If you know, please leave a comment about it.

Let me know what you think!

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Highly rEsteemed!

Couldn't have said it better. Using SteemIt through the mobile browsers works fine by my standards, and SteemIfy is ridiculously Awesome!

I'd love it if someone took the Brave browser or Opera and optimized it for Steem.

Kind regards Bruv!


It would be interesting to see Steemit collaborate with a browser. I think Brave is an interesting choice as it already has a crypto infrastructure.


It would make sense then. I believe BRAVE is open source and utilizing SBDs, Raw STEEM and even SteemPower for now as various currencies for on the Browser is preferable to having to launch yet another Crypto in the form of BATs...

Did you know that I was an early arrival and participant to such projects as TAU Chain, SYNEREO, and OMNI network? Ive been watching for sometime how developers get lost in their own BS as they struggle to even make their Cryptos even REMOTELY usable. I left the world of VaporWare Frenzy (which is at it's PEAK today) for SteemIt back in 2016. And let me be Frank here -I absolutely ABHORE the work of STINC as it pertains to this Blockchain but that in no way minimizes the fact that STEEM is RUNNING and providing FAR MORE UTILITY than ANY CrapCoin of the week out there...

So if someone wants to really do something BIG, IMHO it would be to build a STEEM browser that literally changes the way people Internet.

Kindest Regards Bruv!


Waiting for android version

Well, I have a Samsung S9, and what I did was to install the @ginabot, and now I receive notifications of almost everything important through Discord: each time someone interacts with my account, or when my favourite bloggers publish something (such as you haha) really works for me :)

I didn’t know you could do that, let me try it

Been following @exyle a while now. Steemify for android is in the works! Thanks for showing me how to add steemit icon to my screen. I do 99.99% of all steeming through my phone. didn't work so well for me. I prefer to use Steemit. It is more reliable. ✌


Why it did not work for you (


Mostly the form save gave me the most grief

At least you have the notifications in



I am forgoing notifications for now. Steemify for andriod will be out soon!

It works!!!! 1064B2B1-0168-453F-AC2F-CF74EBECCEF6.png


Yep! Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈


Btw: I like your blog. Love vegan food. Following. 👍🏻


Thanks so much, are you vegan as well?


My wife and I were working towards veganism for about a month until we suddenly had a complication with the pregnancy (she's 22 weeks along). That threw everything into chaos. We've had to focus on other things since (it hadn't unfortunately become a lifestyle yet)

But I love raw fruits and veggies and the vegan food products are getting insanely good.

The fake chicken is indistinguishable and those beyond burgers are just fascinating and delicious!

Hi shayne,

Good step by step instruction for ios....I need for Android since I own a Samsung Note 3....

Wow this is nice and informative I knew how to add it to home page using Google chrome on Android but I haven't tried it I will try and get steemify I hope it's available on plagstore

Hey @shayne! Cool to read you like our app Steemify so much.

We are currently working on a new version with a lot of new features and also an Android is currently being developed!

Thanks again for showcasing the app.

All the best,
witness @blockbrothers.


Looking fwd for the Android version. I'm going to follow you!


Ah! I didn't know who the developers were here on Steemit so thanks for reaching out! I edited the post to accredit you and add the news of the Android development.

I'm also following you. I love seeing developments on this platform -- thanks for your work!

I’ve been using steemify for a while now, I love it. If they added a back button to their in-app browser, and let you return to the same notification in the app after leaving the in-app browser - it would work great as a stand alone way to experience Steemit on iOS.


Great article

i TOTally agree.. ive been using steemit on chrome with iphone NO issues whatsoever.. i dont really understand why people need an app at all!




There are reports out that show mobile users increasing in responsive websites and decreasing in apps. Maybe Steemit inc is just waiting out the trend lol

nooooiceee lol I use android but its nice to see you can enter steemit on ios

Thank you for your information@!!!