Why ReSteem is a two edged sword

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So, the last week has been a lot of talk regarding the new ReSteem function introduced to the page. Looking trough the archives it's quite funny to see that someone actually wrote about this functionality being missing over a month ago.

Followers are the fourth currency

This function can be a great success for someone that is small, new to the platform, and don't have that many followers. If they get ReSteemed by someone that writes regarding the same topics and has quite some followers it could mean that this user will get much more attention. Instead of giving you a share of their Steem, they give you exposure to THEIR followers, and that is a great trust.

But a smaller user can also have some great utility of this function. If you're small and writes about something specific, many of your users will be interested in reading things about this and ReSteeming post from others with the same content will hopefully give you more followers. You will not earn Steem or SBD but rather Followers.

The new "currency" on steemit (and has always pretty much been) are Followers. But right now it's much more obviously.

Sharing is Good, But Caring is Better

But there is a two edged sword situation here. You shouldn't ReSteem EVERYTHING that you find. Your followers are following YOU, not someone else. They may find other posts on the same topic very interesting tough, and that's what you're aiming for here. Me, I write about Gridcoin and will most likely not share many posts about baking or skydiving. I will probably ReSteem things regarding Gridcoin, Computer Science and Cryptocurrency.

Use With Caution, Powerful tools available

This new feature is very powerful and should be used with great care. If you are not careful it will end up destroying your reputation, declining followers and less exposure. Remember that your success is made by your followers and they are the ones you should care for. Never think you are big enough to not care about that. Great success takes a very long time to build, but can be destroyed in a second and takes forever to rebuild.


I figured out some time ago that followers are extremely valuable assets. I have nearly got 300 now, and it is a permanent policy of mine to follow back everyone, and this also allows me to spot stuff from those who have followed me, and upvote it, or resteem it, and now I have a situation where I rarely get less than 30 votes for every post I make. This is just based on my policy of engaging as much as I can with those who like what I do.

I am now also looking into the issue of how reputation scores are calculated, and what raises them, as well as, now, I am going to start looking at the steemwhales lists of big SP holders, and find the ones I like, and start engaging with them with intention and thoughtfulness. I can almost count on any post I have put even a few minutes of thought into, winning 30 votes right off the bat, but the value of these faithful fans who upvote me, is small. I don't mean that to disparage them at all, I just need to refocus and start to get some more, more powerful voters following me, and that means finding out who of them I like, and what they like.

Irony... I resteemed :P

Hehe :D Well, you are posting mainly about steem, chains and currencies, so I think you are the best one to resteem about this :)
Thanks fuzzy.

I know! I did too!

Really, though I don't have enough time to read posts of contributors I follow.

Resteeming can get profit both author and resteemer. When your friends like this post author get rewards and you can get notice from other peoples and may increase your follower numbers.

You will also post someone elses views on things and say you stand behind them. That's why I call it a two edged sword 😀

Thank you for your valuable advice

Now i will be more thoughtful in resteeming

Can you guide how can i increase my follower quickly

This is exactly why I made a second account, to post specifically on a few select topics while my main account (this one), I post what ever so interests myself.

This is very true. It's one of the reasons why I stopped resteeming people stuff until there is a second tab for only that users blogs available. There should be an "ALL" tab that has that users blogs and everything they resteemed. Then there should be a tab with the users name that only has there blogs. Once this feature is added I will start resteeming.

steemit is open source so it is highly possible to do this and if you have a better experience than steemit you could get all that traffic.

This is also very true......too bad I do know how to make coding to add to open source. What do you mean by

if you have a better experience than steemit you could get all that traffic.
I don't understand. I love steemit so I dont want something else. I would just like this feature to be added.

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I totally agree - it is indeed a double edged sword -
I follow certain people and what they resteem has helped me get informed on things that I missed out when I was away.
It could indeed hurt you, too and followers are very important - they boost your blogs and more of them feels like more pat on your back for the articles you've published.

I 'm going to wait for the separate folder for the resteem I read from a blog that was resteemed by a dolphin I follow that solution to that is on the way.

thanks for mentioning me !

offcourse, you minted the expression :D

Does anyone know of any third party apps or anything that function like the Instagram Follower app? This would be really helpful to see who has followed me back and so on. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

I've created a Python script, Steem Watcher, that you can read about here. It's open-source on GitHub and free to use and improve. I use it daily to monitor things like follows for example.

You do have to use it on a server or machine that runs 24/7. I might add this as a service on my server for people who don't have that however.