Big Upgrades Coming This Week! FVL Adjustments Begin!

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In order to stick with our core beliefs we are beginning the hike of the FVL. We will increase the FVL by 20 per day until we determine we reach a stable state again! The current FVL is 625 SP and will begin to increase each day. We are about to release a huge number of upgrades so stay tuned, we are about to become so much more than just a little bot!

Thank you again for everyone who is part of this system!


@shadowbot statistics on the dashboard are not shown (queue, latest votes).

Yes while we are transitioning to our new system we disabled most of the displays to ensure the dashboard would still load for all users. We felt this was a better trade off than nothing loading at all while we get the new platform online. The back-end (voting, following, claiming rewards etc) is still operating as normal minus the reward calculations. We are working hard to get the new platform up asap since fixing the current system would require more work than simply getting the next iteration out! Thank you for pointing this out to us, great steemians and casters like you are the reason we are able to do this!

@shadowbot really appreciate if you could help me understand fvl....and how the 20% perday increase going to affect thhe member. Fyi i am regular member since shadowbot starting

Can't wait to see what's in store. Thank you for your great service.

Found another problem.
Shadowbot just casted a vote on an expired post from @onealfa

This post:
And here is my vote way after payout.
Also there are getting way more shadowbot votes casted on those posts, because the pool priority is at 21.9 for this user.
I hope this is solved with the upgrade. 😅

Yes we have this in our next release, unfortunately updating our old release would require a backport since our next release is an entire re-write and that would require even more time than just getting the new system up. Thank you for the feedback we couldn't do this project without great steemians and casters like yourself!

It's okay then, just wanted to report that issue for the new version. Resources shouldn't be wasted for the old version and a backport, instead pushing the new one is the right way.
I'm seeing those lost votes on those post just as sunks costs.
Keep up that great work. 👍

Agreed thankfully it is limited only to new members and only for posts they had modified before we picked it up. Once a member is with us, we detect new posts within an hour so this issue only effects new members for a single post at most. We are glad you agree that moving forward not backporting is the best way to fix this since we have nearly completely re-written the entire system at this point!

I powered up 300sp a few days ago to bring myself closer to 625 before the deadline, but now it's going to rise each day. I love shadowbot and personally know a few other casters who are trying so hard to get over the FVL line. How much is it going to increase? Is my rank going to dip 1 per day? Are vote percentages going to keep being halved every few weeks?

I just wish I could understand what the future holds, there seems to be a change every week. I want to be a good shadow user, but it is becoming less affordable. Some of my posts don't even receive votes, and I seem to cast much fewer votes too.

I trust you guys are doing what's best, but it's difficult to plan ahead when it keeps changing.

Yeah, I also purchased some Steem to power up and then boom, this update arrived.
Are we gonna keep our SB rank if we power up 1 Steem per week as Shadowbot stated in his previous post or our rank will decrease every day if we are under FVL?

Anyone over 625 SP (sorry we did not make this clear) will still retain their rank and there still is a grace period in effect that allows all to still earn. We will very reasonably apply any restrictions to rank increases or reductions. No one will be harmed by our changes who works hard and adheres to the program! We promise that!

Don't worry we have a system design in place to ensure EVERY good steemian/caster with us earns well! We are not punishing people by raising the FVL, it in fact is quite the opposite. Please understand the balancing act of over 1800 members growing over 100 every week is not easy! We have members with over 100k SP and members with barely 10! This balancing act is not an easy thing to do given the limited resources we have. Our next iteration of the platform will begin to introduce a far greater control to our members and ensure even more fair allocation of votes to all!

Does the upgrade include delegated sp?

Yes all delegated SP is included in your total SP for FVL calculations.

Will the delegated abuse be fixed, another big SP user with a pool priority of 21.9 have over two thirds delegated out to other users...Really want to see this fixed.

I love shadowbot, but im sick of seeing this..

This week i've had the same problem with very few or low votes on my post and some days i'm sat on 100% VP for hours.
Yet this shadowbot post has over 1500 votes that all seem to be from the bot... looking at
This seems odd too

Thank you once again for doing what you do!!! I've been your number 1 fan ever since! Thank you for all that goes on behind the scenes

We are super excited about what is coming the next few months and wouldn't be here without amazing steemians like yourself!

Is there going to be some cool awesome name for the next update? :D

Elysian Fields

Congratulations @shadowbot!
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