A Message to the "NICE POST" guys; The Most legal way to dump a link on another users comment page

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Hi there I bet my title seems Goofy and all? But don't be alarmed, trust me it only ironic, nevertheless something has been really jolting and itching me for a while now, and I really think it's time I address this.
Everybody on steemit, has one way seen the types of lazy people we have on steemit and the two most sacrilegious are the "NICE POST" guys and the second are the link dumpers, sometimes a user may both have these characteristics

Countless times these group of people had been disgraced, flagged, embarrassed and yet they keep coming and coming, sometimes they just pop up in the middle of a conversation and dump their links of posts they have made.


The thing these people fail to understand is that steemit is not a charity organisation, they don't dash out money, even thieves work hard before they can successfully be called thieves, there is no free gift however these people beg and beg and beg for upvote and dump links it irks a lot, sometimes I feel pity for them, as they get flagged from left, right and centre, however I really wish to help these people that's why I've really Written this today.

In a blockchain as steemit people need strategies to survive, they say it's really not competitive here I say it's a lie, if you're the kind that dumps post on people's post or just write crap and zap off expecting to see an upvote from @blocktrades or @gavvet or even @anomadsoul, of let's say $3900, then I'm sorry you will remain poor and broke just as you came

images (2).jpg

Strategies wins wars, great plan achieves accomplishments and do does a fantastic steemit self road map gurantees success, and that's why you need to put in a little work if you're a link dumper.

Now the amazing thing is that dumping link is not bad, I know you must be alarmed, yes it's not bad, but that's If you have already made necessary arrangement, work hard, made sacrifices get involved in the community and work like a ant.

Now here is the screenshot of a user who dumped his post on @giantbear post, but guess what? @giantbear wasn't angry that this user dumped a link on his post, he was angry because the user in paticular never even engaged, like, upvoting the post, dropping a meaningful comment or even having a previously close relationship with him prior to that post.



Now what do I mean? We could see that these guys sre actually behaving illegally in an illegal way and that's just it.

They have defined link dumping as an illegal thing because of the negativity they have attached to it. @reggaemuffin once told me, that steem auto vote is neither good nor bad, but the people who uses it makes it good or bad

And that's the reason why link dumping seems to be a really serious crime around here,


Now having understood my concept on this I would really like to say this

For something to live, something also must die

So before you can link dump, how about considering these?

Must have established a relationship.

Now it's not magic, it's sheer logic, only your friend or someone you are close too can allow you dump posts a total stranger would be mad and probably flag you, that also later bores down to working hard in order to build relationships, which I tell you is very difficult.


Taking permission from chat channel like Discord

Yes another medium, now permission is also key if you want to dump post, in the sense that you must have first known a user, talked with them, and have them on your good terms list, then on you can ask them if you can, now they may accept,they may object, it may depend this is also a tool if you want to dump post.

images (1).jpg

Post an Engaging comment before adding the link underneath

This would be like writing a ten line comment,this will of course take away attention from your link which you have dumped. A smart move now isn't that?

Upvote and resteem the post

This may of course melt the heart, and make the users consider you, this is not guarantee, others may still flag you regardless.


Now much said and done, it all boils down to hard work, not every user on steemit are the same, many are hostile others are friendly done others are indifferent, and it also all goes down to how far you've built relationships with the people you are planning to post dump with, select just a few circle, and be warned this is not gurranteed to work, it's just my experiment in phases not yet developed it my work it may bounce back, but who knows

Thank you for reading.

Upvote and resteem if you enjoyed

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Nice post! ;)

I have been thinking about this a bit lately as well. I will upvote only when I am cruising around and don't have anything to contribute to the discussion or time to type it in. I think it is that conversation and content which is the key and purpose to STEEMit. Not shilling your own content and begging for upvotes.

I also see the true community supporters lately not just upvoting the first couple replies, but picking the ones out of the bunch that contribute to the topic and rewarding content. Good on them!

Srsly good education as we evolve the culture around this place.

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Cool and you are right. Nice blog.

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Your Post @josediccus made me search and upvote @giantbear 's comment shown in your Screenshot above.

Thanks for sharing that something like link dumping not everytime have to results in Flag-Wars.

If Someone want to appreciate @giantbear 's Reaction too, here's his comment:

(PLS no hate against the link-dumper)


Have a nice day :)

Good post

excelent vlog

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This is a good strategy, or maybe doing comments subtle at the end like "I hope see you for my blog" not?

Nice post, have link. Just a joke, don't click it, it just leads to Google. I understand your point. I find it really annoying when someone posts a link without even upvoting the post or writing anything that is related to the post. But I understand why they do that. I'm really happy to have 70 mostly genuine followers, but I'm working really hard to create original content and in the end only a few of them read the post. That's why I post my #emojitrivia in the comments when I think it fits there. I even made a list with a line of code for all my emojitrivia so that people can post them without having to resteem.

THANK YOU for clarifying this. I am not a fan of the poop on the doorstep style of linking some people employ. It's not engagement. It's just trying to trick me into stepping in your stuff. I mean, at least let's get to know each other before the butt stuff. Amiright?


Certainly I mean getting to know people is not bad instead of dumping links in their blog post, it won't hurt to know them, thank you do much for visiting