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This is just some basic info for new users.

What is Resteem?
If you resteem something, it will show up in your blog feed. Those who are following you will see that post.

What is steem power?
Steem power is a unique system that is used to inspire long term growth and commitment. the more you got of it
the more voting power you get
You will see references to Steem whales which are users who have acquired a large amount of Steem power and have therefore gained a huge influence over the Steem platform. Getting an upvote or a comment from a Steem whale can have a huge affect on your earnings. This system encourages good content as well as platform participation.

what are steem dollars ?
steem dollars are tokens which are more price stable. They represent an approximate value of about $1 each. You can hold Steem dollars and get a ten percent return on your money or you can convert them to Bitcoin and other currencies.r Steem Dollars to power up which is in essence investing in the future of Steemit.

what is power up 100?
100% power up means all of your shares of the earnings goes to powering up your account with Steem Power.

50/50 means you want some (half) to go to Steem Power and some (half) of your earnings from the post to go to your money account (either Steem or Steem Dollars) that are readily available for trade or to pay for stuff.

What determines Steemit reputation?
Your Steemit reputation is entirely determined by the amount of upvotes you receive here on the site. You will get positive reputation points for upvotes on your content and comments and get dinged negative reputation points when a user of higher reputation flags your content/comments.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks for sharing the basics, @randomguy123. There is a lot more to steemit, though, which newbies ought should know so that they can grow very progress very quickly in steemit. Here, a video resource that I made yesterday, Cheers.

Try to add related photos to your content next time. Upvoted and resteemed your post. STEEM ON!


There are a ton of new users on here so I'm going to resteem this



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soo good to know, thanks!!:))

So... resteem helpful info. On it.

Also, thank you for the helpful info.