Austin Steemit Meetup for September + Ongoing Harvey Relief Efforts (Liquid Rewards go to @harveryreliffund)

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It appears that these meetups are going to be even more successful than I expected! Each month will be different but there will always be a mix of knowledgable, experienced Steemians and new, less experienced Steemians learning the ropes so we will always have time for questions and answers.


You're invited to the Austin Steemit Meetup for September

This Month

Steem School

Steem School will be in session again this month and probably anytime new users are present. At least one person will give a brief presentation about some aspects of Steemit followed by questions from group. I think @instructor2121 and @xtrodinarypilot still have a lot to teach us and I have talked to a couple HUGE Steemians that may be coming to one of the next meetups! But, no more details about that until confirmed.


Altcoin Talk

As usual the focus is on Steem and Steemit, but this month I have decided to have a small altcoin/trading discussion about a few coins that are connected to Steem. Topics will include Bitshares, Golos, and EOS

Planning the Future - Big Meetup

We will also begin to talk about the future plans for the Austin Steemit Meetup! As a group we will begin to brainstorm about a big meetup that will include groups that I have been talking to in the Houston and Dallas areas.

All three groups are small and just beginning so we will let them grow for a little while longer before we come together for a big party. I am thinking it will be at least Spring time until we throw a big Austin Steemit Party, but we will start planning now, to make it epic!


Questions or Comments on Any of these Topics? Come chat with us on the Austin Steemit Community Discord

Ongoing Efforts in Houston

Harvey may seem like old news with Irma already wreaking havoc in Florida, but the clean up and rebuilding efforts have only just begun in Texas. @xtrodinarypilot has been putting the @harveyrelieffund to good use.

The main efforts right now are for clean up.

Hazmat suits, respirators/dusk masks, towels, and other cleaning supplies are in great demand.

Tubs of cleaing supplies to be given out where needed

personalized buckets for those who had all their stuff destroyed and need a cleaning/repair/care pack

Not only that, but all of this has come out of @xtrodinarypilot and @xtrodinarybruh's pockets and the SBD/Steem is being accumulated to be put into a big check to be presented to the City of Houston's Harvey Relief Fund with a press announcement to show off the kindness and power of the Steemit community!

All Upvotes and Resteems are greatly appreciated.

All liquid rewards will be transferred to the @harveyrelieffund

SP earned will determine the amount of Steemit t-shirts given away at the next meetup!

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Seeing everything piled up on the side of the road reminds me well of a year ago. I don't think people comprehend what that is like driving around and seeing everything outside of peoples houses and them ripping the walls down to try and save the foundation. Things are finally getting back to normal here a year later and it's heartbreaking watching this happen to Houston and we don't even really know how bad Florida might be yet. Resteeming to hopefully boost liquid rewards. <3

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Great Initiative @richardcrill! Love to see some excellent community building and charity. I know you currently crowdfunding you're trip to STEEMFEST 2 wanted to let you know I am running a Ticket Giveaway and you should enter!

This is awesome @blueorgy! Thank you for the opportunity!

You're welcome! 😀

good idea meet up and clean up.

Bitshares and EOS are a wise move to be discussed as topics :D Especially EOS, probably the best investment one can make right now!

Awesome wish I lived closer its a bit far for me to travel 😞 sounds awesome though 😁 upvoted

Would be interested to read a post about "how the meeting went". As it was mentioned before, topics are exciting and some details would be a great bonus for those who could not attend a meeting.

I do a recap post after the meetups. Here is the last one and I will definitely do one after this meetup as well.

Good job in seeing how you can bring relief to the victims of hurricane.

Great stuff man keep it up. I wish I can be there at the meetup with you guys.

Wish you could too! Maybe the big one?

Unfortunately, I can't. Parent's having health issues and can't leave them for the time being. Being a bit of a caretaker but I enjoy spending as much time I can with them. I am sure you definitely can understand that.

I definitely can. You are obviously where you need to be. Much love to yall.

Very good job @richardcrill ...upvoted...God bless you... Blessings

Great Job Brother!

You have the Steempowered Spirit!


Excellent job guys! It's a blessing to be a blessing.

Looks like a great thing that you are doing with the recovery effort! I wish that I could attend a meetup! Keep up the great work! @richardcrill

Very nice

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Thanks for doing such a kind thing with your group. My mom lost everything in the nine days her home was filled with water from the floods from Hurricane Harvey. She came away with her life and many new friends (from groups like yours) who came forward with such love and kindness to lend a warm bed, hot food, and guidance to find a way forward. Thanks again for connecting with fellow humans. Full power vote and resteamed.

@richardcrill yeah! Why I have never considered that until eventually now. Tend to be the animals immortal in advance of male fully commited sin???.