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RE: Minnows Accelerator Project [Reward Share and 200 SP Delegated][July 2017 Signups]

in #steemit5 years ago

Greetings again @rycharde

I would be interested in participating.

  • The quality of my content is fair.
  • I tend to be more concept than research-intensive,
  • I tend to be more of a weekday poster
  • I have much to learn
  • I am more of a thinker than a writer
  • I tend to be more of a writer than an artist*

(* I spend more energy on complimenting my writing with images than I likely should (I consider it a means toward self-improvement))

This is a very positive initiative. Kudos to you.

As an aside, I do feel that I am not alone in being in a position to learn more about how to curate in an effective and meaningful fashion however. :c)

Also I didn't realize that 1000 steam is the barrier that separates minnows from dolphins. What is that which separates dolphins from whales? Just curious.


Thanks very much for joining, and for your encouraging comments.

You have been selected for today's Six of the Best.

Congratulations! You will get 10% of that post's author rewards and a chance to win the delegated 200 SP.

Now it is time to tell your friends and followers to vote for you! Good luck!

Thank you for this opportunity @rycharde! ^_^

I admit that I had to abandon my plans of posting yesterday's post due to a toxic cocktail of considering it in need of revision and sleep deprivation - but I am happy to tease in saying that I have a number of zingers lined up (and I will be catching up). :cP

So - to clarify the above - we need to get them to vote on your comment to me here?

Or am I supposed to link to each article posted over the next few days to this or another thread?

All the best to all participants, and our gracious host. ^_^

You need to go to the actual contest post:

There you can get your followers to vote for you - easiest thing is to resteem that post, maybe leave some comments in friends' post and even use the chatrooms to see if any of your followers are online.

the above is true for any of the six finalists.

Another six will be chosen as soon as we get a few more people interested in signing up. I cannot resteem my own posts so all help resteeming is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi again, can you please add some links to your recent articles on the Six of the Best contest page. I would like to encourage some discussion as there are very few people voting. Thanks and good luck!

I have to step out for a lecture now - so kindly excuse the delay. :c)

I take it that you mean articles posted since the beginning of being selected?

That would be too soon, possibly - just your recent best: say, best 2 or 3 articles in the last 2 or 3 weeks!

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