2019 Steem Silver Round!

1st let start off by apologizing for not being on the ball with this project. I've had a lot of stuff going on with wotk and personal life. I am back focused and the round WILL be minted.

ZomboMeme 05072019184621.jpg

We have already had all of the designs submitted and we are ready to start the vote process. Now you can vote for as many designs as you want. The vote period will run for 2 weeks (14days). At the end of the 14 days a winner will be announced. All votes will be made in the comment section of this post. Each entry will be listed as a comment along with a picture of the design.


Be a part of history once again by voting on the 2019 Steem Silver Round. Here are the 2017 design by @bearone.


Here is the 2018 2nd addition Steem Silver Round designed by @welshstacker.


Big thanks to @sevinwilson for creating this project. Thanks brother for trusting me with it. I AM a little late, but I promise I'll get it done.

We have had some awesome entries for the 2019 Steem silver Round. Now its time for you, yes you to cast your vote. Please vote below in the comment section for your 2019 Steem Silver Round.


Thanls for being a part of history.




This one.

Thanks Ironshield!

If I recall correctly, it was Welshie who had the thought of a four round series with the water represented in 2017 with the fish, earth in 2018 with the tree, and now fire with the Phoenix. Compared to some of the other phoenix offered up here, this one may seem a little more simple, but it has an elegance that will translate well in metal.

Correct, we wanted it to be a 4 coin series. I think welsh's design is simple, clean and fitting for the series.

i love the simplicity of this design.

Thanks Jon!

Love the elegance of this design, and I have always been a fan of the phoenix. Rising from the ashes back into flight is a great representation of how the community is re-birthing this platform into something great, by taking its development into our own hands. Every night has a dawn.

I would also say this design seems great for marketing these silver coins specifically, making them potentially easier to sell, and arguably slightly more valuable in the secondary. Really tough call between this one and the @edxserverus shield... I vote for both.

Outstanding design once again @welshstacker.

Both of them did an outstanding job, thanks Elamental!

Nice... I like the phoenix idea... and it is a clean design as well!

Thanks bengy!

I love the simple no fuss Phoenix design. Goof on ya Welshie

Love the phoenix on this one =)

Really like this design but would love to have a different finish coming halfway up the back fields like flames. Great job again Welshie!!

Sweet, definitely this one!

Really glad to see this winning so far, it is very elegant! I rarely agree with the majority on anything, but this time I do lol!

Love the intricate details here. I see the fish motif coming back from the 2017 round but reimagined in a vastly different way. And while it should not be a determining factor, this one looks like it is the most ready to roll to press to get the rounds done before the end of 2019. haha

Its a little bit like you got the top job at the perth mint and had your designers do this, once again it shows the talent we have here in ssg \o/ awesome work

Agree Mike, the details on this round are awesome.

Thanks Mike!

I love this design by @edxserverus. I hope that's the way 2019 Steem Silver Round will look like!😉

Thanks george!

Steem ocean species platform shield. I love all the intricacies, and the heart-form the dolphins shape. The seahorses acting as knights guarding Poseidon's trident is an epic, yet semi-subtle touch.

My man - always coming through with the dope designs, and understanding the medium as to how the design will translate. You always got my vote brother - and my personal recommendation for design creation and digitization.

@edxserverus has helped with many of my design projects, and participated in most of my design contests. I would be honored to have SSR's with this guy's stamp on it, alongside the other greats of the first two rounds - @bearone & @welshstacker. Much love.

I feel like a famous person, thanks for your motivating words mate.

I'm glad that the Steemsilverround 2019 comes back to life again, I leave this design here to persuade some. I'm not against any idea but I'm betting on this because I think it fits better with steemit out of each person's personal desires. for the benefit of the community I have made the design more flexible and I have added details of the 2 previous coins. I would appreciate it if @raybrockman could accept my update.

Nice, loving this update. @raybrockman, you should switch this image to the voting comment image so people do not get confused on which one to vote for. (I would delete this one after that is done as well). Just a thought.

Already done!

Update accepted, looks awesome. Please delete this comment so know one votes your comment instead of the orginal comment. I will update the picture.

I like this and your original. ☺️

So sharp! I really like the phoenix, but you couldn't go wrong with this design either.

This one gets my vote. Beautiful.

Hey @silver-hammer, any chance you could give my design a little boost? It's sadly sitting just below the comment of some random noob. Ha ha.

Got it buddy, not sure how I missed that. Sorry about that.

No worries. There were a lot of designs. Man, you weren't messing around with that boost! ;)

@raybrockman, @welshstacker & @edxserverus -
What if we combined Welshie's and Ed's submissions and it looked kinda like this -

steem silver round 2019.png

Just a thought cuz I like em both :P

Wow... Love that one 😍

Thanks Saffisara!

Excellent idea. Thanks witty!

You have far too much time on your hands buddy. Lol

Love this idea. The phoenix is bold and I like the sunburst effect as well as the words around the edge.

I like this one. It's nice detail, without being too much.

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This one says it all. Though I might need a translation for the latin.

Hey buggedout,

The words at the top of the round are from Seneca, a Roman philosopher/statesman. Ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes homines. In English this translates to:

”As gold is tempered by fire, so strong men are tempered by suffering".

The meaning is that in order to become pure gold, the original gold-bearing ore must go through the tempering process of fire; the analogy being that for a man strong in spirit, adversity and suffering are the tempering agents necessary to refine his character and bring out his true potential. Source

In the case of Steem and Steemit, there have been challenges, but ultimately our communities have become stronger as a result. ☺️

I like it a lot. We have some pretty strong women here too. Some languages like to have masculine/feminine variations on their words. Does homines translate to "humans" or "men" (as-in hombres)?

I would suppose it means both? Isn’t the plural in Romance language usually a masculine even when referring to male and female? 🤔 This sounds like a question for someone still in school! 😂😄

Yes, probably. Anyway, I really like the sentiment of the phrase. I think it is very fitting for SSG and even STEEM overall in 2019.

This was the first one that I liked on Discord!

Sweet design and love the quote at the top!!!

How is the voting like? Do i need more persons to upvote this comment?
My username is @ajorundon, @raybrockman

Thats how it works.

Here’s the newest version... still needs some work


Got it added thanks Big D

I like the theme as the background references the beginning of the Grand Solar Minimum, as the sun affects volcanic eruptions further effecting the weather of the planet.

Thanks Thunder!

As I pirate I can not turn down a chance to vote for this ship!!

If this one wpuld.win I am gettting it guilded in gold!!!!

this one hits it for me, tied with @welshstackers design (glorious phoenix !)

i love celtic knotwork theres just something historic about it smiles

This one is my favorite for sure. Likely won't win though ,☹️

Massive LOLs here. I love it but I can't vote for it.

Oh come on! 🤣😂🤣




Haha... tempted...

I Like This One, but Then Again I don't Own any of the STEEM Silver Rounds, YET

This is cool! Get's my vote! Just not really digging all the phoenix designs, wish there was more diversity.

I like this one the best, that's my vote

No need to apologise mate. We're lucky you've had any time to steem recently.

I did have to have a good LOL at a couple of these. They are too funny. I do like the pheonix theme rising from the ashes, and the 4 elements is also pretty clever idea too. But I have to vote for the rising pheonix of @dfinney because a picture tells 1000 words and that picture tells it all.

It does say a lot, and maybe, just maybe its true. By the way got the package yesterday from kittygirl, put a BIG smile on pops face, she even sent some chocolate... thanks again Bugs

Glad to hear it. Sounds like she put a bit of extra SSG love in there for you guys.

Mission accomplished :)

We need to get together and discuss things before too long! I’m glad the project lives on!

Just hit me up when your ready! Thanks

I can't wait for the 2019 round to be available! I hope it is okay that I voted for the top three designs that I like. Thanks for doing this, @raybrockman. How are you, my friend? Yeah... I know what you mean... life happens... every day. Have a fantastic weekend. Take care.

Me either saver! Hope all is well with you!

I am just too partial to the pirate theme, I have to think about this, think about how it expresses the aura of the community and not just myself ☠

Take your time!

Nice work....i feel like touching the real coin

My vote is @welshstacker.
Thank you!

Upvote his design above! Thanks

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There is a certain inevitability about this, its kinda like a foundation stone, once laid down it never moves, its there for all eternity its akin to a flagship or a beacon it both serves as a rallying cry and also a sort of yearly festival, whatever we have had or still have going on in our lives we come here annually for this moment, its the best of the best from the best of the best, the awesome people that we have here show consistency in design, in spirit and in integrity, i must say that from a community that on the surface was all about wealth it has moved to be about passion friendship and support, it leads me to think that while those that came here for the money may have left, those that came for the community have well and truly found it \o/ group hug smiles

@coindevil, you are the bees knees. It always makes me smile when you pop in! 🤗

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