Migrating to Cryptocurrency's on <a href="computersystemconsulting.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?site=CSC&page=MigratingToCryptoz" target="_blank">Computer System Consulting.ca</a>

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Migrating to Cryptocurrency's on Computer System Consulting.ca


Hi Steemers Thanks for viewing this post

We have been looking for some time in a way to reward users for entering content. Having discovered steemit! We are looking to add Cryptocurrency to our site.

First step is to add Cryptocurrency as a payment method such as PayPal. Not as easy as one might think. We use WHMCS as our billing software because of its integration into cPanel/WHM interface. This is the software our hosted user's use to interact with their hosted website. or reseller account.

incorporate into the CSC web application.

Next we will try to incorporate it into the core of the site. Doing so will allow all users to get paid for the content produced. Ever up vote will Get up for the entry regardless if you are the 'owner of the site' or a user.

There are many routes to taking advantage of this depending on your expertise and your available help. You now have two options at this time.

  • Use an others like steem. I will be adding depth to this in future posts
  • Create your own coin. Conversion should be easy. We kinda like this option as There is a limited amount of coins in any given currency. Interchangeability Is key to a cash based society. Which is leading to cash less one. This will unfortunately lead to the vast reduction of bean counters. Anticipating a roller coaster of programming here.

Each of these option come with a lot of setup and jargon.

Looking at obstacles to overcome

  • ease of conversion
  • Wallet installation for server. Most be compatible with each client installed wallet. Server needs to be compatable with most installed wallets.


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