Steem is back up on the bull run!!

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With the market exploding and all, steem seems to keep going up and up. We might even get to see $1,80 in a week or so! With this segwit boom, the cryptos are at their all-time high market cap, and I think this may be just the begining for STEEM! I'm pretty hyped up about this, it looks incredibly bullish!

7 days chart

Source: coinmarketcap


Yes I guess that the new upgrades comming up have created a FOMO , I sure feel it

Definitely. I mean, STEEM was more than 2 times it's current price at it's all-time high, and right now, the market cap is also sitting on it's all time high. I think we'll see STEEM go up more and more in these following days .It's been following this pattern for a week already, and it shows no signs of stopping!

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I read we are currently at 1% of the population knowing about the crypto space. Once we hit 2% and then a few weeks later 3%, it will be astronomical. This is only the beginning. Hope they are right!

^ This

The crypto space is still a baby. It's an innocent little baby full of all the goodness and freedom that humanity ought to be.

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