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You may have noticed over the past few weeks in beta if you had less than ~500 SP you did not earn any curation rewards. You also notice by design steemit does not give you the slider "Power Bar" for voting until this point either. This is for a reason and we now adhere to it.

Starting now if you do not have over 500 SP all your votes will be cast at 100% power. This will ensure you receive curation rewards.


For those interested in the tech. Steemit calculates your rewards based on "Vests". When they consider your reward too small their algorithm rounds it down to 0, considering what they call "Dust". By forcing all Shadow Casters with less than 500 SP to always vote with 100% power, their rewards will no longer be rounded down!

More information and joining

Latest Release:



In conclusion, more earnings for all! Happy steeming!


Auto Resteem was Spammy!
You put 3 resteems right in my feed. Why would you do that?

Take me off this list.

Why i don't receive any upvotes?

It's a mystery to me too.

I have my voting power on 39 % beacouse i vote for shadow casters, but i don't recive any upvote fom shadow bot. @shadowbot why?

I would also like to be removed please!

Same here, please remove me aswell!

Folks. On the website on the left hand side you go to resteem and set it to off (Where it shows the %) Unfortunately i also got resteem spammed. Best thing you can do is to set it to off and it wont ever resteem on your behalf. Have a great day!

I tried to mute them, don't know where to block them or report them?! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

I get flaged for this kind of comment. Be careful.

These news are very good !! Thanks a lot!!

Glad to have you with us! We are just getting off the ground with the first public release and fine tuning everything the next few days!

Thank you! :D

Finally after losing out two weeks of curation rewards, it is good you decided this.

Was one of the big things asked for and decided upon as a needed upgrade for all! Thanks for being part of the beta it helped us grow the system greatly!

I hope Shadowbot will be profitable now.


Thats incredible, thanks for the new info! hopefully this will help us smaller steemians work our way up!

That is the mission! We are constantly growing and learning from eachother implementing and changing what we are to best benefit the community we are! Learning to earn together is our motto! Keep on steeming!

Thank you guys! I will be doing my part by adding valuable and origional content.

Glad to have you aboard! We are all growing together and it is great to see the feedback we get so we know how best to tailor things each update we make! Thanks for being part of this!

That's awesome so I will have a little more pull now. Now if I could just work on submitting content I would be good to go.

lol! just be yourself! Everyone loves you!

When you are new and under 50 rep or so, it is much more rewarding to comment more and post less. I do much more on commenting than posting. With only 2-4 posts a week I have 1400 followers and lots of interaction and learning going on. This is because I comment about 50 times a day and reply constantly.

I just wrote a post with many ways for us newbies to do better here in the beginning. Maybe some of these tips might help you too.

One of them is to use delegated steem as soon as you can afford it. I'm doing this now and so I am over the 500 sp limit even though I only have about 90 sp of my own. I'm sad to miss the 100% voting, but glad I made it to the other side!

thanks for sharing these tips i was wondering why i don't get much now with your post i hope will get better. thanks

You will! I promise. Keep in touch with me and use the checklist and just keep trying. Ask me a question anytime. I have faith you can succeed.

thank you for the tip as far as commenting

You're welcome. At least you are seen if you are on other, more popular posts :)

I fully agree with what you sayiing @fitinfun where is the social if you do not visit in person?

Learning what others are doing you soon learn to overcome your own mistakes and many of us have quite a few.

I enjoyed your post and am leaving comment here for others to go and read.

don't we all pal lol

I would use python to weight votes before I reached 500 SP. TIL why that may not have been my greatest idea due to rounding. Lol live and learn.

We originally were doing that and found curation rewards land up rounding down despite votes being cast and rewards being earned for the author. We opted for this solution going forward as it is in line with how does things. Thanks for the input!

Hi @shadowbot, I'm wondering why Im getting these "Claim Rewards" automatically, is this one of your feature? 😎😎

Hey, you're the first I noticed that mentions this too, I seem to be automatically claiming my rewards too, even 0.001 SP

Yes we auto claim all rewards for you. This ensures every trickle of SP you earn hits your accounts ASAP without you having to worry about it! This is a built in feature and benefit of being part of ShadowBot!

Hey, I don't want to claim every other 0.002 or so reward. Another feature I didn't know about and once more you make decisions that are ours to take. Please take me off the list. Thanks for your efforts.

Not sure how claiming your rewards harms you but okay we removed you.

Thanks for that, and also for replying. It does no harm but it floods my transactions-overview. As I said before: I appreciate your efforts, and good luck!

Just so you are aware that feature has been in effect since day 1 I don't see how it is now suddenly a problem for you please enlighten us. We have had this feature since day one...

I love that feature it's been around from before beta.

Our system will automatically claim any outstanding rewards your account has. As you may or may not know when you earn rewards, you actually need to click the "claim" button in your account. YAWN!! ShadowBot every hour looks at your wallet and auto claims them for all members! If you want to understand how ShadowBot can do this without having access to your funds please read our older post:

Yes we automatically every hour claim any outstanding rewards on your behalf which ensures your Steem Power and SBD is always redeemed and increasing even if you are not around.

Thanks for the information, it really a great help for us who have under 500 SP. I've been voting at 50% , now I have to adjust it to 100%.

Glad we could help! The more you learn the more you earn! As we say here Learn together Earn together!

Why i am on black list?

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