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I spent the day in Discord getting to know new friends here on Steemit a bit better. I found this incredibly rewarding, and I'm not talking about upvotes. There are many gems on this platforms with new ones to discover daily. I find Discord channels to be a great way to focus in on finding the highest quality people.

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There is phenomenal work here too. I'm here for that. But my heart is always searching for that one-to-one connection. Let me tell you about a few times I've found that on Steemit.

First, I arrived here with my friend @raymondspeaks. Together, we started pulling our friends in. We live on different continents, so I met his friends and he met mine. Right here.

Then @doctorwillwho showed up in my comments with the most brilliant series of empathetic comments I've seen on any social media. I have published my work a lot of places, so I'm not saying this lightly. In fact, one viral piece I published with Huffington Post (before it was HuffPo and before it decided to remove its contributor platform) has still been bringing messages to my various inboxes that are deep, personal and touching. But @doctorwillwho takes the cake for being consistently caring, especially to a stranger.

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I have found other amazing humans here, like @didic who writes all the things I want to read and about all the things I want to buy and apparently knows all the people I want to know.

There is @amarbir whose desire to bring good into this world through being helpful is breathtaking.

And what of @arbitrarykitten whose every post is polished and interesting? How does she do it? How?

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Recently I discovered @shannonbarber is here. OMG. I have been following their work on Facebook for a couple of years. Finding them here made me geek out. I practically threw my laptop.

There are JUST TOO MANY to name them all, but I need to mention @aschatria (Die Hard Steemit) and @jaynie (Steemit Bloggers), both of whom have worked to create positive connections through post engagement here on Steemit. And because of them, I have met many others.

Friends, ALL of you, I am grateful to get the opportunity to know you. With that said, I would LOVE for you to link your BEST work in the comments here so I can get to know more of you even better. Feel free to tell me why you are sharing the link you chose. I look forward to engaging with you.



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hi @shawnamawna this is my post today (typical aceh food) that little writing there, maybe you will see and comment a little. i will be very happy

I am brand new to steemit, and am glad to have found you and the communities you're involved with. I am here to help spread the healing magic of self-care and Earth stewardship. I am excited to connect more and be a part of this movement <3

here is a link to my blog

Peace & Love

This one of my post on steemit try to get my real balance in the community. Other of my post not done well but will try to be at my best

Our best is an active way of being. It is conscious, and your post is about how to remain conscious AND compassionate. It requires humility to encourage compassion. Thank you for sharing.

hi @shawnamawna ... nice to see you stop by the writers' block today. I didnt get a chance to chat with you. Hope you will drop back often.

This is the post I think is one of the best I've written. It gets more personal that I normally am. Maybe an indication of being more comfortable here on the platform.

I was so happy to see you are there too. You are just about everywhere! Can't wait to read this post. I'll see you on your blog shortly. ;)

Really great idea! I write about all sorts of random things. Hard for me to judge ‘best’ but I’ll throw out one that really matters to me

Oh I'm so glad you commented and left this link so I could meet your furry friend. What an amazing journey you've had, and I was even more delighted to read it knowing that it was of importance to you. Well written, amazing story and all the woofs of joy I can muster. <3

Thank you!

Well this one of my posts makes sense you can see it, I've been here 4, months now I'm quite pulling it off

Loved your post. Loved how fitting that you linked it here. Gave me a good laugh. I hope you watched Community, otherwise my comment may not come across quite as I intended. ;)

I mean, I literally just met a bunch of those people, and it's largely thanks to @techslut, who really DOES know everyone. But, well, yeah. I like recommending. Books, podcasts, and apparently people. I am, by inclination, a curator.

I hear you. I set up magazines and will be setting one up here on Steemit soon. I'd love for you to contribute. I'll be posting more about that soon, I hope, but perhaps we will connect over it on Discord too! :)

Heyy there!

I think this is my best post because it’s about my favorite post series here in steemit called “a day in the future”. This was the first chapter in the series where I put quotes and references because I was recommended to put them.

I like to write especially about technology and how can our life in the future be giving the current trend in science and tech innovations. But sometimes I also like to dip my toe on others subjects as well!

The post is this one, I hope you enjoy it :D

I really, really enjoy your "day in the future" posts. They never fail to make me go look in the mirror and feel around my hairline to make sure I'm actually human. Thank you for sharing this here. I'm excited to keep reading these posts!

Lovely post! Discord is a great place to communicate and have voice chats or just lay back and listen to peoples music taste. But besides that great post :) I love connecting with people all around the world. Although we may never meet but our words meeting are great as well.

I have truly been loving all of the connections. "Our words meeting" is the perfect way to put it. Almost like we bump shoulders in passing.

Thanks for the invitation to share! I'm new but will be posting art and inquiry into various topics. Here's a track from a little ways back !)

Cos you're an awesome writer and I'd like to know how you feel. Here!

Oh and meeting people really is awesome! DieHard Steemit rocks!

It does! I'm so happy to have met you and read your amazing work through Discord!

You honor and humble me. I believe that you are fire, and I simply a moth that evaluates the mystery. You are an excellent blogger with great depth and a genuineness that is rare. If I have lit a candle to illuminate the art of your posts, then it was a privilege to have been in the cathedral to see it.