The BlockChain is the ShTstem; there is no distinction..

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When the people who strive to do good, are repressed by those who have replaced their Humanity with avarice; then Society no longer represents Humanity..

i am here to make you THINK

Steemit and etc. etc.

block chains are just a little mini-me of the SHiTstem
dee plane dee plane
(i am also not politically correct)
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you will be encouraged by this incentivized system, it was designed to emulate the Biggest ShTstem of them all!
it even has punitive measures in place to "keep you on point"; you will fail to speak out, because you fear monetary loss, reputation, or alliances; you may find yourself acting in peculiar ways, these my friends are the familiar trappings of the insta-to-shun...

if you agree or disagree with anything i have said here today just use your voice...

With righteousness in Our Hearts whom shall we fear?

oh yeah, if you don't like this post you can go and get your free flu shot; it's free!

my name is HolySmoke! and i am here to make you think...

Civilization is overrated...


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Who defines good and evil? The greatest butchers of humanity are those who actualize their dream of earthly utopia and sociopolitical reform. The libertarians blithely ramble on about property "rights" and theft without even considering the fact that "property" is defined via legal statutes of the very state apparatus they denigrate. The socialists ramble on about some nonsense regarding the "rights" of the proletariat without recognizing their "rights" are nothing more than whimsical demands of useless intellectuals, who never stepped a foot inside a factory or a farm, subsidised all their life by wealthy capitalists. The Aztecs preserved the world by ensuring the sun was reborn each day with gifts of regular human sacrifice. The North American natives practiced ritual torture in their religious rituals.

All the "evil" men commit are different perspectives of men striving to do good. Even modern "war," in which women and children are inexplicably spared, which some consider "progress" or "good," is insane cruelty, since such "mercy" is nothing more than lazily establishing truce with your enemies, in order to conduct war against their grandchildren.


It is said that the Road to Hell is paved with good intention; and while it is true that many wicked acts are done in the name of Peace or goodness, a wicked act is never done in the name of compassion.


Qin Shi Huang was moved by compassion to end the Warring States era. Che Guevara was motivated to action due to compassion. The world suffers not from evil and vice, but rather from misplaced virtue and mercy.


i couldn't disagree more.