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RE: هل يمكن ان احقق ارباح حقيقة في منصات ستيم؟هل الموضوع خدعة؟

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@rakoo يا نجاح باهر! تحليل كبير نحن فخورون بك حقا ، أن لديك الكثير من البساطة التي يمكن أن تولد قوة الدافع ضخمة ...
أنا من أشد المعجبين بك !!! قضاء بعض الوقت في ترجمته وقراءته آسف ... مقال جيد جدا ، كل شيء جيد جدا وشرح التفكير ... يرجى تقديم المشورة لتحسين كل منهما الآخر.
s @sbanerjee0017 (شيامال بانيرجي [العمر: 62] كولكاتا ، الهند) ✍
@rakoo Oh wow! Great Analysed We are really proud of you, That you have so much simplicity which can generate huge motivation power...
I am a big fan of yours!!!!Spend time translate it and reading sorry for...Very good article, all very well explained and even thoughtful ...!Please give advice for betterment of each other.
@sbanerjee0017 (Shyamal Banerjee[Age:62] Kolkata,INDIA)✍


Dear @sbanerjee0017 or I would like to say Mr.Banerjee, Thanks for your inspiring comment and I apologize for making this post hard for you to understand moreover I appreciate your effort for translating and reading my post.
However there are some mistakes if you used google translator, Thus my colleague @ehabakhdar will publish this post in English translation soon, nevertheless, I am so happy to follow you and to invite you to Join RAKOOBOOSTER as your posts present good quality content and it will add a respectable value to our group.

Your Frind Rakoo from Jeddah Saudi Arabi

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