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You sent $20 sbd & getting $20 sbd in payout minus pennies plus 7 steempower!
your netting a +35% gain here not losing money, your picture proves it!
If your for charity can you show us some pictures of you giving them money past or present?
The math here is not easy and you clearly donot understand it. If you go to the page you took one snapshot from smartsteem & many bots moved to a 10% maximum gain -10% maximum loss, you are going to net +35% gain do you better understand it yet? & i donot like therealwolf, I am a catman IMG_20180514_091605_808.jpg
Also they all lower the % as post promotion is supposed to cost money not earn it, if your new & want to trend you gotta pay to play! Then hopefully your noticed & can rake in some organic votes! I like @thundercurator hand votes & gives 300% upvote but is new & growing! The 2nd best imo are @smartmarket & @minnowbooster but always tapped out giving +200% upvotes.
Also timing is involved, if within the first 30 minutes the values go down as curation %'s change during this time paying out more so your voted a lesser %. I also disagree with the downvotes as this is supposed to be a censorship free platform & @therealwolf comments along with your proof would earn him more business if seen and not hidden.


No reply huh... Admitting you were wrong shows how big a man you are or can you not provide proof of your charitable donations?

just to tell you the ammount of SBD and STEEL showing in steemit isn't the same as the payout becuase it hold the curation too so if you calculate it you need to do SBD75%+STEEM75% so the ammount is 2075%= 15 SBD and 775%=5 steem anyway he have his roi +10% anyway because 1 steem = 1.3 sbd so 5 * 1.3 = 6.5 sbd

Thanks guess I did leave curation out 😂👍

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