Join Rakoobooster and get %100 upvoted for free, if you are a minnow or a plankton this is what you are looking for

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RAKOOBOOSTER is a %100 free member group that upvotes minnows and plankton by gathering members voting power and upvoting each member posts in order or in other word it is a free promoting method for your post.
Once you become a member and submit a post you will be %100 upvoted by the whole group + curation reword and up to 5 posts per day.

Simply follow RAKOOBOOSTER at and you will be upvoted for your posts and up to five posts per day.
Save your SBD,STEEM and do not pay anything to promote your post, just join RAKOOBOOSTER upvoting group, all you need to do; is to complete some simple steps and become a RAKOOBOOSTER member.

What do Rakoobooster offer?

  • %100 grunted more upvotes to your posts.
  • %100 More followers.
  • %100 Extra earnings for your posts.
  • Supporting group of friends, which means more comments and discussions in to your post.
  • %100 Rapidly reputation increase.
  • %100 curation rewards.

How to join Rakoobooster

1- Open an acount at, when you reach home page; at the bottom of the screen make sure that your voting power setting is %70 and less than your actual voting power, after that click on curation trail.
2- go to Search for a trail: and type rakoo then follow RAKOOBOOSTER.


after that you need to click on setting
3- Then follow the same stting as per the below figure and make sure to adjust voting weight to 100.

Congratulations you are now a member please give us up to 48 hour to confirm and activate your membership.


Who is eligible to join Rakoobooster, is there any requirements?

Yes there is some requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to be a member of this group, as at this point it is free to join, but the below requirements are necessary to be applied.
1- All members must be active and productive as at least you should do minimum one post per week.
2- You can chose any topic but it should be your own work and plagiarisms work is not accepted and the user will be removed from the funbase list of Rakoobooster.
3- All posts should have a decent content as for example; short posts or photograph or youtube post are not accepted and user will be removed from the funbase list of Rakoobooster.
4- Members at lest should have a value of $50 of steem power or more and users who are below this amount; they could be accepted if thy have a decent content post and have a recommendation form outer members.
5- Other conditions and terms will follow and to be added after starting this project.

"Please leave Steemauto if you don't understand how it works or what it does. You could harm your Steem account if you change settings that you do not understand."

For more details, please read"Evolving from Minnow to Dolphin with Rakoobooster, we can do it with the assistance of" Link


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Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

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