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RE: Bigger Than Self Part 2 :Finally! Announcement at the end of this post!

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i am not aceh people,
but I am good friends with a victim you mentioned his name.
@munawire is where I vent
and @munawire also confide in me.
@munawire once told the tsunami to me.
I am also sad.
hopefully @munawire and friends are all free from trauma to the tsunami.
@munawire ,, my phone yaa ,, i want a story

Good post @lorilikes


I like you, so I hope you will prove to me you are one persons, as I have done and most steemit users have done. ⭐️ PLEASE Show a picture of yourself. Seems like you are very very familiar. Can you prove you are you and only you? Please Send me a pic of you write on a paper your username :). Write in the sand if you have no paper :)
So I can log you as a legit person. @palektb.

@munawire, please help your friend here. All your friends. :/

@palektb is prisha.
her name is prisha.
@palektb is the name of the prisha father.

he is a citizen of malaysia.
we are friends on facebook.

and I've met with prisha when I play to Malaysia.

You can see prisha on facebook wiwitsweet.

that's the name of facebook prisha @lorilikes.

thank you for mentioning my name @lorilikes.

@palektb please comment

Are my wrong ?
Allright,, i am sorry @lorilikes i am sorry @munawire .

I am sorry

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