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7e7329a8Smartsteem smartsteem upvote @prometheusrisen/hugs-not-hits (9.03%)

@smartsteem - 64.138
527.501 STEEM
$5970.788 SBD

2,237,623.817 SP Your 9% upvote is worth:

Calculator $37.60

$37.60 *.75 = $28.20 which would be more than a 10% return so my math is probably off. lol


Take into account the USD values of SBD and Steem at the time of upvote and do your math again. I'm sure, you will get it right.

i upvoted and followed you @mysearchisover PLease upvote me. thank you for this comment i learnt a thig or two about how to calculate

I just upvoted your blog post. You might want to sign up for @dustsweeper.

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