History of the Steem Silver Round

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It all started with a simple but amazing idea. I still remember the day @sevinwilson shared his Idea with me. You know somethimes its the simplest things that make the most since. It was a way back in July of 2017 for some that seems long ago, but to Steemians who have been around since then it seems like just yesterday. Of course once @sevinwilson shared his idea with me, I was completely on board. It was a simple, his idea was to create a Steem Silver Round out of Silver.


Why not! It made all the sense in the world, steemit was booming and steem was sitting very nicely at $1.04. Crypto's had started performing well and the time was right. Well part of @sevinswilson idea was to let the steemit community come up with the design of the round, then take the designs and let the community vote and decide which one was going to be the winning design. Now back then it was hard to get noticed on steemit, this was right before the BOT craze started. So basically it was a little confined to the #steemsilvergold community. Infact I would be willing to say that 95% of steemians had no idea what was going to be a reality in early September. So the designs started rolling in and the voting started. One very talented Woman from thevother side of the world really showed out. She goes by the steemit name of @bearone and boy did she represent Australia very well. Her design was a perfect fit for the sea of Steemians that where so hungry to grow.


From Minnow to Whale, this round said it all and was a very good fit for the 1st ever Steem Silver Round. Little did we know what was about to happen. Y'all no it by F.O.M.O and boy was it bad. Once these babies hit the market it was the hottest thing on steemit, Steem Silver Rounds where selling for $40 to $50 each and steemians where buying them as quick as the could. They where HOT!!!


The Secondary market was on fire. You had SSG members that wish they had bought more. You had steemians that never even new about the round until it was already minted. In fact I would be willing to bet that we still are only at about 15% of the total steemit community members that are aware that there is a STEEM silver round.


Leave it up to the golden one... yes some how or another one of these rounds got into the hands of @ned. All because a longterm steemian by the name of @goldmatters hand delivered one to him. Now once this had happen I thought for sure the round was going to blow up....HUH! we all no that @ned did not even do a post or a comment about A round that was designed for his platform. Anyways, we will leave this one alone...


After a few months the round had died down and crypto's where taking off. Steem was sitting nicely at $3.00 and the talks had already started about the 2018 Steem Silver Round. Bitcoin was quickly approaching its all time high and Money was being made. SBD saw a quick and fast spike and steemit seemed to be on top of the world.

It was late March and @sevinwilson was ready to kick off the 2018 Steem Silver Round design contest. 2018 designs seemed to be flowing in quick and there where some REALLY good ones. In fact voting was so good we eneded up having a second round of voting for top three designs. Just how would we follow up with @bearones design? Well on steemian hit right on the head. He goes by the steemit name of @welshstacker. Hos desing was an excellent follow up to the 1st Steem Silver Round.


It was late June 2018 and the crypto market was suffering it was not good for the markets, steemit or the Steem Silver Round. Some member thought that this would be the last round. Steem had fallen back below $1.00 and was becoming a ghost town. Once the posting started, showing off the 2018 round intrest seemed to pick up a little bit was still not anything like the 1st round.

ZomboMeme 05072019184621.jpg

Fast foward to July 2019 we are currently at the halfway point window for the 2019 steem silver round voting period. We have some REALLY kick ass designs again this year. If you haven't vote you can do so by clicking this link right here just pick a design you like and vote the comment, it as easy as that. Voting will run for another 5 days and if it is close we will have another run off this year. So get over there and vote.

History is being made, are you gonna be a part of it?



I'm willing to buy a 2017 round... anyone..? Bueller?

Let me look around in the safe and see If I have a good one left...

Let me look around
In the safe and see If I
Have a good one left...

                 - silver-hammer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great story, great article. I love both my Steem Silver Rounds, and eagerly awaiting the final winning design, and eager to the 2019 Steem SIlver Round! Thanks for all you do, @raybrockman!

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Oh, man awesome. I was hoping a 2019 round was coming. Heading over to vote!!

I can't figure out how to sign in and vote it, but the design by @edserverus is incredible!!

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An awesome look back and still very disappointed in @ned! This round is an amazing testament to the ability and creativity of this community. Thanks for sharing!!

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I am so excited for the 2019 Steem Silver Round! I missed the 2017 issuance by a hair, but I made sure to get the 2018Ers.


Great job @sevinwilson @raybrockman !

Hopefully it will get it out soon!!

Let’s get it!!!

Glad it’s living on!!

There were some really great designs and some big competition this year. I am going to have to up my game if I want to stand a chance next year. Haha!

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