Quoting Correctly, here on Steemit. Markdown simplified.

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Give Credit Where it's Due!

I have seen countless blogs written here on Steemit, where the author didn't cite sources, and/or didn't cite them correctly. By not citing correctly, you are essentially stealing from the original author, and ruining your credibility in the process.


A random quote you like;

"Your business, and your brand, must first let people know what you care about, and that you care about them." -Donald Trump

A quote you like on Steemit;

"Life is fun and amazing because of the opportunities we have to help each other!" @jerrybanfield Assuming Positive Intent

A quote you found on Facebook;

"I haven't started reading fully but i am loving the shareable memes"
-Terry Ajayi My Journey to Steemit

How do you use markdown to quote correctly?

Step 1: Type the word blockquote inside angle brackets, without spaces. < blockquote >

Step 2: Copy and paste the quote you would like to cite, and add quotation marks.

Step 3: At the end of the quote, leave a hypen with the persons name -Rob Carter or, if there are here on Steemit; - @rcarter.witness

How to shorten a link to embed, which contains a backlink to the quote you would like to use;

Step 1: Copy the link in URL.

Step 2: Use the blockquotes above, to quote correctly.

Step 3: After quoting the author, type in brackets; [write blog title here](Paste URL here, leaving no space between the bracket and parentheses)

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Don't forget to reinvest in yourself

Personally, I recommend never powering down more than 25% of total rewards earned, in order to continue growing.

Happy Steeming!



Nice it is good to give respect to whom deserve it, by not doing so, you claim ownership but then your picture looks like the sharigan lol you watched Naruto? sorry am kinda playful most times

Indeed. It's very important. And no, I don't watch Naruto :)

okay thanks for your response

Stealing ideas is a big NO. Always cite and give credits to the owner/author. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and Steemians are encouraged always to right their own content.

It is always ok, and encouraged to share content, as long as you cite correctly :)

Also, if we utilize the downvote feature here on Steemit, it would help keep the community honest.

Thanks for the comment.


Thank you also for the clarification. Have a nice day!

How can I make word small for image source Rob? Thanks

That is how you do it, however it became a bad example since that image cease to exist now :P


Nailed it! You are violating copyright if you have not gotten any permission from the copyright holder.

very useful, I hope so too, for the steemit users who have great levels, sharing

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Thank you, you just gave me the answer to what I need to writing my post right now.

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It is really important to put references, good reminder. :)

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