Steemit/Steem Got a Plug on the Middle Theory Show & A Price Pump for It's Birthday!

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In addition to Steem getting a nice pump in exchange volume and price today I also have some other good news!

I have previously posted about one of my favourite podcasts - "Middle Theory" and how it would be great if we could get them on Steemit.

Well as kind of an experiment I created an account for them @middle-theory and loaded it up with a couple of hundred dollars of SP with the aim of turning it over to them if they were interested.

I messaged Micah from the show to let him know earlier on in the week.

Well, there was a nice birthday gift for Steemit yesterday when I was listening to the latest Middle Theory podcast.

Chris and Micah gave Steemit and Steem a big plug on the show.

You can hear it starting at 48.34. Unfortunately I couldn't embed the show but you can listen using the link below:

Despite a couple of minor misunderstandings they do seem to get the gist of what Steem/Steemit is about.

I have included a transcript of the appropriate section of the show below:


Micah: AA another friend of ours over there in the UK has sent along not a donation but he set up a Steemit page for us which I've barely had time to look at you've probably had time to look at it more than I have McNon.

Chris: I've had time to look at it a little bit I'm still wrapping my head around it. I think I've grasped the general idea of how it works.

Basically social media empowered cryptocurrency.

So you know how we've toyed with the idea of accepting bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a form of donations before because of listener requests - they would like to donate bitcoins, but it's not anything you and I have any specialty knowledge in so it's not really something that we've pursued.

So AA, thank you, has gone and provided us with a Steemit page, Steem being a cryptocurrency that is social media and content driven supply and demand - basically is what it means.

So you are able to create or generate, read, upvote, downvote content on Steemit's portals and each time you have some kind of interaction whether you are creating it or facilitating it or if you are just responding to something you get a certain amount of Steem points which eventually can be turned into Steem coins which is a cryptocurrency akin to bitcoin and that can of course be converted into typical fiat currency that you would find around the world such as the US dollar.

Micah: That is extremely cool and it is extremely cool that AA has esentially made a donation of 200 dollars worth of Steem Power to start off our Middle Theory page.

So you should be able to go to the Steemit and find the Middle Theory page and he's offered either to turn that over to us or he has offered to run that page for us.

Maybe there's a way that could be a combined effort or something along those lines because admittedly I've got so much stuff going on these days and my first response is always "Oh Yeah I'll take care of this" and Atlas shrugs and all this falls apart so me being Atlas.

Chris: Then McNonomous is on the phone during a drive to Soccer practice listening for an hour as Micah talks about how he has so much on his plate he cannot even eat lunch.

Micah: Hah, that is actually true!

Yes poor McNonomous is the guy that listens to me but I'm terrible at delegating - I try to do everything myself but McNon - I hereby appoint you the Middle Theory Steemit guy and also I want you to author the other half of the handbook that I'm actually - it's not going to be long before that's done and you've already authored...

Chris: The parable of the cheese-man or cheese men is almost complete and the legend of the acquisition of the pink sock. We have the lament of the meat curtains.

Micah: Oh Boy, he's the guy who's in charge of all the intellectual material in the said manual. This manual people are going to love. I'm not going to say much more about it. Let's just keep it all secret. We don't want to give away all the secrets of the "order".

Chris: No we don't but we do have to put it out there that we are creating the council of capes and we need someone to chair that council.

Micah: Indeed a chair for the council of capes. McNon and I were thinking of T-shirts, of hats all the different kinds of wardrobe that members of the world's most...[clears throat]..order that is seldom referred to from time to time here and what better to represent societal wear than capes?

[Both laugh]

About Middle Theory

Middle theory is a show featuring Christopher McCollum (McNon) and Micah Hanks (Mouth) which covers the weeks political events in a balanced, non sensationalist manner.

They take care to avoid being drawn into left/right ideological positions and try to discuss things in a sensible adult way but whilst retaining a sense of humour.

If there is any kind of "leaning" in the show, it is towards freedom and free thought.

I really enjoy the show and I believe that no matter what your political affiliation you can get a lot of of it and find it entertaining.

You can find out more information on their website (including multiple ways to get the podcast):

Thank you for reading

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I love this gif so much!! This is pretty much my life story ;)

I believe the majority of steemians see that Steemit gif as their own story, @sauravrugta.

Aaaaand this one is just plain creepy!!

yes it is... but I'm a tad bit bent ... so it made me smile too.

That is very kind:) Love the cartoon!

Steem has a big problem and that is what is it doing with all the money locked in accounts with forgotten passwords? I have access to my account (this account) but do not know the password and I feel as if Steem is holding my money hostage. This is a fatal flaw in #lostpassword

There is no way to get a new password?

Nope! Steemit thinks this is clear to the majority of its users. I think steemit is sadly mistaken and this is a major flaw that can be easily fixed! I can code I am happy to fix this if they don't know how to do it.

steemit é uma revolução!!!

Well as kind of an experiment I created an account for them @middle-theory and loaded it up with a couple of hundred dollars of SP with the aim of turning it over to them if they were interested.

What a smart move, Arif! :) You are incredible.
Great job!!! Upped, resteemed and following @middle-theory

Thank you! Chris hasn't taken it over yet so there isn't anything to see right now. I might just use it to resteem this post in case any people listen to the show today and come to take a look.

Yeah, that´s a brilliant idea. I´d definitely resteem it there.

Also following the new master @middle-theory


Wow, that's really cool! Great news :)

Yes, an amazing rise in price

This is brilliant - Party - Dance - Beer and Public Relations! Love it

Yes they love beer or as they call it "Dad juice"!

Do they ? Cool team then! Thanks @thecryptofiend

you are always welcome!

uwelang Uwe Lang tweeted @ 25 Mar 2017 - 17:51 UTC

Steemit/Steem Got a Plug on the Middle Theory Show & A Price Pump for It's Birthday! — Steemit… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you for advertising us!

You're welcome. I hope we get talked about in more and more places.

This was sooooo helpful. Explained perfectly in a nutshell. Social media empowered cryptocurrency! I'm kind of a newbie to this crypto world!!!! Every good news is extra exciting to me.

Yes it is a good description for someone who has not come across the platform before. Personally I would call it blogging empowered by cryptocurrency.

I'm kind of a newbie in the steem/crypto world, so the article was very helpful. Before I thought you just write whatever you want on your page but the article made me understand it's everything combined such as commenting, following, voting and along with writing your own content that makes steemit what it is. So Blogging empowered Is even more perfect. That fits it best

The more plugs, the better


In addition to Steem getting a nice bump ....

pump :D I make that mistake sometimes too

Cool!! Thanks for sharing! :D Glad to see there is some non-sensationalists still kicking it! :D

Yes and they are funny too. I think we need that with the way the world is these days!

wow, perfect information.
great post.

you are welcome, dear friend @thecryptofiend

Well done! This is a great way to bring interest to SteemIt.

Very cool @thecryptofiend

UpVoted, Following @middle-theory
and ReSteemed!!!


So we should expect good smart podcasts, adding a new flaver to steemit
Great news @thecryptofiend

Thanks yes.

thank you for sharing this interesting info. Now I better understand the meaning of sharing in steemit. Im newbi in steemit. I am new at steemit. This is my account @boynashruddin. Greetings to all!

You're welcome!

Great job! We could use more of this

Thanks - I hope other people start reaching out to people this way too. I think if we focus on people that are still small to medium scale they will listen to us (big celebs and shows will be unlikely to) and hopefully we will all grow together.

That's precisely it in my opinion. Focus on mutualy interested individuals/partnerships.

As opposed to very large and socially distant corporations that have little incentive to take the risk of associating themselves with us.

Congrats, @thecryptofiend! Engaging subject. Thanks!

It a good look

That's really cool of you to set up the account for them... and then Steemit gets a positive shoutout like that! We need more things like that to happen... I hope they decide to come over and "take ownership" of their page...

Are you planning to take it up if they ask you to?

Yes I am happy to post their podcasts and send the earnings along to them but it would be even better if Chris or Micah could do it because they would start to learn directly what makes Steem/Steemit so great!

it's a cool and interesting .... ^^

great post :)

Price pump? The price is lower than when I checked about this time last week. It was $0.19, now it's $0.12.

Just saying.


You don't see to understand how time works.

Ah, I see, your sarcasm has drawn my attention to the fact that even though your article was 2 days old, it sits on top of my feed with articles just written today.

Well done you though; you must be really pleased with that.


I am ;) Not sure why it should be on top of your feed though? Perhaps there is some bug?

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