Today @sequentialvibe One Year Anniversary On Steemit - Wow! My Story and Celebration in pictures and text.

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Thank you to everyone who has been part of my Steemit experience and supported me. It has been a strange journey for me, but incredibly rewarding.

I struggled with how to do this post so I am going to take you on a journey though my first year experience. Don't worry....there will be lots of images and not too much to read.

One year ago today my account was approved. I went out and bought 200 Canadian dollars worth of Bitcoin. I then immediately converted it to Steem. There was an ICO (EOS?) going on so there was a delay with @blocktrades. I freaked out because it looked like the money was lost. I found a phone number for @blocktrades (I am resourceful like that) and a guy answered "yah?". I was like what the....but he sorted me out and was awesome to me. Very helpful and reassuring.

I hadn't used social media since I had a My Space @sequentialvibe page for music back in the day. I have greatly disliked the social media revolution. My goal was an investment only because I thought decentralized publishing was the future.

Bitcoin didn't do was just a currency. Steemit represented something!

Reveal: I am a former digital publishing project manager and have dealt with BIG DATA since the beginning of WEB 1.0.

@kittyandcheese and I dropped out of the corporate world to live a more meaningful life a few years back. I really had no intention to blog.

I met this guy at our community garden. @raymonjohnstone turned out to be a crypto guru from my perspective. He suggested I blog on Steemit. He advocated it as being worthwhile.

I analyzed Steemit and saw money money! I clearly didn't get it. I was amazed someone could blog about their trip and make $100! Or post a stupid picture and make $500. What the heck?

What did I do? I posted and posted and posted what I saw as successful. Nothing happened. It made no sense to me!

So I started posting what I know ... about cool tech articles I found. I read a lot of them.

Hmmmm a couple more cents but nothing. I also got Cheetah after me quite a bit. I am sure I am blacklisted all over Steem for this!

So I chilled out and only posted once in a while and sometimes binged posting a lot of junk....a lot!

Last fall Steemit was crippled by DDOS attacks and I pretty much gave up using it. I powered down. Got burned on the price because it went way down!

Something BIG happened to me personally. I went to a doctor because I couldn't sleep anymore and had incredible anxiety. He did a test and I was diagnosed with PTSD. This was a good thing!

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

The diagnosis explained so much. I had stopped working and really isolated myself. So much of how I was could be explained by this.

I started healing myself!

I saw a post about someone getting an @blocktrades Steem Power delegation and thought it was interesting. I started learning about them and did a lot of commenting. This was in December. My comments were upvoted more than any post I ever did! What the? One in particular became a huge mentor: @broncnutz and he was generous with the upvotes and taught everyone a lot about supporting each other. He said - one post a day and lots of comments.


Thank you @broncnutz!

I finally figured out what Steem was about after SEVEN MONTHS of junk posts! I can't tell you how many YouTube videos and things I didn't create I posted links to.

With my new found enthusiasm, I started earning and most importantly GETTING A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE thanks to Steem. Also, I started to feel better about myself and I feel Steem has been part of my healing process.

My partner @kittyandcheese started blogging and writes some amazing stories!

I started recruiting friends who were into crypto like: @evileddy, @zekepicklemen, @vanessav and the #cryptopub was born!

I met some really cool and awesome supportive people: @overkillcoin @alexbeyman @borepstein @brian-rhodes @bryan-imhoff @drewley @drumoperator @edje @funkit @gracelbm @kaliju @kawaiipower @khaleelkazi @modernzorker @musamalijames @oldschoolrepair @olyup @otage @perceptualflaws @qsounds @taskmaster4450 @wakeupworldnews @whatsup .... and so many more. Sorry if I missed you!

Now I use Steemit everyday and perhaps too often!

I am an electronic musician and Dsound on the Steem platform has got me writing music every day of the week! I love it. It gives me purpose! I have yet to get the elusive @dsound upvote, but I am hopeful and am consistently getting my chops back and developing my own sound again.

I am now living in one of the coolest times of my life!

Here's the RUB Steemians. Steem may be technology, but STEEM is PEOPLE POWERED!

I am a music lover so I speak to you with this video titled "We Are the People" by Empire of the Sun. It says it all. Let this next year bring us all great interactions and prosperity!

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I have yet to get the elusive @dsound upvote

This is all I am currently living for. Great post and congrats on the anniversary!

You just made me laugh big true true!

Congratulations, Amazing Dirk Galaxy! You are always a star system ahead of the rest of us. All of your success is well deserved. xo Kitty Nebula

Thanks you @kittyandcheese. That means galaxies of smiles to me!

Every morning I go out and throw my hands to the sky and thank Zorg that you showed me this place. I have met so many awesome people, made literally zero money (no dollars in pockets) but am building another self made business. I too spend a bit too much time here but it is on my clock and I too believe in the platform and what it can do for my family.

Money doing stuff you love has got to be part of the rehab and so will be the music we create together online. Lets do this!

Thanks again for the guidance and being a STEEMit mentor yourself.

I haven't heard from @broncnutz in a while! ;)

Zorg and I appreciate the praise! Great to have you here my friend!

Wait.......I thought you WERE Zorg.

I thought you were Xorg! Who is this Zorg then?

You are literally one of the first through the door at the #cryptopub and I certainly would not have enjoyed my time here as much without you.

Good luck with your Canadian CryptoPub and I will take franchise fees in the form of your generous resteeming and upvoting!

The Block chain has so many oppostunities we haven't even thought of yet and I am sure you will be the first to discover them and pass them on happily as you have done in the past.

All the best. Lets get you to (60) ASAP so you can swim with the big fish!


The Pub will never be the same now that I arrived! Working on the 60 for sure! Anything after that is gravy!

Thanks for your support.

Congrats on the milestone! I always enjoy your posts and comments. I'll be at one year next month.

Right on and thanks! I look forward to your posts as well. Where else would I find out about the Neo Geo replica! I briefly owned a Neo Geo in the 90s and sold it when I couldn't afford any cartridges!

I am lucky to have met @Sequentialvibe about a year ago and he introduced me to the world of blockchain tech and it helped me move past some dark times and see the shiny bright light of a digital revolution going on around me! Now I'm part of it!

Shoutout to @zekepickleman for being the guy who introduced us and came up with the idea of a decentralized pub called cryptopub fueled by his lust for beers!

I am glad we journeyed over the past year together on this Space Crypto Madness! It has truly given us purpose!

congrats on the 1 year :)

I can't thank the brains behind the steem network enough, their idea is really helpful to all and i have never regretted being a part of these journey. Although its not been long i came on in here, like 3 months back and i am currently experiencing the same fate you faced in your early days on steemit. All the same, i just can't find myself quitting just like because of the different motivational stories i read everyday since i came onboard, not excluding this particular article you @sequentialvibe just dropped here. Finally, i would like to congratulate you on your 1 year anniversary here. I know it wasn't an easy one but you kept on pushing till you reached the level that you are now. Once again congratulations to you

Thank you for the encouragement! I also appreciate you giving me a glimpse into your experience. Best advice....have fun and be yourself!!!

Congrats! I hope you heal fully :)
I always recommend to post what you enjoy most for fun when getting started. And commenting and interacting is the second one which you know already ^^
I admit I've been following your commens on @overkillcoin 's posts which is why I read this post now xD
Good luck!

Thanks for dropping by! I have a blast reading @overkillcoin's posts and commenting on them!

Amazing content.....i really like it......keep it up bro.....pls fams help me upvote and comment in my new in this steemit family.....thank u and remain blessed.