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Much like the real ocean, steemit can be both a beautiful and dangerous place.

I was hoping to share a word of caution with my fellow steemians, with a focus being on younger minnows and dolphins. I've created a lot of images in my time here on steemit, and as I was looking at some of them this morning, I realized that they could be used to illustrate a story quite effectively, so here it goes.

I simply share this to show one potential outcome of certain activities, and while I am not trying to necessarily influence how other steemians use their freedom here, I did not want anyone to be unaware of this possible outcome. To gain further insight into things like this, you may want to read my post on STEEMICIDE.


The marvelous sea of steemit is an incredible ecosystem. It's made up of minnows, dolphins, and whales. Sometimes, it is important to remember exactly which position you are currently in.

When you first arrive on steemit, you will most likely just be a little baby minnow. The only way to arrive as a baby dolphin or a baby whale is to purchase STEEM to power up immediately upon arrival, which is why so many steemians are just baby minnows when they start.

While minnows may be small and basically powerless, they do have a lot of potential and an incredible ability to grow. Don't let these humble beginnings discourage you, many of us were also once just baby minnows.

Eventually, even minnows will notice certain disturbances in the steemit ecosystem. Battles that began long before their arrival can be found raging in certain parts of the steemit sea, and these can have a potential to draw even the youngest of minnows in.

At this point certain minnows can already have begun to really care about steemit. They can see that certain wars may not be good or the ecosystem and they may even think that they can help restore peace. This is where many minnows must be careful.

Even dolphins may want to be careful at this stage of the game. The power that some whales have is incredible, and that can be a dangerous thing if that power is applied to you in a negative way.

I've seen those rise up in their time in an attempt to fight a whale. While this may seem like a valiant effort, they say that there is a fine line between courage and foolishness.

When provoked, a whale may lash out, which can potentially destroy a smaller steemian. While I am not trying to tell others what to do, please realize that this is a potential outcome.

In the end, minnows and dolphins are simply not equipped to stand alone, toe to toe, against a whale. It is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. When they pull their knife, then they get shot to death.

As sad as this may be, it has happened in times past, and certainly has the potential to happen once again.

At this point, some incredibly caring and talented steemians decide to jump ship and leave our ecosystem altogether. It is heartbreaking to watch, and I've lost some friends in my time here this way.

Others choose to transform themselves from a minnow into a troll. This is even worse for the ecosystem and further pollutes the seas of steemit.

At this point, any potential for "success" on steemit is usually over. It has happened time and time again, and it never gets any easier to see.


Steemit, like life, is not all fun and games. Not everyone is a friend and not everyone cares about you. Many will even try to exploit you, use you, or rob from you. We are all free to either interact kindly or cruelly. We can make friends, or we can make enemies.

In an ecosystem with very few actual rules, there is a lot of freedom. People will choose to use this freedom in different ways and often differences of opinions will surface. No one can really force someone else to do anything, but attempting to have rational discussion doesn't always work either. Here on steemit, there can be a lot of difficult situations and it seems that no one may even have the answer that we are looking for.

Despite all of the shortcoming of this platform and community, I still think that we all still have an amazing opportunity and that steemit is still the best thing going on online right now. Ultimately, actions have consequences and we may have to suffer depending on what we choose to do. Hopefully, the more positive, encouraging, and honest that we all are, the more that it will inspire others to do the same.

Additionally, please remember that just because you have less power does not mean that you are powerless. I hope that you at least enjoyed the images that I made. Steem on.

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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This is incredible and the best advice a steemit noob can get from a wise adult like @papa-pepper.

One thing I noticed and like so much about you sir is the fact that I have not witness you in a fight or abusive troll with another steemian over anything.

A lot is going on in this ecosystem that can send a steemit account with massive potential to early grave.

Wisdom is the principal thing here and very profitable to direct.

Thank you PaPa for sharing this great insight with us all.

And thank you for checking it out and encouraging me.

Good advice for us newbies. Thanks

@papa-pepper you really are an "Encourager"! I haven't been around long enough to notice any wars, but this is something I'll keep in mind. Though based on whatever I've seen of Steemit, I already think it's got less trolls than most social media!

I remember how we first became acquainted, @papa-pepper. I had a somewhat embarrassing run-in with one or two members who were also your friends as it turned out. Over religion. Judaism, I believe (but I hardly understand all the religions in the world that well so I might have that part wrong for all I know). And you mediated. Now, I'm locked in a battle of wits unfortunately with a young American who for some reason hates jews. And I'm trying to help him see the error of his ways, ironically enough. (It didn't start over religion. It started over a damned meme I made and him downvoting it because he had more SP than me. And then I found some very nasty posts he'd made blaming jews for just about everything and it kind of escalated from there.)

I should of course turn the other cheek (I'm probably twice his age), but I can not let a kid think he can push people - me, here - around. I despise bullies. It'd be nice if he left the site or at least went on a long holiday. I did once ask him why he'd flagged me instead of challenging me to a debate on my meme. He just fobbed me off so I had to give up on that approach. It might get worse before it gets better, but what the hell. I'm all out of ideas as to how it can be ended peacefully. So be it, I guess. Sometimes, there's just no alternative to war?

Love your graphics! :D

Edit: I wouldn't dare stand up to a whale! ;) I'd probably run with my tail between my legs - the sensible option, after all.

Some days it never ends, but at least there are those of us who understand that there are better ways! Thanks man!

Thank you for sharing good-text images @ papa-pepper
This information you give, I hope many bring along
so I re-steemed this post

Yep - I have witnessed minnows doing very stupid things.
Ending in their demise, but not accepting the truth.
And then spamming the entire platform, like a child.
Thanks for advising others not to go this route.

I think some dolphins envision that an army of dolphins and minnows can prevail, provided the army is big enough. I've seen the recruitment efforts and understand where they're coming from. On the other hand, my desire to swim far around the disturbance wins out! Loved all the pictures, I laughed at the "goodbye cruel Steemit" one :)

Loved all the pictures, I laughed at the "goodbye cruel Steemit" one :)

Thanks! I had fun putting this one together.

Sad but true! There are a couple ongoing topics for a while which I tend to stay out for exactly this reason. Flagging and downvoting could really kill my hard work from the last couple of months.

Its not that I dont have an opinion about it, but sometimes you just have to choose your battles and let the big boys fight it out

Yep, choose your battles wisely.

appreciate your words

Dear papa, sorry for writing but something wrong is going on ? 😣 This text inspired me to write a questions. I'm grateful for Your attention.

My Steemit Power has fallen from 10 to 3.5 SBD, my husband's has fallen from 20 to 8.50 SBD. I see 800000 and some signed on Steemit and only around 16000 active users. Please, forgive me I see that new people don't get upvotes from big guys and big guys only vote among each others with FEW VERY PRECIOUS EXCEPTIONS...??? Why SP has fallen so much ?
We are worried about Steemit future...Users need Education to succeed on Steemit as well to invest...?
How can we proceed further in new Steemit wins if we have no chance to advance ?

The value of steam fluctuates with the market, so when the value drops, so to the account values. I'm not sure if this was your question, but it is one that many new or users have.

Thanks for answering me...That part I know...Still I'm very worried for Steemit future. It dropped today even more 🤔

It’s dropping in relation to the value of the US dollar. Ultimately the value will go up because the US dollar is only going to go down long term. Take heart and don’t give up.

That's right! Don't give up!

Thanks for the wise words. I’ll remember this story just like your illustration of owning a business and running into another business and yelling buy from me and running out. You should retell that story too.

That was a good illustration, but I had forgotten about it!

These is a nice post @pape-pepper. I have some questions and suggestion
1.) Are you among the owner of steemit because you know all clue bout steemit.

2.) There should be a way to help minnow on steemit even if just a single comment or upvote from a whale .

3.) There should be a group to help minnow alot. Because not everybody are alike E:g @papa-pepper @adsactly @surpassinggoogle @acidyo @nanzo-scoop @dobartim and many more, you have some good quality content post.

  1. Sorry to say these (Steemit is like a politics in Nigeria) #who you help, some people on steemit only helps who they know. That should be corrected on steemit.

5: I want to appreciate you @papa-pepper for your great work on steemit keep it up and keep sharing your post #We love all your post.

bahahaa, love the pictures 🤘

Every time I have the opportunity to navigate in steemit, I like to go through this page, because I know that I will always find interesting information.
Thank you very much for this information. I am new to steemit and I have certainly realized what you point out, not all of them are friends. Hence the importance of always being honest and making good decisions so that together we can make this network get better and better every day. And the big fish, instead of eating the little one, help him grow up.
GOD bless you and your family. Thank you very much.

(My mother tongue is Spanish, that's why I rely on the translator, I hope you understand my message. Thank you very much)

Steemit is the best this community has been a blessing to me personally with the help of papa-pepper and so many in this community

Amen to that, I fully agree.

I appreciate.. Thanks for your thinking for us.
Sure sir... I'll use ...

Upvote sir

Thanks for the awareness post.
Great to share

Well said papa this community has been driving force to us with people like papa-pepper much love

I wished everybody started out as a minnow, buying sp is not fair if you ask me. Some people like myself cant afford to just put money on steemit. This is a place to grow together I see and a place to help others out. If I was a whale I would help every minnow that is active and trying there best. Thank you for sharing @papa-pepper I will definitely remember what was said in this post.

I would conclude your article in a short sentence "When whales tumultuous, the waves becoming huge throwing both minnows and dolphins out of the ocean to the beach, then RIP minnows and dolphins. Therefore, minnows and dolphins must have a good swimming ability to avoid stranded to the beach". Greetings from Aceh and Best of luck.

That is a great summary, and thank you for sharing it.

Good advice @papa-pepper, nice pictures too.
It would be interesting to hear your experienced opinion on my latest post,
(on a possible improvement of steemit):

I've got to take a drive right now, but I'll try to check it out tomorrow night when I get back online. Thank you!

Drive safely! See yo soon!

i can't give you my 2 cents cause they phased out the penny in canada

hehe. don't forget to check out stats that can help keep you safe at steem ocean.

Wise advice for the new arrivals here on the steemit platform...I hope this post reaches those who need it the most in order to save them from a bit of misery. Thank you. Have a happy day. Regards @averageoutsider

Great work and great advice

Well said. Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!

That's one you don't want to learn the hard way.

A friend of mine @xylee that I introduced to steemit was flagged on her 2nd post for she used a wrong tag #steemit. . Her reputation score came down from 33 to 9. So even before she could write her 3rd content she was so discouraged that she wanted to quit...I made a shoutout calling all whales to help her out, and they came to really help her and lifted-up her score to 49. @patrice @tuck-fheman @pfunk @arcange @supassinggoogle @darthnava @ats-david and many others helped her out and they even upvoted her for a very good content.

The flaggings going on here are very harmful to the ecosystem of Steemit. And I hope these would stop now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter, your points will help others to be careful.

I'm glad that some came along to help out.

This is a wonderful post. You can really tell you really care about this community! Thank you! New Follower!

Honestly, I really do care. Thanks for noticing.

Yeah. Stay away from the flagging wars and just associate with people who you like their posts.

I feel so powerless when I compare my writing to yours, Papa.

@papa-pepper, I do not know what I enjoyed more, if the images or the valuable content of your publication. Many will appreciate your words, including me, and I will take into account everything you say. Best regards.

I'm almost from the beginning and witnessed many of the battles you mentioned, I always stayed away from it, however I know it is not healthy for the ecosystem, I do not know what is happening now, but the truth is not seen well and I am very worried, I had the hope that my steem power was my retirement and my retirement insurance, now I think that if we continue on this path it will only be a dream.
Excellent work dear friend @ papa-pepper, much sgracia spor share your thoughts and thoughts
I wish you a beautiful weekend of the week

Hello @papa-pepper , thank you so much for this great post , I've been an audience to the many great post and advice that you have offered to we minnows , we really thank you so much that , I'm sure you know me already , (maybe you don't , I'm still a "baby minnow") well I most often comment on ur post , this is actually a great one, I like that it's coupled with lots of important advices ,
I actually agree with everything you said up there except this
"""Additionally, please remember that just because you have less power does not mean that you are powerless."""
the rest of the post contradict with this statement,we are actually very powerless!!!! you just adviced us not to get entangled with what's bigger than us , and still you are trying to make us feel powerful when in actual fact we ain't powerful ...
Please don't flag 😁😂😂😁.... just wanted to point that out ....

This is really good advise.. It's probably best to stay focused and just move forward in growing the Steemit platform. I myself got caught up in some dumb drama here when I was on steemit just a few days. And I got flagged and it took away form my reputation score that I work so hard to build. There is drama everywhere..Thanks for sharing

Good advice and even better art work!

It's good to be careful here as papa, said. Thanks papa for this wonderful piece

Your illustrations are so educative. This will really guide minnows against meddling in some things that do not concern them.

The power that some whales have is incredible, and that can be a dangerous thing if that power is applied to you in a negative way.

Thanks you for highlighting this @papa-pepper sir.


I just wanted to warn some minnows ahead of time, so at least they'll know what they're getting into. Thanks man!

Hahahahahsh that's the real point. Thanks Papa

I've started to notice some of the flagging wars that have been going on recently, and I found them quite intimidating. It made me realise that although you're free to post as and when you please on this platform, you really need to think about what you're saying. Annoying the wrong person could see your account hammered several times, depending on how vindictive the person is.

I am without doubt going to stay away from that side of the platform, and just focus on trying to put out the best content I can, and interact with those within the community who are positive.

Thanks for the post, it will definitely help many people starting out to think twice before trying to get involved in something that is beyond them at the present time.

This was a very interesting post for me because I've seen comments about fights between certain Steemians here and there before but hadn't really thought about what happens in situations like that until you listed them here. Great pictures, the one with your adult size head on a babies body cracks me up every time I see it. :D What's the building in the background of the "Whale Challenge" picture with the blue logo?
Another great post to share with all so I'm going to resteeem. :D
God bless you and the whole pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Not sure where I snapped that photo you asked about.... maybe St. Louis. I'll see if I can remember.

No worries if it doesn't come to you, but I'd be curious to hear if it does. :D I just thought it was neat that it had a blue logo that stood out so well in the picture. :D
God bless you and the pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D

Be aware of the dangers and you are less likely to be a victim. Very wise words.

Exactly! Thank you.

Haven't noticed any of that bad whale action yet, (and I don't think I would bother meddling with them) but your piece is really encouraging anyway. Enjoy your attitude and easy way of sharing your views. Much appreciated @papa-pepper

Whale wars has been dismayed me ever since I learn about it. Personally, I found freedom on Steemit, sharing my thoughts without critics but help and support. That is my experience. I've followed Whales to be inspired but turn out to have an unhealthy feed.

But I thought to myself to still do the best I could to have a quality content. And instead of joining the war without any weapon oh hand, I'd just join the group of other baby minnows to start a better feed.

And I am glad to see that some other whales (for me) like you that are still making this platform a better place through peace of creating a good ecosystem through quality posts.

Thank you @papa-pepper.

That is a good way of doing it!

Awesome post. Honestly I’m glad someone is “calling it like it is”. I personally stay out of controversial issues for this reason. Also, I don’t like to feed the negativity and would rather spend my time focusing on things that are more beneficial to the community.

Ps... your artwork for this post is awesome!! It really helps tell the story.

Thank you for that, and I'm glad you liked the artwork!

Thanks papa for this invaluable advise

Very awesome images, I laughed!

Additionally, please remember that just because you have less power does not mean that you are powerless. I hope that you at least enjoyed the images that I made. Steem on.

This encourage me more to just go go go and just write , interact and explore steemit ocean, though my SP i just for minnow ,i'll not take that as my weakness, instead that should be my drive to do better each day , thanks @papa-pepper ❤️❤️❤️

And yes!!! loved the illustrations! the drawings say it all 👍👏

Glad to hear that found that part encouraging!

Like a real oven! You can find food or be food! Great advice! Thank you!

I wish I saw this post when I first signed up! Still great advice and I am still fish bait on here and have burned this info into my head. Thank you!

That's the truth, here we have friends and foes. We have a power to choose if who we are. Just keep moving forward and enjoy steeming in harmony. You're goal is to grow bigger and if that time come. Choose the right path for better good.

Some people do get very power trippy here, IMHO it's one of the great risks of this platform, but it's also necessary for it's existence, steemit wouldn't be the same if it wasn't wild

I found this incredibly encouraging to a new steemian starting out. Thank you for your honesty and tips. Your graphics and images always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for being so creative and fun!

I love the images you made for us @papa-pepper. Very creative.

Also thank you for the encouragement. I love steemit and as long as I enjoy being here, and try my best, that is all it matters at the end and if this is the direction God is directing me, then that is all I can do.

I guess it becomes a virtue to learn from it and deal with it.
Great point made @papa-pepper

Thanks for the reality check that we all need from time to time. I make it my policy to not get involved with any drama, as one never really truely knows how or when it started. Jumping into an alligator pit is not my idea of adventure. Anyway, nice pictorial!

You have put a few concepts in perpective for me. I also like your template to follow with only original content. Thank you for your wise words.

I had the opportunity of living this kind of experience recently, a friend of a community enter in discussion with a whale, a his reputation go down. The worst is that my friend didn't do nothing bad, he just do something that the whale didn't approved.
This post is perfect for those who are news and are looking for guidance. Just like I was when I found some usefull things in your post.
Great work, man.

Great advice, you should have posted this yesterday before I stuck my neck out and said my piece and swiftly made a new enemy. Oh well live and learn and I feel better knowing I tried.

Indeed this is happening! Thank you for reminding us of this scenarios within steemit community. I believe it still boils down to one's motivation. There are minnows and dolphins fighting for their cause, which I really think is so brave of them to do. Risking their accounts, on the line. Ultimately, we all have our own battles in and outside of steemit. We can choose which battles to fight. Whatever it is I hope it is for the good of everyone. Cheers!

yup, I made the mistake of making a comment on a post involving some people involved in some flame wars and ended up with a flurry of down votes from that Bernie sanders and his sock puppets, took my reputation score down a full point. That's pretty shitty. Of course its better than these people convicted of speech crimes

I loved how you described the eco system here!! So true . As in every place, there are definately those who will try to take advantage and act negatively BUT I must say that I do believe Steemit (so far) gives amazing opportunities and is the best thing going online right now:)
Thank you for you and all those who keep us aware of spammers @pappa-pepper🤗
Enjoy your weekend and steem on!!😎

You have really nailed it Sir, sometimes ago i was flagged i lamented, but nobody is there to rescue. hehehe. Even the reason i was flagged is absurd, but i'm still on the track doing it my way. Thanks for the info


It's a really interesting situation. I noticed most recently in the whale wars where one individual was threatening to contact a certain country's tax officials and also threatened to release the home address of another Steemian. I simply posted on those 2 points, without naming names or commenting on the above mentioned post. The silence spoke volumes! I mean, there were eyes on the article, and even a few, very few, likes, but only 2 commented. I thought that was weird.

But then, my husband wrote a post and linked it in his comment on the above mentioned post (not mine), not taking sides, but basically asking the question, "So, if you take down this 'bad whale' what's to stop another from doing the same thing?" And got flagged severely.

I do think it's sad that so many are scared to even discuss it. I feel like I'm in a Harry Potter movie, talking about "He-who-must-not-be-named". But, I learned my lesson and I've got enough on my plate with just trying to post daily and help my @crowbarkids with their posts, so I'm just going to spread good vibes and just keep swimmin'! I'll change the world my own way! Peace to you @papa-pepper!

I recently decided to completely step out of this war mess and instead, resume posting and my usual business of commenting and curating.
Heck, one of my posts even got flagged to 0. Doesn't matter anyway, it had earned $1 to begin with. lol

This was an incredibly helpful and funny post at the same time. These images were really funny hehe. A very nice to drive home the point I guess.

this is a very good advice, papa ,,,
there are various ways people struggle in the world of steemit ,,,
I am too layman here, I still have a lot to learn ,,,
thank you papa been share ,,,
Your pict is so creative,,, :)

Steemit sure is a microcosm of the world at play with good, bad and indifferent.

I tend to duck out of confrontation and prefer to be an encourager here.

In the end life is too short to try and convince others otherwise!

Each of us is on our own trip so I tend to think each to their own ~ we are all at different stages of the ultimate journey to acceptance and love.

Great post.

Please feel free to pop by mine ~ I am an artist/writer/lightworker with much to say!

Be well.


My flower in home.
From aceh (indonesia)

Burn that money!

Great advice Papa Pepper. There definitely are whales abusing their power.

While the whales are fighting, small minnows and dolphins build and maintain the ecosystem. This is the smallest thing that, for example, I can do - I continue to vote for newcomers and support them. You have excellent self-control not to interfere with it all, but then how to solve problems?
The pictures are very original, thank you for the time you spent on it.

Bro pepper for real you are my role model. Thanks for sharing your professional thought with us about steemit. I really hope to adhere to this useful article of yours. Remember you are my role model for life. Steemit for life.

Very sound and practical advice.
Whenever I see the whales bashing it out, i just look away quietly... Not even at minnow level to worry about that.

Hi.. Your post is very good, and I learn a lot in every post you that I follow. whether it is a photo or writing. Thank you for accepting me as your friend. I'm so glad .. And it's an honor for me if you would like to visit my @imranpase

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Thanks for the great advice! I will try to not get in any whale wars.

This is an amazing advice Papa. It is pointless fighting someone powerful than you, like you rightly pointed out. Indeed, there is a thin line between bravery and foolishness. You nailed every bit Papa. Advice well noted. Like i always tell people, you are an example to follow. Thank you for all you do.

Good post thanks !

I see the wars as a drama that I don't need in my life so I avoid them at all costs. I try my best to ignore them and continue plodding along as I always have. Sooner or later the dust will settle and things will go back to the way they were.

I hear yeah, I don't need any extra drama either.

Incredible post @papa-pepper I appreciate this post really, there are many things happen or occurred in this ecosystem, if you don't have power it's better you site where you belong and make any funny move to abuse those with huge power else such will become zero ... In this ecosystem wisdom is required to play a game here, you made a very good points, someone with knife challenging someone with guns, hmm very dangerous .... Some friends disappeared from here for stepping on powerful people toes and from middle reputation to zero ... He get nothing anymore so he give up.. thx for the motivational aspect.. the fact that one is powerless doesn't mean it won't survive.. thx for the support so far.. Very greatful..

This is a well written post about the stages of power and how especially the new minnows should conduct themselves. Still we all should stand up for the truth however do it in a civil way without accusing anyone.Thanks for this post

We still do all have to stand up for what is right. Thanks @charles1!

That was such a cool way of telling the story of Steem!

I thought so too, plus I've made a lot of fun images over my time on staying at that when put together like that, really do show an interesting story. Thank you!

Its much more enjoyable than just reading words thats for sure! :)

Very nice post , beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

While I'm reading your post @papa-pepper I felt two different feelings, worried and inspired... worried because of the reality that you've metioned about the war but inspired with all the encouragement from you... But this one gives me much more encouragement and inspiration

please remember that just because you have less power does not mean that you are powerless.

I am just baby minnow but with people like you @papa-pepper, with big heart for everyone I'm sure I'll make it to the next level.... 😘❤️

Great insight! Thank you!!

Aircraft, Cessna, Icon, Pilot, Typ 172

It seems like I am spinning my wheels here on Steemit. I can't seem to get off the ground. I write numerous posts, make comments, invest real money in steem and all I see is my money dropping off hour by hour. I wish I could find out why this is happening to me. Why am I not getting anywhere on this platform?

WOAH!!! Nice graphics, simple but effective, adds humor to your post and just makes me wanna continue reading. I'm gonna take a page out of your book if you don't mind, ( when I have the time) I really like this style man and the message is great I think I'm a baby minnow at the moment, I won't be messing with any whales. LOL

is that freedom itself what damages the ecosystem? Should we look for the rules??

Hi @papa-pepper, I am one of your regular readers and voters (I can’t vote this blog because it’s nearly a month old). You write very well and your subject matter is always interesting. If only we could replace all these low-life lazy reward pool rapists with people like you, the steem price would be at a million dollars!

I really enjoyed this blog which I just found today. It is particularly pertinent to newcomers discovering the raging whale wars. You wrote:

Eventually, even minnows will notice certain disturbances in the steemit ecosystem. Battles that began long before their arrival can be found raging in certain parts of the steemit sea, and these can have a potential to draw even the youngest of minnows in.

The warnings you give in your subsequent paragraphs to help minnows avoid getting sucked in, and the risk of a whale lashing out at them, are very useful. I agree with you that it is sad to see a new steemian leave just because he got caught in the crossfire.

Another fan of yours is @quinneaker. He has just written a brilliant piece about the war and @haejin. He mentions you in the blog. I think it is a great read and a complement to some of your articles. The link is below.

You missed the number one point. The system is totally corrupt because whales vote for themselves. Period.