Austin Steemit Meetup Recap - Steem School, Crypto Class, and Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims(Donating liquid rewards for this post to the new Steemit Harvey Relief Fund!) And first Dtube Video!

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We met at 7pm at Cenote's in Austin, TX last night and had food and drink while we discussed Steemit and Crypto! I had an incredible time with all the great people at the meetup!

It was so great to see friends I've made from the last meetup and even meet a Steemian I've been talking to since I began my Steemit journey a year ago, @instructor2121! And he told us that he plans to come to the monthly meetups from now on!

Huge thanks to @xtrodinarypilot, @instructor2121, @pushiing.truth , and @lindseylambz for dropping knowledge and all the awesome inquisitive people who showed up ready to learn and talk crypto!

Meetup Recap

As expected we had a great mix of experienced Steemit users and people new to Steemit. Each speaker gave a presentation and then fielded questions to the point it became a conversation that I had to eventually break up so the next speaker could begin.

1. Signing in and Introductions

After signing in and introducing ourselves, some of us ordered food and drinks as we began to chat with each other.

2. @Xtrodinarypilot Succeeding on Steemit

@xtrodinarypilot gave a great talk with tips about how to do well on Steemit using things like and Discord. He emphasized making genuine content and using the chat rooms for networking and getting more involved on Steemit.

I was having so much fun in the awesome group discussion didn't take hardly any photos. I was lucky to get these from @lindseylambz

3. @instructor2121 Steemit School

The instructor schooled us all about Steem, Steem Power, Steem Backed Dollars, and how and other apps like Steepshot, DTube, Zappl, and others are being built on top the Steem Blockchain.

At this point we seperated into 2 groups so @instructor2121, @xtrodinarypilot, and @lindseylambz could continue explaining in detail the answers to all of the new users questions about Steemit/Steem and @pushing.truth and I could talk about crypto in general to the people who were interested in our topics.

4. @post.apocalyptic Getting into Bitcoin

@post.apocalyptic made a great presentation about buying and storing bitcoin that was an excellent supplement to his post about it -

5. @richardcrill Crypto TradingClass

I basically explained in more detail my recent post about Fundamental and Technical analysis for Crypto Trading. In the photo I am explaing in detail how to trade with The Blade Runner Strategy as I was showing how to read price charts and change the settings for the indicators on,, and to benefit from the main indicators like simple and exponential moving averages, the MACD, and RSI Stochastis.

6. Free t-shirts!

I almost forgot to give away the free t-shirts so at this poin't I quickly gave them away picking meetup members randomly off of sign in sheet.

7. General discussion

We had such a great time chatting away. after the presentations, that we were at Cenote's until the closed.

Party continues at Brew & Brew

We kept the tradition alive of walking as a group to the Beer/Coffee Bar that Stays open later than Cenote so we could keep the conversations going.

Raising Steem for Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houston

A special thing happened last night at the meetup. Strong on our minds were the people we know in Houston that are having a hard time recovering from Hurricane Harvey.** When I picked up the T-shirts from the printer right before the meetup, I ended up having a long conversation with him about the devastation in Houston, as he is from there and just moved to Austin a couple months ago.

At the meetup I started talking to @xtrodinarypilot about it because he lives in Houston and has already been helping the efforts that are going on to help people in need. @bitcoinparadise actually reached out to me on discord to let me know that @thejohalfiles was interested in supporting an effort to help people in need of help to recover from the hurricane.

His post about Hurrican Harvey before the relief fund was set up: Donating to Hurrican Harvey Shelter Houston Needs

Today, @xtrodinarypilot has already set up the fund we talked about last night at the meetup. The steemit account to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims is @harveyrelieffund

My first DTube Video!

I've been waiting for over an hour for my vlog about the meetup and the relief fund to upload to DTube, so I decided to go ahead post the video with youtube!/v/richardcrill/dypruklm
After crashing while trying to upload the vlog several times I decided to post it on youtube and put this little gem on DTube.

It's awesome to see these crypto communities coming together to change the world for the better!

@lindseylambz has already made a post recapping the meetup as well so please check it out:

Come find out more and talk to us on the Austin Steemit Community Discord Channel

The liquid rewards from this post will be donated to the @harveyrelieffund

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Love seeing what the power of Steem can do. Thanks to everyone's effort in to the platform and to help those in need out in Houston.

power of steemit is unmeasureable

Lets vote it up guys! Rewards will go towards Hurricane Harvey Relief!

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Hey @richardcrill this is great to see everyone coming together! great job buddy!

Thank you @steemitqa!

Great updates. I'd feel better hearing more stories coming out of you guys in Austin, about developments in the aftermath of Harvey. This is a perfect opportunity for Steemians to use this platform for some good.

Thanks, expect to hear more!

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i'm so happy to see old steemit users like you and your friends are co-operating together to make the world better and I'm waiting for the video on DTube
I'll be so glad to join you on the discord channel
keep your good work and you friends' as well up

Thank you @hatemmkh

Sure that that meeting with those great people will have a very positive results and it's big honor to have a friend on this community like you trying to help others and want to change the reality into better place

Thanks @hatman! There are so many awesome people in this community!

I would be more happier more than I'm if I was a member of this great meeting because I really want to help those victims and however I'm new here, I will do my best to help.
I wish also If I could have a t-shirt too and I will join your discord channel with all the pleasure.
you are really great mate @richardcrill

Thanks @mr-dreamer

My trending parody for this post is up here! Enjoy! :)

busview copy.jpg

gave you upvote and 100% on my slider ..wish it was more ..great you are helping others... I am from Texas and am glad right now i am not in Houston. Resteemed!

Thank you @rebeccabe!

DriveSavers are offering hurricaine Harvey victims free data recovery of wet phones and hard drives

I love the idea of Steemit meetups- I've hosted two now, but you guys do it monthly? Not a bad idea!

Steem is magic itself

i am new here, and this was the first post read. really cool what you guys did.
all the best from Oktoberfest-City Munich, Germany.
Keep it up guys

Great job! We need be a helping hand to those affected. It does not matter whether you're black or white - accord love and unity, one race one big family.


this is really very helpful colleague. Thank you friend.

I am from del mar ca i would love a steemit group here in san diego north county..i need to learn all about it, i have never made a video on youtube or any where,@bradley200

your post is very nice, full pack of knowledge and very attractive :-)

Thank you!

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It's great to see all of you coming together to help those in need. Thanks for all of your help.

you're welcome!

to all those affected by the hurricane, our prayers goes to you and your families

This is very kind and I hope the results will be very positive.

That's really amazing. :)

Well done, keep up the good work guys/gal. Thank you for sharing.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

Thank you! we will :)

when will the next one be? I'm looking at spending a couple months in Austin.

Next month, probably towards the end of the month. I will try to get it announced ASAP.

Thank u for sharing love seeing Steemians connect and strategize.

You're welcome. I love seeing it action!

That place looks awesome and you look like a really great, down-to-earth bunch of people. Even better that you guys are using the account to donate to the victims of the storm in Texas.

Yeah, it really made it a lot of fun and it's really cool to see the community come together to help out!

Great meet up and great post. How good you're helping the Hurricane victims. We're still amazed that they are helping people out of their homes even now. What a shame for all and great credit to the Texans and everyone that helped. Thank you for a good post about a positive subject - Steemit.

There is so much damage and devastation it is going to take a lot time, money, and effort to recover. At the moment there is a gas shortage making prices spike. Even in austin gas stations are running out of gas. Thanks for the comment.

Dear richardcrill my pleasure to comment on such a worthy cause. How do I donate and do I have anything to donate with? I'm so new here. Back on line at 7 a.m. London time. Best Wishes JV

Make a post->earn steem->make a steem or sbd donation (transfer) to @harveyrelieffund

You got my upvote for the relief fund!

A Great initiative and a great team as I see. I Hope everything turns fine soon! A big embrace from South America.

Followed rick! Good post. I relate. I lost my car in that hellish storm. I am sure glad the sun came back out!

That has to be an unprecedented storm. A most usual one for sure. In my exactly 30 years on Earth I have never heard of that much rain!

It was crazy from what I saw. the way it kept hitting land then going back the water to recharge then hitting land again... devastating! You lost your car! I'm sure that's crazy story. I heard Houston has gotten about 60 inches of rain!

Steemit School!!! I love it.
Good turn out.

I has read, follow, upvote and resteem your post , nice posting brother, i will be back, thanks

Thank you!

Did @post.apocalyptic share other cryptocurrency to buy besides Bitcoin during the meetup?

During the crypto trading segment we talked about several other altcoins, but not in much detail. I am considering doing a meetup soon that might include an altcoin segment that would definitely at least hit on some coins like Bitshares, Golos, EOS, etc

Thanks @richardcrill, I will check out these 3 coins.

looks like you guys had a great meetup. i have fond memories of austin over several years for SXSW ;)

Great to see man all of you making Steemit an upcoming crypto currency. I hope we will make it a powerful currency in the future...

This is really great to see. Reach one teach one 10x fold!!

Awesomeness!, Hope to join some of you sometime!

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I am an Austenite myself and would love to get involved with your Steemit community here! Spreading the word is critical. Everyone should have a Steemit account. We need to abolish the centralized data gatekeepers such as twitter, Facebook, instagram, and more. Great work y'all!

We would love to have you! I will be scheduling another one soon for the end of September.

We stared to change the world, steps by steps, great job

I think its wonderful and amazing that our upvotes can help people around the globe like victims of Harvey and others. I'm sitting here in my pajamas actually making a difference in the world! Thanks Steemit!

very nice

wow awsome. am steemian to.
i am from indonesia. aceh
i hope you are can join with us to indonesia. and make meet up for international @richardcrill @abu.amann 😂

guys Your dowing realy good job

hello brother
follow me
lets help each other :)

nice party..

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Bittrex would be one way

nice one upvote me

i like it

@ richardcrill love your post upvoted and resteem your post.,,kindly see this post also i want to help some user here at steemit he got a potential to be a great poet..hope we give him a chance to prove him self as stemians on this community,,kindly see his [email protected]

Good 👍👍

Hey man, love this post and the support you are giving the people, please also check out this post by @pieterb3 for getting funds to help pay for children's school fees. (Sorry for posting this on you blog but just thought you might be interested.)

Very nice picture

Nice post in the Party continues at Brew & Brew

Cooling likes

Stay strong, and know that God is #ALWAYS by your side! (Especially through the toughest of times.) :D

amazing people and great community

The beautiful peolpe ,steem have a beautiful friends like a family happy to see yours, love ,respect,peaceful life from india

Thanks for making a difference Austin family! We are shifting into the new paradigm with ease <3

I still do not understand about Dtube.

Awesome dude, followed. Austin is an awesome town for partying.

Ai like ol post

I would love to attend if you have another one of these! Would also like to have a workshop here at my gym if there is any interest in teaching.

It was such a great meeting. I'm so glad to hear you're already setting something up to help Harvey victims. It's so heartbreaking over there. :(

Looks like lots of fun!)

This must have been a very fruitful meetup and a lot learned on the crypto front! @richardcrill

Wonderful post. appreciation for your efforts! Enjoy my vote & Following.

Hi, I read your Inspiring article. I'm new here and I don't know how steemit work actually I made this article It's just my story. Can you have alook on it and help me to improve on this?

Nice post!

mind blowing keep it up. see how to use stop limit in bittrex

Really compact

Help to collect 1 million for the travel with the likes xD

Is resteeming in the offing?

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this is a good work of donating the amount for people we are all sposed to help each other i am up voting you for this work @richardcrill

Awesome work 🙌

Aw. I just arrived in Austin and missed the meetup

There will be another one in a month!

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it is very happy to meet frends

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

I Like Alll post...!!

I would like in the near future to be able to count on a team like yours. The minds that move the world are not only the minds that have monetary power only with something simple you can

Thanks to everyone's for your effort

Great People's god love those who love other

Wow ,nice Party

awesome . I respect men like you whose trying to help others .

Thanks for the recap. I couldn't help but note that YouTube and D-Tube are communing harmoniously for now. I can only wonder how long it will be before YouTube limits the number of D-Tube transfers.
Eventually D-Tube will work out the slow-downs, and give YT serious competition. It should be interesting.

Wow! Reminds me of the old days of tweetups