Steem and SBD Price Check 💹 SELL SBD AND POWER UP 🔋

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I rarely talk cryptocurrency for the sake of crypto, but lately have you seen the crazy spike in STEEM? Can someone enlighten me here, was this a pump or what? I mean hey it's worth way more now like if you haev SBD now is a great time to transfer it into STEEM and power up because of the different in price 2.06 and 2.68 (as of 5:56 AM EST).

I'll just bring up the charts for them an briefly talk about each then I'm really interested to hear from all of you about this, I have been so busy I haven't had the time to really dig into it myself.


Right now STEEM is at $2.07 USD but went all the way up to $2.45 in the last 24 hours with some crazy volume

Having bought like 400 STEEM when it was $1.50 I feel pretty great. I invested it into power. Now I'll look at the SBD charts and show you why it's ideal to power up using your SBD at the moment.

Steem Dollars (SBD)

Right now SBD is at $2.68 USD and earlier it was all the way up to $3.19.

While obviously SBD is always typically higher than STEEM I've suggested powering up with extra SBD just because it's a wider gap than usual. PFFFFT please, 24 hours ago STEEM and SBD were both $1.50 so now if you have SBD and sell into STEEM you will have a huge gain which again is why I'm making this post! If I had extra SBD I would, and if you do, you should!


This was short and I didn't have much insight to give on why STEEM has been doing what it has been doing, however I do think it's important people are aware and make good use of this opportunity .

So anyways I know this was a short little article today don't worry I am also drafting up another to drop early when I get up in about 8 hours. Feel free to share your thoughts and reasoning for the change and what you plan to do about it.

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Congrats, you made the @dtube #steemitminute for today!

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Eyy thanks, will check it out now


Appreciate the support!

I am new to Steemit and to blockchain entirely. This article helped me understand when it might be advantageous to power up (when i do have SBD someday). Thanks for the tip.


Well I mean it's more in the moment / depending on the price. However I always advise powering up as you earn daily compounding interest on your SP

Become a new passion for insvestor to conduct transactions in healthy

I agree with you,we don't know about the price now,sometime it's rise and sometime it's to solve this problem as you said "sell SBD to power up".


While the opportunity is there at least right

I think we have to often check the price everyday,because the price always have change.sometime I bit upset about it.
Commonly I got 0.01 from each your upvote and today I don't get any,but it's no matter because it's may be influenced by the price in market cryptocurrency,
By the way...I always follow you, upvote and resteem,because you always have interesting post.


Yeah but today there is a such a big gap in SBD and STEEM that if you have SBD you can make a big profit from converting


Thank you for the information,but however I only have 0.04 SBD in my wallet now,so it's impossible for me to convert it.


fair enough eh

I've put about 16 of my videos on dtube but now dtube won't let me post any more...any idea why?


I've not heard of that happening yet, please report it in the discord!

Its good that you brought this up. I was in the discord channel when some on the friends I have online urged us to power up. With my pathetic SBD, I only afford to purchase 1 And so I did, and power up instantly. That's my first of buying activity here.. Perhaps you can explain why should one do it in details as I myself is unsure. I just follow the herd. Thanks for sharing @scottcbusiness!


Well 24 hours ago, STEEM and SBD were both about 1.50.

Now SBD is like 0.60 more than STEEM meaning FOR NOW ONLY you get way more STEEM for your SBD. So if you have any lying around and convert it, you will end up with significantly more for powering up


Thanks to you I manage to sneak in another . Phewww...I'm officially poor


Haha good stuff

not relly understood what you meant


SBD is more valuable than STEEM is you sell your SBD you can power up more economically


this article explains how :)

that's true of what you say and I really agree with you, we do not know about the current price, sometimes up and sometimes low. So to solve this problem as you say "sell SBD for power"


Well it's not a problem just a great opportunity right now if you have a lot of SBD to sell to STEEM. It was way up before when I wrote this. It's still 50 cents above, so might as well.

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Nice post
I like the idea of give away.

keep it up bro....
it is so nice....