Steemit 101 - Use of tags

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This episode of Steemit 101 we are going to talk about tags and how to find and use the best tags.

It's easy when you know how

So tags are a bit daunting when you start out in Steemit, I know I didn't have a clue what to tag my posts, I didn't know about popular tags or trending tags etc. When you write an amazing post and publish it on Steemit you want to make sure it reaches the right audience depending on the content you have written and you want to make sure that tag is popular to get the most traffic to your post.

You can of course tag your content with anything you like but if the tag you choose isn't popular nobody will see it beyond the new feed on the main page which often fills up so quickly your post has vanished before anybody even sees it.

The rules of tags:

  • Must all be written in lower case
  • You can have up to five tags per post
  • The first tag you enter will be the main tag

Pick the most popular tags for your content

First thing to do is consider the type of content you are publishing for example a picture of a mountain, now you need to consider what the content is about and find the most popular tags for that content. The easiest way to find this out is to check the trending topics on Steemit.

For this example I'm using Steemit mobile but you should be able to find the same things on the desktop version.

Guide to trending topics

  • First you want you tap the Steemit icon in the top left of your screen.


  • Next tap the little triangle on the right of the screen to bring up the trending topics.


  • Finaly scroll through these topics to find the topics that best suit your article and use these tags.


Now you will be tagging your article with the tags that will give your post the most traffic in the case of my picture of a mountain I would select photography as my main tag followed by nature life art blog as these are all trending topics that relate to my post.

Do not tag your posts with popular tags that don't relate to your content just because its poular you will annoy other steemians looking for a certain type of content.

If I just put up random tags like 'mountain' as the main tag although it does relate to my post nobody is actively looking for 'mountain' as a tag so it would get no additional traffic. You want to publish your post in the new feed which happens automatically anytime anything is posted and will get a few looks then the five tags that the post relates to so if someone checks that tag to see whats posted you're getting additional traffic.

Once you realise what the poular tags are you'll no longer need to check the topic list but for now I suggest you check the most popular tags to help you get the most traffic directed at your posts.

That's it for tags, I hope you found this helpful and if you want any more help on other areas of Steemit check my previous help blogs:

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