Art Auction for the Travel Reimbursement Fund for SteemFest! DEADLINE EXTENDED!

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The auction to help Steem users to go to the Steemfest2 is running!

Not many bids till now (and not enough to cover the shipping costs, I guess), so I think it will be useful to extend the duration of the auction for another week.

A short remind:   All arworks posted and described here have been offered for free by Steem artists.

All the earnings from the auctioning will be transferred to the Travel Reimbursement Fund for SteemFest 

The next Steemfest will be in Lisbon, November 1-5  People from all around the world will go to Lisbon for it. 


 The auction will be open for a week. It ends At the end the July 14, Friday

TO MAKE A BID, just post it in the comments to the opening post, where you can see the artworks auctioned and the bids already running.

The highest bid will win.When the auction is closed, the winners will be announced. 

The winners will have to transfer the amount of steem of their winning bid to my account - with a memo showing the reason. I'll post the screenshots of the payment for further transparence (everything is visible anyway in the public wallet).I can't see another way to performe it, since Steemit doesn't allow to use an account as escrow.

After that, each artist will receive the address to send his artwork to (the winners have to communicate their address privately, to a mail or in private messages) and the amount of steem to pay the shipping.

If the a winning bid is lower than the shipping cost to send him the artwork, the win is canceled and the winner will be refunded.

If the winner doesn't receive the artwork but the artist can prove he sent it, the winner will not be refunded. He will be refunded if the artist can't show the receip of the shipping. 

Thx so much to  @speckofdust,  @quickenspirit,  @billyjohnsonart,  @reddust,  @barbara-orenya,  @bitrocker2020,  @marty-art,  @shortcut,  @offgridlife, @cherie,  @craftsofluv,  @clevercreator,  @silviabeneforti,  @anca3drandom,   @aishwarya,  @merej99,  @mikkolyytinen,  @aniestudio who offered their artworks for free!

Thx very much too to @clevercreator, @sycochica, @giftedgaia and all the users that helped to share this project around!


The artworks auctioned (best descriptions in the opening post, where you can make your bids)

1)  "The Depths" - soft pastels and black paper. By @speckofdust


2) @quickenspirit.

 by @billyjohnsonart 


3)  @reddust


4) By me

Charcoal on paper, cm 40x30


5) By me "Meeting the cat", gouache on cardboard, cm 35x45


6) By @barbara-orenya 


7) by @bitrocker2020
a)  2nd Black Widow

b)  1st IRONMAN

c)  3rd Tyrion Lanister


8) By @marty-art


9) by @shortcut 


10) by @offgridlife 


11) By @cherie


12)  @barbara-orenya 


13) By @craftsofluv 


14) By @clevercreator 


15) By @clevercreator 


16) @silviabeneforti


17) By @anca3drandom


18) By @aishwarya

 Nature - The Ultimate Designer 


19) a) By @merej99

 4715: The Year of the Rooster (watercolor) 

b)  Jacqueline (marker in black & white)


20) a) By @mikkolyytinen

 C-girl(yellow/black), etching and aquatint, 2006 



 Iberian Peninsula 1118x884 Px - by  @aniestudio 



It's a great initiative!

thx Oldie. I hope it will work :)

Congratulations for this great initiative sir @paolobeneforti, the works presented are amazing all, thank you very much for sharing this material have a great day

thx! we have a great team of artists on Steem! ;)

Resteeming, hope it'll get a bit more attention!

Thank you for help the community :)

Nice job keep this good work on going

Greatful for helping the community 😊 Cheers!

@paolobeneforti - Just an idea but it might be easier if you create a separate post and include each art piece in a comment. That way each piece can have its own thread and people can easily bid on the piece they want within that thread.

good idea, I'll try it in a couple of days. thx :)

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