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Now based on experience with other social media platforms I know your message is only as strong as the amount of people you can reach. Meaning that you need large and ever growing following to do well.

So I set out to see what other Steemian’s suggest is the best way to grow your Steemit following.

First up on my google search we have @aboundlessworld

People who follow you will see your content. If you provide valuable content on a regular basis this will encourage more people to follow you.

More Genuine Steemit Followers

  • Use Steemit Chat to build relationships.
  • Produce great content on a regular basis.
  • Promote yourself.
  • Include a small bio of yourself after every post.
  • Leave genuine comments on articles/content you like.
  • Reach out to people you like and connect with them in real life.
  • Tagging people who might add value to your content.
  • Periodically check out the profiles of those who follow you.

The more involved you are the better chances of building a strong following. Don’t Spam people.

Next up we have @jacobcard

20 Followers A Day Suggestions

  • Use other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote and ask people to follow you on Steemit.
  • Send direct messages to new followers.
  • Appreciate fellow Steemians content, drop an honest comment and maybe a follow.
  • Post relevant content.

3 Simple Strategies From @businesswri

  • Commenting - Reading posts and commenting helps get your name out there. Have a look at the introduceyourself section and meet new people there.
  • Steemit Chat - Ask people for their Steemit blog names. Send them a follow and hopefully they might follow you back.
  • Follow/Follow Campaign - Post and say “comment below and I will follow you on Steemit if you follow me.


Now you have quite a few suggestions on how to grow your following. I would say the most important part is to create content that ads value and engage with people. Building relationships is important to become successful on Steemit or any other social media platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get it ...

This is it from me for now.

To my fellow Steemians,
Thanks for being here. You're awesome and I appreciate you …

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your post has a few great suggestions I had not come across in my own research. Super helpful to get started. Thanks man

Great post @shaunbeingsocial. With 49 people looking at this, I am sad that they didn't all upvote it. Keep up the great work!

wow, thanks for the insight it was really helpful. will be expecting ur next post

OK, good post. Thanks for sharing

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thank you, your article is very helpful to me, I wait for your next article.

this article was very helpful, being a new steemian and all.. thanks. i also followed you so i dont miss next one.

This article was helpful. am still though trying to find the best way to promote ones self as stated in the suggestions by @aboundlessworld


Hey @ijele,

Have a look in chat.
I send you some guidelines to get started with.


In order to gain more followers, I found very useful to partecipate in contests about my own interests. I love to write short stories and poems, so I started to make posts related to a freewrite daily contest, and now I'm part of a constantly growing Steemit freewriters community.
My two cents ;)