Let's use Steemit to help people, let's really do it!!!

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Hey Steemers,

We all know Steemit has the potential to make great things, to make the difference. We all know that, we see posts getting to 1,000$ or 5,000$ or even 10,000$ in the trending section all days or almost. Some of those posts deserve it more than others, but that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is: let's use Steemit to make a difference. While I was browsing, this post of a Colombian guy linked here appeared on my main steemit page and called my attention. The title is "Please help me to be close to the person I love a upvoted not cost you anything". As I said, it's of a Colombian guy who's in love with a girl from Spain, an ocean of physical distance, but it doesn't affect their love (he says it himself).

[...]that apesar of the distance between the two it does not affect the love that you have, and that this woman loves you of the same form since you your it do it is incredible, but again the life fucks me, this one very far too much 8.149.97 km is between her and I, a complete sea divides us [...]

In 2 hours (as of now) his post has got 14 upvotes and 0.04$...

So I thought: let's do it! Let's help this guy, let's donate to him through upvotes and comments and let's help him to reach his girl! Let's show everyone what Steemit is and how much its potential is! Let's use it for good purposes.

I already upvoted and commented jeison's post. Will you?

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I read your post and I really liked your initiative, but after going to the link you shared, I didn't know if at I was reading was real or some troll making up this story as a real one hoping to grab some dollars.

Like I've said, I love your idea but you've picked the wrong horse to ride with.

Hope I didn't offend you, I'm just being honest and direct. Cheers!


No offense, I think that's a real story, many things make me think so: here in South America most of the areas are rural (like the one shown in the photos from the guy), that's one. Also, the broken English he speaks sounds really too natural to be faked. Being in love with someone on the other side of the world is nothing rare nowadays (it happened to me, personally!) and he's also promising to document what happens after he gets the plane ticket:

Only I have saved 150usd if I manage to complete the price of the passage, it it will buy and take photos of every step that dare to be near her, will record the moment that sees him for the first time and we will take photos together, and hare a post also in order that they see the record of every step that I gave so as to give her the best surprise that can have
To help costs anything to you an upvoted and a comment is alone

Now you can believe that guy or not, I didn't pick him over someone else (just in case someone is thinking of bad second intentions), his post just appeared on my main page and I wanted to help, and I think it's not a fake post, I told you the reasons here.

I hope the comment does not sound too direct, it's always hard to transmit a tone only via writing.

See you around,

Yes I agree with you @sharingtheworld, upvoting and re-steeming post to help others doesnt cause anything but it will have a big impact on someones heart.

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