How To Build A Genuine Following On Steemit

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Hello fellow Steemit users!

Thanks to the latest update by @jesta and team, we can now "see" the profile of both who we follow and are followed by in the dashboard!

This may seem like a small update, but in reality it's huge! Being able to see who is following you is an incredible chance to build relationships and helps you build a feed of valuable content!

I wanted to share my thoughts and invite discussion on the best practices for gaining followers on Steemit! I encourage you to chime in your thoughts in the comments. :)

As an early adopter of Twitter, I was fortunate enough to build a relatively large following early on. But for someone who is new to the Steemit world this might seem intimidating. The following/followed ratio is an important aspect of the Steemit community.

But first I wanted to share the basics.


This is the amount of people who are CHOOSING to follow you. When they follow you, your content will then show up in their feed.

It's important therefore, to always share and create VALUABLE content. Don't try to spam or game the system. If you produce valuable content on regular basis this will encourage more people to follow you.

If you churn out content that goes into your toilet, you're not going to make many friends and people will quickly unfollow you.


This is who you CHOOSE to follow. When you follow someone on Steemit, you'll then begin seeing their content in your "feed" tab. It's therefore important to only follow people who you feel produces valuable content.

Of course, not every piece of content by every person you follow will resonate with you, but it's definitely important to reward those who's work you enjoy.

Remember, you have a choice in who you follow and it will determine the quality and content of your feed.

Don't follow thousands of people, but don't be afraid to share the love either.


Obviously, when first starting out, you'll likely be "following" significantly more people than those who follow you!

Why? Because you're NEW HERE!

Don't be intimidated by the numbers at first.

Instead, view it as a challenge to build as many genuine relationships you can! As a general rule of thumb, your starting goal should be to aim for a ratio of 1:1 following/followed if at all possible.

This will show the world that you're an active member of the community and not someone just looking to make a quick buck.

Again, don't obsess over the ratio, but it is important to build your audience over time.

You can do this through Steemit chat and producing great content on a regular basis! It will take time, but the more involved you are the better chances of building a strong following base.

Don't be afraid to promote yourself! If you're producing good content, it's in your best interest to share with as many people as possible!

Of course, this doesn't meant to spam! Invest in the Steemit community long term and build relationships over time. Those who do this will reap the benefits long term.

I've found it helpful to include a small "bio" that you include after every post that encourages people to follow you while giving them a general idea of what content you produce.

For example, after every post I include the snippet!

"If you enjoy my writing on self improvement, steemit tips and tricks, and travel be sure to follow me here."

This gives everyone who reads my work an opportunity to see if my content is the right fit for them!

Overtime, you will see your following numbers rise.

Now, when you first start it's important to start following people you find interesting. But don't over do it!

If you follow 1,000 people on your first day and only a few people are following you it's going to look like you're a spammer!


Instead start following a handful (maybe 10-20) people a day you find interesting! If you produce great content and engage people will eventually follow you back.

You can build your following by:

  • leaving GENUINE comments on articles/content you like.
  • Reaching out to people you like and connecting with them in real life.
  • Tagging people who might add value to your content.
Do this and you will be known as someone who brings value. :)

I also STRONGLY encourage you to periodically check out the profiles of those who follow you. This is a great way to connect with the community and build real life relationships. :)

That's it for now!

Would love to hear your thoughts! How are you using the followers/followed feature to build the best experience on Steemit?

If you enjoy writing on self improvement, Steemit tips and tricks, and travel be sure to follow me here.
--- Bud

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This is a great article and I've upvoted you. You have a nice fresh enthusiastic style.

However please be aware that the Steemit algo means that you shouldn't post more than 4 times every 24 hours. Doing more than this will effect your rewards, so keep it to one per 6 hours so you can get maximum returns!


Keep Steemin'



Thanks,@ Cryptogee! This is super helpful. I had no idea! :)


Do you know if that includes posting comments as well? I might only post to my blog every few days, but on certain days, I may want to comment more than 4 times.


followed and upvoted by me...

Just letting you know the link at the very end of your post doesn't work. Good article though, upvoted!


Thanks! Will fix asap. :)

First of all, thakns for a great post!

So I've been pouring a fair amount of energy into @Steemit and I'm still admittedly frustrated as I grapple with the broader system and community this platform represents. Part of me truly enjoys the exciting novelty, while another part of me struggles to see the widening gaps between the true whales and influencers making hundereds per post, and "the rest" (represented by yours truly).

I'd love to get educated on how #Steemit represents something fundamentally different than the existing "haves and have nots" that's becoming increasingly prevelent in our global societies. I'm by no means a pessimist, but from my experience thus far, I have a hard time reconciling the clear disperity that's developing.

Best advice I have found, thanks!

wow it worked! cuz im following you now! lulz thanks for posting!

Great article and helpful - thankyou


Thanks so much!


started already - joined steem chat ( got to figure out how that works..) and followed 2 people from it as they have interests that match mine - so thankyou for posting a really useful post :)


Makes me so happy!

Great post dude, promoting good effort and creativity is something that i support a lot! i think nothing's for free, if you want to get more followers, you better start to add value to other people.


Yep! You gotta put in THE WORK.

Upvoted - great article!


Hi @aboundlessworld. I'm brand new to @steemit. So far I'm having a bunch of fun with it. Thank you for your informative posts regarding followers/following. It is quite overwhelming as I've dove into this whole new adventure.

Thank you for sharing, I just joined Steemit but will be following for more advice/tips/tricks

Thank you for this. I have only recently joined and it really does feel sometimes like I have an impossible mountain to climb, but articles like these reassure me and give me the heart to carry on and push through the feelings of doubt. I must persevere! Thank you :)

Love this article. I am what you call a Steemit "minnow" and fairly new to the community. I have received an amazing welcome from the Steemit family already! I am excited to explore and learn more from the community.

As a newbie in the Steemit space I have found this article of real use. Please keep articles like these coming! 😊👍

Great article and helpful - thankyou

This is great advice. Thanks!

Making great content is the tip for any media platform. :-)