Bigger Than Self Part 2 :Finally! Announcement at the end of this post!

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7E55C007-086D-4B55-AF1C-D3C86A9C3889.pngTo understand the reason for this post please first read this one:

The people I am talking about are the people who we’re forever altered by the Tsunami Of 2004. They have incredible, amazing stories, and I thought... what better way to tell the story than to ask these young men and women what they experienced that day, 14 years ago.

The day the Earth opened up its mouth and with its Tsunami tongue changed the lives millions. 280,000 people were washed away, swallowed by the terrible water that came as a result of a 9.3 Earthquake. This earthquake was so enormous it shook our planet off its course by 1/4 of an inch in our solar system. The Tsunami was a biproduct of this earthquake which was one of the biggest ever recorded and the longest recorded quake of all time.
My friend @nasrol has written his story in a book. He is going to share this book with me and I am going to help him translate it. Along with his book, I am going to compile short stories (1-5 paragraphs ) from anyone who was there that day who is willing to prove they are genuine. The truth of these young men and women and these old men and women ... they have suffered in the aftermath in ways nobody can imagine. It’s been 14 years and some people - such as my friend @noisse have been working tirelessly day in and day out for all these years to help the kids of the area obtain clean drinking water and just to oversee the people that were spared that day. He is in his 70’s and he should get a time to rest.

There are other young men who have proven to me they are genuinely who they say they are with photographs of the group together just for me.
Special salute to my friends (there are many I cannot recall all of them at this time - feel free to comment below if you are from the same town. Women too.




@noisse please read this post by him, you will see that his story is particularly heart breaking. Do not be turned off when you see his use of a few stock images from the tsunami- they are demonstrative only. The photos of the kids are real - and here is proof. 4FA3E6A5-5B25-4857-9D38-99AC21CC265A.jpeg

Here is his story

@wiralhokseumawe he wrote this post:

He is holding a phone in this picture with @nasrol and @munawire

It is imperitive that you read this post:

and then come back to comment here.

So my two announcements are:

  1. I will be helping my friends tell their riveting stories, in a compilation.
    The main book is written by @Nasrol, and I will help translate. Then, a series of very short recollections will be placed inside the story, as introduction for the book. All recounts of the day the terrible Water rose, should be written in a post on the account of the person who it belongs to. Each entry will require validation by a photograph of the individual, with username, and the steemit logo and the word steemit (it can be drawn with a stick in the sand if you have no paper). Then at the end of the post please write “this is true and correct memory of the historical tsunami of 2004. Pleased include my story in the compilation that is being created by @lorilikes and @nasrol, it is our gift to the project.”

  2. A beautiful project I am associated with has become... a reality. It’s called URAllowance (sounds like Your Allowance). The project is expected to attract many big investors, and I encourage readers to view to find out more. I am going to try to get a special fund set up in their ICO that will directly benefit the people of the area where @nasrol lives. If they do agree then it would mean a portion of tokens would be donated to the parents and grandparents of that area, and the tokens will be exchangeable for many cryptocurrencies or exchangeable for goods and services from all over the world. You can sell them or spend them. This will happen after the token sale - sometime in late April. If all goes well it could equal over $100,000 - but it is not guaranteed at any price. Check to see the project - it’s almost ready to launch.


Cool project helping out like that.. have a UV.. hope it helps

Yes it does! Thank you and great to see you mr.

Thank you @davedickeyyall for your kind words and
For the support you provide to @lorilikes and we really appreciate it

Dear @lorilikes I am very moved to read your post, it is really very amazing. When this project goes according to the fact I am very grateful to you. And I will be trying to resolve my writing as good as possible.

I like the idea about the compilation. Would be cool if there would be a decent amount of photographs to let people see the area, maybe some before and after? Also it supports the understanding about what happens I think. People often don't realize what happens in the world as long as they don't see it (or in worst case feel it on their own).

And about URAllowance I can just say everyone should look into it. It's a great upcoming project and has a lot of potential. The team has definitely my support :)

Great great idea about before, and after. One way URAllowance has agreed to grant my friends access to the air drops and they will have spot in front of line for bounty campaigns too, as long as they show proof of individual people for “know your customer” regulations.

Sounds like a great deal :) Well, when you have to do KYC anyways people can't fake it, which automatically should spread the fake persons from the real ones.

Wow, how the hoops you have to jump through to prove something is real. I didn't even consider all that effort, but sadly it's something we must do. Good luck. I'm impressed by how much you've already put into it. Definitely a worthy cause. I will keep an eye on things and help as I can.

That's an admirable effort you are putting in this. And also the reason why you are one of the best content creator on steemit.

thanks @lorilikes ..
My name you mention in your post ..
This is a great appreciation for me.
I am very happy ,,
I am very glad there are still good people like you who still care for us child victims of disaster, you are incredible.
we pray that you are fine and healthy always.
thank you very much @lorilikes

That is so cool my friend... You have won my respect...
I salute you...It takes a person with a special heart to do such things...
My regards and Resteem ...

I cannot give anything to you, I can only say thank you. May your goodness get the best reward from the God @xabi

Thank you @xabi . Sometimes I wish I had another me looking out for me💡

That's so cool! It's going to be a great project. There are many people whose stories haven't not been told and I think it's a great idea to help give them a voice. Hopefully. Steemit will be a place where they're encouraged. I know they must be encouraged by your help. :)

I thank you most warmly @themanwithnoname
For the support you provide to @lorilikes and we really appreciate it

You took a nice initiative by starting a noble project. Indeed after bearing the heat of seventy plus years @noisse should take some rest.
Hopefully you will achieve $100,000 target from your project. It will solve many problem of the needy inhabitant. All the best for your new project @lorilikes

Thank you @kamchore for your kind words and
For the support you provide to @lorilikes and we really appreciate it, hope you are always lucky

Frankly I'm excited to read more. Thanks for sharing this topic. We appreciate the effort that it offers @lorilikes . keep it up I support you
#upvote & #restem

Thank you @venox for your kind words

Thank you, appreciate the warm words .

Tsunami had left so many sad stories people lost their loved ones 😭. No doubt that was the critical condition for them to live normal life.

Lookibg for that book written by @nasrol and you are translating it thats great.

Such an cool project,seriously you are rocking.


Before I say thank you to @Lorilikes who have mentioned my name do this post. Cherries 14 years ago which is still in memory, a very heartbreaking events occur on Earth Aceh. The earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh on Sunday morning, December 26, 2004. Approximately 500,000 lives drifting in an instant in the entire world that the rim bordering the Indian Ocean. Aceh was the biggest casualty in the world and the building of thousands of smashed corpses, thousands also lost and not found and thousands of pula corpses in kuburkan en masse.
The earthquake occurred at precisely the time the hour 7:58:53 GMT. The epicenter was located at longitude 3,316 ° N 95,854 ° E approximately 160 km west of Aceh as deep as 10 kilometers. Earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale, it was the most intense earthquake in the past 40 years that hit Aceh, West coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, the East coast of India, Sri Lanka, even to the East coast of Africa basic rocked. the sea southwest of Sumatra, just a few hours alone, the tsunami waves from the quake reached the Mainland of Africa. Their shouts rising sea water, sea water rises. Run ... run ..., "lonlongan humans everywhere.
Kocar kacir my family and run in a crowd of men, rescuing myself. I terhayut adx briefly in a torrent of water torrential berlaju it (short story of mine). Fourteen years have passed, we now have to stare at the sky reaching for a dream. Thank you so much @lirilikes I very much appreciate your work, I run out of words over this And goodness on my friends @nasrol, @munawire, @rizky05, @noisse, along with my own @wiralhokseumawe keep developed and developing to reach dreams and ideals.
Thank you so much @lorilikes

Thank you buddy..
we will jointly hold hands to live the future, we have been through a difficult period in 2004, we hope that the grim future will never happen again.
prepare today for the wishes of tomorrow.
we are all very grateful to @lorilikes because he is very sympathetic to us this very horrible child of disaster victims.

Yes thank you very much @wiralhokseumawe .

Keep spirit (y)

U welcome guys @munawire

There are many adventures on this scene
The tsunami is very dangerous and many people die @lorilikes
Thank you for sharing that I like your post
Great effort

This was the saddest event of 2004
At that time I was a kid I do not know what was going on in those days,
The earthquake that shook the aceh of tens of thousands of homes was destroyed,
Thousands of lives are flying,
What came to my mind at that time whether this earth will be destroyed because I have not felt the catastrophe of this magnitude,
My friend and I were playing in that morning suddenly the earthquake I immediately ran back home,
My father and my other family are still inside the house suddenly they come out with cries on their faces,
My brother hold my hand to run because the water was visible behind us,
Very sad 😭
I have to be separated from family,
Our house was ruined,
The saddest thing is if I roll back my mind
My favorite bike is lost in the water

i bet you'll get more interesting stories about life and tragedies what people of andaman nicobar have faced
when i say people i als0 mean Jarawas @lorilikes
just google it out what it exactly was.. it will become more interesting

I am not aware of this group you mention. Perhaps you could provide me a link or details.
go thorough this wiki link

i am not aceh people,
but I am good friends with a victim you mentioned his name.
@munawire is where I vent
and @munawire also confide in me.
@munawire once told the tsunami to me.
I am also sad.
hopefully @munawire and friends are all free from trauma to the tsunami.
@munawire ,, my phone yaa ,, i want a story

Good post @lorilikes

I like you, so I hope you will prove to me you are one persons, as I have done and most steemit users have done. ⭐️ PLEASE Show a picture of yourself. Seems like you are very very familiar. Can you prove you are you and only you? Please Send me a pic of you write on a paper your username :). Write in the sand if you have no paper :)
So I can log you as a legit person. @palektb.

@munawire, please help your friend here. All your friends. :/

@palektb is prisha.
her name is prisha.
@palektb is the name of the prisha father.

he is a citizen of malaysia.
we are friends on facebook.

and I've met with prisha when I play to Malaysia.

You can see prisha on facebook wiwitsweet.

that's the name of facebook prisha @lorilikes.

thank you for mentioning my name @lorilikes.

@palektb please comment

Are my wrong ?
Allright,, i am sorry @lorilikes i am sorry @munawire .

I am sorry

This was really sad. We made a project on this in school to collect funds as this tsunami hit india too. It was a disaster which ruined people's life. The December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was caused by an earthquake that is thought to have had the energy of 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs. The rupture was more than 600 miles long, displacing the seafloor by 10 yards horizontally and several yards vertically. As a result, trillions of tons of rock moved, causing the largest magnitude earthquake in 40 years.
Within hours of the earthquake, killer waves radiating from the epicenter slammed into the coastlines of 11 countries, damaging countries from east Africa to Thailand. The tsunami resulted in at least 227,898 fatalities.
A general view of the scene at the Marina beach in Madras, 26 December 2004, after tidal waves hit the region in india.

How sad the story of the victims of tsunami aceh we lost everything that exists, lost property, became homeless, and hired to Malaysia. While working in our neighboring countries, we never felt happy. Sad times our story victims of tsunami aceh. Thanks for letting us know about our problems @lorilikes

i heard the tsunami news on tv
I also contributed $ 124 to the tsunami victims.
it is a historic day for the world.
hopefully aceh back victorious

good post @lorilikes

A very sad event for me,
The person you are calling on your post is my friend
If you are not sure you can ask them
I was one of the many people who felt the incident or the disaster.
And even my father's family died of stunami water,
It's a dark Sunday when I never forget
The biggest disaster hit Aceh.

God rebukes us for our negligence
we forget that he is the owner of this universe

Thank you very much
You invite everyone to remember aceh.
I as aceh (tsunami victims) are very happy to a good person like you @lorilikes.
My name and photo are in your post
This is a great appreciation for me.
I am very happy ,,
thank you very much @lorilikes

really very Cool project helping out like that. Great to share. upvote resteem.

Hi lorilikes ,
I found an article with similar content here:
What do you prefer? Large or Small teams?
This is because you likely copy and pasted some form of content --
whether it be your own or not. This is not an accusation of wrongdoing,
but merely an informative comment for the reader.

If you get repeated warnings we will start to flag all lorilikes posts!

Wrong, How about proving that with a timestamp bud. I absolutely despise false accusations

Readers pay no attention to this person @gtg.witnesses he is BUSTED. His link leads to a spoof site. It is dangerous and this account @gtg.witnesses is phishing. That is so ruthless, especially because this is a comment in a post where the intention is to help people . Grrrrr. Please focus your attention onthe original post and not this JUNK.

I wish you all the success in the projects.
All the best!

Thanks for your well wishes .

This looks like a amazing project,great day for me have a nice day.

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