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RE: Welcome to ShadowBot Version 1.1 (Erebus)! [Official Public Launch]

in #steemit4 years ago

So as an initial sceptic of @shadowbot I've been enjoying the past (7?) days of membership. I still haven't the foggiest what the graphs are telling me but it looks like there are some definite benefits to being a member. \o/


The graph is your Steem Power over time. Going Up is good =D

Mine seems to be permanently full, clearly I'm 'All Powerful'? I must find a small planet to rule. :-D

The dark side of the moon seems close enough for now to begin to conquer perhaps?

I'm invading Mars before you pesky humans get there and mess it all up for everyone. :-D

Just bring ShadowBot along! Computers are friends <3 Matrix and Terminator taught me this!

Damn! I posted the wrong link, it should have been the Evil Overlord list

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