Simply change your keys. You can do that inside your wallet.

I dont see anywhere to change my keys in my wallet. This is all i see.
I like the app, its just for future reference so i know.

In wallet go to Password and reset your master password it will reset your account. I can also remove you manually if you like.

Nope, i was actually just curious, thanks for the assistance.

Glad to have you around! We just never want to make someone feel like we are hodling them hostage! Everyone is free to leave anytime they want! But while you are here feel free to let us know what we can do to make things better!

Can you please remove my account from shadowbot, I want to upvote stuff myself.

We removed you. Sorry to see you go! You should still change your keys for full security!

Thank you! I just want to upvote myself right now but I will try to use your service in the future!

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