My commitment to all my Steemit followers

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As a beginner Steemian, I have started realizing there is a series of harmful behaviors in the community and I want to set myself apart of them right now and make it clear for all my followers.

I'm a blogger. I have been writing blog posts for like 7 years now and many of the abusive practices regular bloggers adopt are also seen here. Just as I have an agreement with my regular blog readers, I want to do the same with my Steemit followers. Without further ado, these are the guidelines I stick to while blogging:

1. No clickbait
Absolutely no shitty, sensationalistic and purposefully vague headers to cheat you into opening random posts devoid of content.

2. No "motivational/inspirational" pics
I hate it when a click on the post and it's just a random pic with a cheesy motivational quote slapped upon it, so I don't do that unto others. When I post images with quotes, it's my own work, not random stuff I find on the internet, so I try to keep them related to what I regularly blog about.

3. No listicles
I try to keep my posts in a human-readable, reasonable length. I occasionally write posts "series", which means each post can be read independently yet is related to the previous entries' content. I don't take one post and artificially break it into 20 smaller ones just to boost my views.

4. No "upvote for upvote", "resteem for resteem" or "follow for follow"
I only upvote, resteem or follow content I actually enjoy and deem as interesting and worth to spread. I won't SPAM your posts begging for upvotes, resteem or follows and I expect everyone else to respect my space as well.

5. No random stuff just because
I take my time to craft good content and publish in my blog only what is worth reading and interesting to my audience. So, no random posts to flood your feed with useless stuff you don't care about.

If you agree with these five basic guidelines and would like to adhere to them, resteem it to show your followers you too have a commitment to deliver them only the best content you can craft.

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totally agree and these are also really useful tips for a starter like me, thanks!


Those principles will help you building a loyal audience. Shortcuts only lead to bot-audience that's worth nothing when it comes to monetization.

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The 4 part i really liked ^^

Hello, i like the structure of your post, simple and precise, i liked the listicles too, some people dont know that a too lengthy post discourages readers, and a better way is making the post into series. Thanks for sharing this, i just followed you.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Post. Thanks and good luck again!