SteemFest #2 - 1/2/3 (4/5) November 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal — Steemit

SteemFest #2 - 1/2/3 (4/5) November 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal

in steemfest •  2 years ago

Yes. Yes. Yes. Read the announcement post here.

SteemFest #2
Lisbon, Portugal 1/2/3 (4/5) November 2017

Soon more info like:

  • First names
  • Ticket prices
  • Hotel Package deal for Steem Hotelchain
  • Infos on 'Travel Reimbursement Fund' (see last year: @t-r-f , which will be used again)

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I hope to be there :)
with some of the small italian community :)

I'm actually on holiday in Lisbon now, any excuse to come back here is welcomed, wont be quite as warm in November, but it'll be a lot nicer than the UK, so I may take a trip to get more immersed in this whole 'Steemit' thing

Thanks for your oustanding efforts to make that possible!!!
I've just booked my flights! Can't wait :-)

We are coming to try out our interview podcast and rant skills. One day we hope to be a speaker ad presenter~ Excited to see you all there!

Just before #websummit - great call, Lisbon is a vibrant and growing tech community. Looking forward to it!

I'l definitely go to this one as I'm Portuguese and I've got family living there so going to combine a holiday in November with the steem fest

I can't wait, bringing my hubby with me✈️

nice...resteem and upvote for your...

nice! I probably won't make it this year, but hopefully next year! :)


We can meet in Austin Texas, I have family there as well.


Note that Austin is just a 'preferential destination' nothing has been set in stone or planned regarding future steemfest's passed the coming edition in Lisbon. Managing expectations here.



Wow ! Over seas again ! Too bad I was hoping to go this year as I missed last years due to no money or passport ! Im in British Columbia Canada , and its just soooo far , im bummed out now !! Best of luck to you , and all those that can make it ! 👍

I love to be there in November! Seeing you all and having fun with you!

If there is going to be #artatsteemfest again this year please keep me in the loop, I would love to get involved in the organisation of a crypto art gallery space to coincide with the festival


yes we are definitely tinkering with that idea... Stay tuned and follow us!


I am following :) and I have started a dialogue with a friend in Lisbon who knows a few galleries there. Also cryptoart maybe interested in getting involved I think @opheliafu has mentioned it to them... I am really eager to help in any way I can!


yes i am already in contact with @opheliafu. Let's keep thins a bit central tho... If your friend finds nice lox, please let me know. I am going to Lisbon again soon. Reach out to me @roelandp on or !

My friends, Who can I connect with to discuss providing some musical entertainment for Steemfest? I'm a 27 year old Longtime Musician from Detroit, New to Steemit and loving it :D


Coooool, missed it last year because I was poor as Fu*k! Although I'm still poor lol, just might be able to swing it this time around !

I heard a lot about last steemfest
I want to attend this nice event. i hope everything will go fine

I am very seriously tempted by this! It sounds like an awesome way to get to know everyone here and learn more about steem and steemit.

I'm planning on attending too!


Telegram Steemit Galego Portugués
Steemit chat Portugués

Atoparás teu post en [Gazetagz diaria (Ou así). Novas en galego Portugues no Steemit.](A Gazeta: O Steemit en Galego Portugues. 6 de Xuño — Steemit

Can't wait! Booking flights now!

Am from Toronto Canada and am hope to travel to this event . It sounds totally amazing!!

Will start saving up. What a cool trip it would be!


saving up is great, looking forward to seeing you!

Para todos aquellos steemians que desean asistir al @SteemFest #2 pongo a su disposición mi agencia de viajes para que adquieran sus boletos aéreos ;)


Muchas gracias!


Para apoyarnos estamos ;)
Nos leemos.
Un saludo

Oh no, I can't speak English very well.

For everyone willing to get to STEEMFEST, I grouped in a post the cheapest flights from the main cities in the world:

If you want to know how to reach the Steemfest by plane, read this article! Steemfest admin , please resteem it as it took me two hours to help others out

I'm a brand-new (1 week old) Steemian who decided to start my blog by relating my travels in, of all places, Portugal! I was surprised to find Lisbon is the venue for SteemFest. Most of my blog series 'Portugal', up to 6 posts now with more to come, will not apply specifically to Lisbon, but all the posts contain some general information attendees may find of interest - and who knows, maybe my posts will encourage you to visit other parts of Portugal. Good luck with your conference! Maybe one day I will attend.

I would very much like to attend such an event!

Didnt know there will be a fest in my country!
This is my first day on steemit and allready to good things im seeing, best community ever!

É uma cena tuga ou tudo ao molho?

Cant wait for it, I am sooo there...

Nice post ! I followed you.

great !!I really want to go there someday..

Que legal , sou brasileiro e gostaria muito de estar nesse encontro ...mas a vida aqui no brasil não esta fácil e o dinheiro pouco menos kkkkk
Bom frutos para todos que estão indo participar =D

Speaking of t rf

I would like to donate my little bit specifically to help someone from The Nigerian contingency. Actually would love if a lot of people were able to help make this happen for various other places too .I know its not much time but yall will miss out on so many amazing ppl and they habe given alot of time and energy as well as great content. What say you all? Can we do it?

Please help
steemfest ticket, email issue :

dear @steemfest
yesterday i just send you 374.000 STEEM
as you can see in your wallet, you received the steem from this account "@peterpanski"
memo : 0swHz0c0Jt8RufMaSYYrgO

i am pretty sure, i also sent you an email to before i transfered the steem :
with the memo and the username.
i used "steemticket" as email subject.
the mail adress has my name inside.

...but now the email provider says, this email adress does not exist, if i try to log in ?!?

did you received my mail ?!



Yes we received your mail and replied twice to an email (gmx) (today again) please check your spambox for a reply. Let me know if there is any error.


this is interesting.

did you received my mail from this adress ?!
after i wrote the comment, i tried to sign up for this adress on again and it worked O.o
so i am now the owner of the same email adress again ?!
this is quite confusing for me and i am sorry for this.
if you really got the mail from this email adress i have no clue what happend.
but maybe i just made a mistake...?!

thank you for your fast response


you had mailed from a different address then the one you are now communicating :P I have now also mailed you on this email address. See the above email inbox for details (and the old emails :D) You must be very busy :P :P Hi to Tinkabell!


Please be sure once you find the email and register your ticket, to use an email address you actually can open & read, as your ticket will be send to that email address :)


thank you. i received the mail to the new address.
and thanks for clearing up this situation.
as i think i did a typing error, i have no clue, what the "old" adress is.

but i already claimed my ticket through the new mail now.
i am sorry for this and thank you

see you at steemfest :) !


No worries, great we resolved it! FYI The other email is - see you there Peter!

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