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Welcome to ShadowBot Version 1.1 (Erebus)

As a member of ShadowBot you are now a Shadow Caster and enjoy all the great benefits of being part of our community! By joining ShadowBot you become part of our Shadow Pool, a group of Steemians who work together to promote good content, and grow together!

What is new?

  • NSFW Toggle
  • Updated Voting Power Management
  • Notifications
  • Auto Resteem
  • Limit up votes per Shadow Caster to 15 per week (option)

NSFW Toggle

Not Safe For Work or NSFW is a tag used to indicate a post may not be appropriate for all to view. You now have the ability to decide if you want to allow your account to upvote posts marked as NSFW. By default @ShadowBot does NOT up vote NSFW posts on your behalf. You may access this toggle inside the Settings tab of your account!

Updated Voting Power Management

ShadowBot now utilizes all Voting Power in the Shadow Pool. Voting occurs for all accounts every 5 hours OR when Voting Power reaches 100%, whichever occurs first. Approx. 2% Voting Power is used during each voting session, allowing for adequate time to recharge.


You will begin to see over the coming weeks/months more and more notifications generated by ShadowBot. You will have a full history of all notifications generated inside your account at all times! These will help you see insight into the more "inner workings" of ShadowBot and maximize your experience on Steemit!

Auto Resteem

You have the ability to set a threshold for automatically resteeming posts generated by Shadow Caster's that are above your desired Shadow Rank threshold. By default it is NOT on. If you would like to try out this new feature try starting with setting your threshold to 100% which ensures only the highest quality content is ever resteemed. Feel free to play around with the different levels until you find what works best for you!

Limit up votes per Shadow Caster to 15 per week

By enabling this option your account will only allocate 15 up votes every 7 days to any one particular Steemit Author ("Shadow Caster"). This option gives you more control over preventing spam and abuse and will go farther in the next release we are planning! Remember this is PER Shadow Caster NOT the total up votes you will be providing to the Shadow Pool!

Joining and learning more

FAQ: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php

Signup: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/signup.php

Thanks again everyone hope you enjoy this new release! If you have any questions/comments please feel free to share them!

[Updated to correct new defaults for resteem feature]


Resteeming 3 times in my blog was like Spam.

Please remove me from this group.

Nice you have reason you can change it going out of shadow changing your principal password or setting your menu on shadow here. https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/ , I changed my password

So is

Woohoo party! Erebus show us the way! Thanks for all the hard work and great tools!

This looks quite interesting. Im going to read a bit more about it in the faq.. but looks quite good!! Keep up the good work!


great post .... Thanks for all the hard work and great tools! upvoted

Thanks! We have more to do but we are on track! The core is solid now and we are confident as we grow we will identify the proper path we all collectively agree works best! Thanks again for being part of this!

So as an initial sceptic of @shadowbot I've been enjoying the past (7?) days of membership. I still haven't the foggiest what the graphs are telling me but it looks like there are some definite benefits to being a member. \o/

The graph is your Steem Power over time. Going Up is good =D

Mine seems to be permanently full, clearly I'm 'All Powerful'? I must find a small planet to rule. :-D

The dark side of the moon seems close enough for now to begin to conquer perhaps?

I'm invading Mars before you pesky humans get there and mess it all up for everyone. :-D

Just bring ShadowBot along! Computers are friends <3 Matrix and Terminator taught me this!

Damn! I posted the wrong link, it should have been the Evil Overlord list

Dropped my resteem to 80% we need to set the barrier to something achievable for sections of our little community imo. High achievers don't need help. :-)

We are working on the balance and ratio/algorithm. This is a BRAND new feature and the more input/feedback we get the more we can fine tune it! Thanks for being with us it is amazing to see how we are growing this all together!

Don't worry, I'll be the first to let you know when you're Doing it wrong. ^5 :-)

hahaha Just remember ShadowBot is Skynet! lol

Thank you for all the effort and time!

Thanks for being part of this growing project! Everyone's input is greatly appreciated and helps us guide this ship into the ultimate port we are all aiming to land in!

Thank you, I've registered and am trying to get use to the system still.

Thanks for joining. Take a look through the FAQ and previous posts here we have they will help with both ShadowBot and Steemit. If you have any questions or input do not hesitate!

Thank you very much

can you please delete me from @shadowbot.. I can't find where to delete my account. resteeming 3 posts in a row in our blogs it is not so nice!! thanks in advance!!

I am going to sign up right now. I have been coming across a lot of helpful content for curating and authoring post. I have great ideas that I want to blog about to network with other steemians. @cleverbot do you know about shadowbot

That you are clever.

Glad to have you aboard! Please do let us know any input you have both good and bad! We are here to serve the steemit community and need everyone's feedback to further expand what we have here! Thanks again!

How do you disable it if you no longer want to use it?

Simply change your keys. You can do that inside your wallet.

I dont see anywhere to change my keys in my wallet. This is all i see.
I like the app, its just for future reference so i know.

In wallet go to Password and reset your master password it will reset your account. I can also remove you manually if you like.

Nope, i was actually just curious, thanks for the assistance.

Glad to have you around! We just never want to make someone feel like we are hodling them hostage! Everyone is free to leave anytime they want! But while you are here feel free to let us know what we can do to make things better!

Can you please remove my account from shadowbot, I want to upvote stuff myself.

We removed you. Sorry to see you go! You should still change your keys for full security!

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