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RE: Steemit/Steem Got a Plug on the Middle Theory Show & A Price Pump for It's Birthday!

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With Steemians like you Steemit can only get better.


I love this gif so much!! This is pretty much my life story ;)

I believe the majority of steemians see that Steemit gif as their own story, @sauravrugta.

Aaaaand this one is just plain creepy!!

yes it is... but I'm a tad bit bent ... so it made me smile too.

That is very kind:) Love the cartoon!

Steem has a big problem and that is what is it doing with all the money locked in accounts with forgotten passwords? I have access to my account (this account) but do not know the password and I feel as if Steem is holding my money hostage. This is a fatal flaw in #lostpassword

There is no way to get a new password?

Nope! Steemit thinks this is clear to the majority of its users. I think steemit is sadly mistaken and this is a major flaw that can be easily fixed! I can code I am happy to fix this if they don't know how to do it.

steemit é uma revolução!!!

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